Feb 232011

Hey, look!  Mom left her laptop here!
I think I’ll do my “What’s That Wally Doing?” post all by myself!!
I don’t need her help!!

There’s all these funny buttons…
I’ve seen mom press them and stuff shows up on the screen.

Hmmmm…nothing’s happening…
Geez…it looks so easy when mom does it!!
Guess I’m gonna need her after all….

Hey!!  How ’bout a little help here, please??
My post isn’t gonna type itself, y’know!!

  58 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Hey Wally,
    Sometimes I think I need another secretary here, my mommy is always busy for blogging.
    It’s difficult to find good personal assistant nowadays.MOL
    You are so cute in these pictures!

  2. We’ve found that walking on the laptop really gets Mom’s attention! We give you an ‘A’ for effort though, Wally!

  3. Wally, you gave it a good try! Now you know: blogging takes a lot of effort!

  4. I agree with The Monkeys. I like to walk on Mom’s ‘puter and then she hollers and says “Get off the keyboard!”. What. I was only trying to help!

    Your friend

  5. Just don’t break the internet, Wally!! 😛

  6. Isn’t that weird, our Mom says many norty words when we walk on the keyboard. She goes ballistic. Lucky says thanks so much for all those wonderful crossed paws.

  7. Wally you are looking mighty fine there!! It is too bad we are at the mercy of the two leggers and their thumbs. The only control we have of them is the power of a serious kitty LOOK.
    Hugs Madi

  8. Wally, we thought maybe you were buying some treats on ebay!

  9. We have to get mum to help us too Wally – when we try typing it usually comes out like “gdfhseghkghzdfjbfjvcmxc” which isn’t what we were trying to type!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. if you do learn to type, please don’t leave the caps lock on. THAT’S REALLY ANNOYING.

  11. Buying treats sounds like a good idea (Raymond and Busby’s comment). You know you could buy a zillion cat toys, trees, treats and the like if you can just get a hold of your mom’s credit card!

  12. Wally can you tell your Mom thanks for coming back yesterday and leaving that website to check out. She just saw that comment.
    We also want to tell you that Mom went into his room a few minutes ago and he actually gave her a soft Whap. Then he played a tiny little bit with a mouse she put in there. That mom is so darn silly, her eyes got all weepy. But we are just hoping that he keeps on improving. Thanks again for the site to check out.

  13. Wally, you gave it a good try!

  14. Blogging takes a lot of practice, Wally, so don’t get too discouraged, okay? Just take it one paw at a time and pretty soon you will be a blogging all by yourself but just don’t tell your mom that you don’t need her anymore…..after all, you do need her to feed you, right? LOL!

  15. You will get the hang of it Wally…just keep trying. Love your pictures. Hugs and nose kisses

  16. Come on, Wally, keep trying. Blogging can take some work, but we know you can do it!

  17. Hah!
    My cat likes to watch the cursor on the computer and has been known to type a few words of her own 🙂 We put the goldfish swimming as a screen saver so she can find entertainment 🙂

  18. I know you can really do it if you want to, but don’t bother…Mom is easy to talk into it!

  19. Yup, it’s harder than it looks when you try to do it yourself.

  20. Not as easy as it looks huh Wally?

  21. Wally, I think you need thumbs in order to type!

  22. Wally, we just love, love, love your cute little nose! If only kitties had thumbs we could take over the world! (More than we already do of course.)

  23. Oh, Wally, it is hard to have to admit you need the humans to be able to blog.

  24. Humans and their thumbs! Can’t live with ’em, can’t blog without ’em!

  25. I think you were doing a pretty good job. Ichiro is a natural you know but he’s not much good at hitting the RIGHT keys so I still let the Woman do it.

  26. What a purrfect pic, I just love it…what a nice try though Wally….but better luck next time? Hopefully, though next time you will get a human to help you blog LOL

  27. Just wait, humans, someday we WILL figure it out!

  28. Poor Wally! Bless your little heart. You tried.

    Luf, Us

  29. Yeah laptops are very hard to work, aren’t they! It also helps to have opposable thumbs.

  30. Nose taps Wally, for all that effort. You deserve a two hour nap after having..being FORCED to go through all of that strenuous effort to get your bloggie out when your secretary could have made an effort for goodness sakes.

  31. just goes to show; they are good for something!

    Ms. Stella O’Houligan

  32. Try walking across the keyboard. That makes lots of fun stuff happen, including yelling from the mom!

  33. Great picture of you working on the blog post. I do love it. Knuckles is showing some interest in the cursor, so he might be destined for blogging one day too.

    pawhugs, Max

  34. Very good try, Wally! You’ve got the right idea but need a little instruction from Mom, I think. After a few lessons, you should be all set to go.

  35. that was a valiant effort Wally!

  36. Don’t Wurry Wally,,, you haz it down soon. Then you won’t havez to wait till da mom feelz like it ^..^ ,, den she’ll havez plenty of time to feedz you treatz while you blog ^..^

  37. Oh we type by ourselfs alla time! We say “zzzzzzzz4444uouit555tythw 222ddddd (and especilly) yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. He can read it…

  38. Oh Wally, maybe your paws are little big for that keyboard. You just need one designed for you. We would love to see you post your own “what’s that wally doing?” 🙂

  39. Maybe you need your nails clipped……..if your nail gets caught between the keys it could pop it off and then your really in trouble………we know that from expurience=^Y^=

  40. MOL! If I tried to type my own posts, it’d be a disaster cause I don’t know what any of the keys do! I’m not too good at spelling. 🙂

  41. Oh yer mom let yoo near the machine? Our the mom freaks if the sticky blurp bean gets near hers, so there isnt a way in Bast that we cud try dat – yer lucky!

  42. Oh Wally! Don’t give up so easily! I used to type all the time…even with my cute little butt…and that’s why mom helped me start a blog, so I’d be able to express myself freely. I do admit it goes much faster when mom helps me type.

  43. Wally dear,
    Let your mum do it for you. Let her feel impawtant. I do that to my Mama. purrrr….meow!

  44. Wally we applaud your efforts!


  45. Hmm..I think you were on the right track Wally! You needs to keep practicing!

  46. You were on the right track, Wally! I think opposable thumbs would be useful, though…

  47. Hey Wally, it really does look easy when Mom does it. Good try though. Maybe she will explain it better for you to use next time she leaves her computer open.

  48. Hey — you can order something off the internet, Wally! You could really surprise your beans!

  49. For a minute I thought you were really going to do the post all by yourself! Thanks for your purrs. The weather is cooler and I am improving +++. Maybe SS will let me out to explore the garden soon. Paws crossed.

  50. As long as you don’t break the interwebs, Wally, all will be okay.

  51. Wally, yoor expreshun in the last pic really made us larf. Yoo look so … cheeky …erm … cross. MOL!

  52. Hey kittehs! Stop by our blog and pick up your award!

  53. My kittehs are masters at hitting the “delete” key at the exact “right” moment — i.e., right after I have written something but haven’t been able to save it!

  54. Wally, you looks like you know what to do!!! We think you only needs a very little help !

    Purrrs to you!!!!

  55. Oh Wally, what a face in that last pic – LOL!! What is the fascination cats have with laptops?

  56. You’re not fooling us for one second Wally! We *know* you just placed an order for fish and treats. Will you share the credit card number? We want treats too!

  57. Hey guys, hi! Can we come live on your island?????? ESPECIALLY since Wally is there????

  58. You are so clever!!!

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