Torbie Tuesday

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Mar 082011

There’s something down there…
I just know it…I can smell it!!

And I’m not moving from this spot until it comes out!

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  1. Tell us what it is tomorrow! I know you’ll ded it! I think your Torbie powers are awesome.


  2. Bonjour sweet Zoey,
    Hmm What could be happening there?
    I’m really curious now!

  3. Is it warm air? If so, we think the best way to catch it is by lying directly on the vent!

  4. Good girl Zoey, we know you will do an excellent job of snooopervising what ever is down there. We sometimes have spare cats down our vents cause they can get under the house. Scares the dog *&%$#less. Anyway, we hope it isn’t anything too dangerous.

  5. MOL Zoey we have a mysterious being that blows out of our floor too. I say it is evil and must be watched.
    Hugs Madi

  6. you are smart, so I’m sure you will figure it out.

  7. Well at least you can enjoy the warm air while you wait!

  8. Yikes! What could it be?

  9. Hey, something was down mine, but it’s gone…now I know where it went!

  10. It is a mystery! WE can’t wait to see if it is something other than Warm air!

  11. Hey, looking forward to seeing what you found. Happy hunting!

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  12. We don’t know if there is anything down there, but they must be good for something cause Spud and Junior like to sleep on the ones at our house!

  13. Juicy mousies perhaps?

  14. Happy hunting, beautiful Zoey.


  15. And in the meantime you get to stay warm!

  16. You are an excellent patrol cat Zoey…if there is something down there we know you will find it!!!

  17. Yeah .. ded it! We know yoo can!

  18. What a Wunderful jobz you doin~ Maybe you havez Mouse Tartar ^..^

  19. We hope you don’t have to wait long to see what is in there. Did you get it? Hugs and nose kisses

  20. you might want to take a step back or two. you don’t know how big whatever it is really is.

  21. Whatever it is that is down there, it sure has an attitude, blowing in your face like that!

  22. thank you for your visit, it was lovely to hear from you. I (Mrs H) have been working all over the country and not been free to blog for the boys and its been a bit rushed so we all loved it when you still came by. We adore your posts… bet there is something wriggling down there, and we all loved your earlier post with the film of the ladder in use (WE WANT). Love from us at Haven, Darcy, Bingley and Helen XXX

  23. What is it, Miss Zoey? A bug? A dust bunny? A MONSTER??? AHHHHHHHH!!!!!

  24. Is it the Big Rumbly Monster That Makes Your House Warm that you’re listening to?

  25. Um, iffen it IS in there, can it GET out? It looks like a jail ta us…

  26. Well, what is it? A bug? A mousie?!

  27. What’s down there Zoey? A mousie? A toy?

  28. Does it smell good? We hope you get it.

  29. What on earth could it be?? Something dead? Do tell.

  30. Can’t wait to find out what’s in there, adorable Zoey!…Happy Mardi Gras, sweet friends!!…kisses…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  31. what is it? Is someone cooking downstairs? Is it a bug?

  32. That could be scary!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  33. Ooh, such mystery!! What could it be??

  34. We hope it came out!
    What was it,we cannot wait to find out.

  35. Uh oh, what is it?!

  36. Is it a bug? A mousie? A dropped treat???? We’re dying to know.

  37. I am a scaired of the vents in this house! I think you are very brave to stand guard over yours! What is down there?

  38. Do you think it might be a mousie? You just wait there and it will have to come out eventually. Or at least until it’s naptime. Or dinnertime. Or playtime.

  39. Did you get it? Mebbe a mousie got down there? I had a mousie escape down my heating vent once…it didn’t turn out so well for the mousie.

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