It’s Tailsday!

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Feb 222011

I know it looks tempting


Don’t pull the tail!!

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  1. *yank* Uh oh, now we’re in for it!

  2. Sorry, you’re too late, I’ve already pulled it.

  3. Come on, that looks just like one of my stuffies and I bet if I pulled on it there would be a satisfying SQUEEEEE!


  4. Oh my that is just too tempting. We might have to give it a try. Poor Wally, everyone is pulling your tail.
    Thanks Wally and Ernie for your prayers for Lucky. We know it will help.

  5. Well, I need to say it’s an impressive tail!

  6. Thank you so much for your nice comment
    Very sweet of you
    Many Hugs from your friend

  7. Oh that could be trouble!

  8. MOL Wally…that is way too tempting…I think I’m going to turn around and leave.

  9. Your dangling tail is way too tempting for us!

  10. We think a little swing on that handsome tail would be great fun!!

  11. But it’s soooooo tempting!!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  12. can’t…. resist…

  13. Wow! That is a really, really long tail you have Wally! It is very tempting, though. It’s kind of just hanging there asking to be pulled. Maybe you should tuck in under or something.

  14. It would be fun, but rude!

  15. Wally – is dat your gorgeous tail? I am very envious of dat tail and I want it for my own!! he he – it proably would look preltty strange on me, but dat is one bootiful tail. It would be fun to play with too – you just dangling it there to tease us!! he he

  16. Ahhh, that looks really tempting and if my Hurricane saw that, he couldn’t/wouldn’t resist!!!

  17. Maybe I won’t PULL it, but could I bat at it a bit?

  18. *tug tug tug*
    Luv the tail!
    Ms. Stella O’Houligan

  19. We feel the need to put the bitey on that tail!

  20. But I so want to swat it!!!

  21. can’t help it…must gently tug the tail….”tug tug”….

  22. That tail looks VERY LONG!

    Luf, Us

  23. That could be MY tail! Guess what? We have identical tails! I hope no one pulls it!

  24. My human is horrible – she can never resist tugging on a kitty tail! Granted, she does it VERY gently, but still….

  25. MOL, and I paw at it instead?

    Xanthe xxx

  26. Oh what a Lovely,,, Long,,, Tail,,,,, just a few swatz ,,,,,,,mol…..

  27. I’m gonna give it a bitey!~

  28. WOW!! What a beautiful and amazing tail…we love it! Too pretty to pull. Hugs and nose kisses

  29. that is one heck of a loooooooong tail!

  30. TOO tempting, we say! 🙂

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  31. How about a little tail whapping Wally?

  32. We didn’t realize you had such a floofy tail Wally…was you mad at Zoey?

  33. What an amazing tail with an I’m-going-to-get-into-trouble kink at the end!


  34. you might have to tell me twice!

  35. We don’t even want to think about what would happen if someone did!

  36. Just a little bitey!

  37. Hi Guyz ,,, We’z haz an Award for you so come on over ^..^
    Purrrz & Kissez ~

  38. Oh, but it looks like such a wonderful tail!

  39. Well, see, it’s just like the paw thing–the Humans see a tail and what happens? Right, they YANK. It’s like they have no self-control AT ALL!

  40. How could anyone resist that big, fluffy wonderfulness?? Oh my!

  41. Teddy would do it for sure. He is not to be trusted.

  42. Oh…that’s a ‘swiffer tail’ says Teri!

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