Feb 212011

Wally??  You awake??


Wally??  Hey, Wally!!!
You push back anymore…I’ll be on the floor!!

Oh no…I think all the blood is rushing to my head!! 


  42 Responses to “Mancats – On The Edge”

  1. We think you should try sleeping on the other side of Wally, Ernie! He obviously has no idea he’s pushing you off!

  2. Wally likes to take his half out of the middle, doesn’t he?

  3. Oh nooos Ernie, looks like you are about to land on your head. Do you have a headache from the blood running up there to the head?? Take care and all of you have a really fine day.

  4. Ernie, you should pounce on Wally in order to insure he’s awake! He is gonna push you off that edge.

  5. Could be trouble. Bonk!


  6. MOL Wally and Ernie we love this end to end post.
    Ernie be careful you might fall and bust you chin wide open. That is what mom tells me all the time. I have to remind her that I’m a cat I always land on my feet.
    Hugs Madi

  7. Careful there buddy – I think you are going to land on the floor for sure.

  8. Ernie we think you ought to put a crash helmet on in case Wally pushes you right over the edge. We were going to suggest kicking him but see he’s laid over your legs!!

  9. Brothers can be a real big challenge…that’s why I rarely nap with the Rudester…

  10. Mom complains that we do the same thing to her!!! haha!

  11. Hang on, Ernie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Nudge nudge…

  13. Be careful you don’t slip slide all the way off onto your head!

  14. Push back harder so you don’t fall!!!

  15. Go around to the other side of Wally and you push him…that will get his attention. Hugs and nose kisses

  16. Geez Ernie, I hope you don’t get any napmares!

  17. Some people think it’s good to sleep with your head lower than the rest of your body…

  18. Well, Ernie, I suppose you could get up and move, but what am I saying? You’re a kitty. Of course that isn’t an option.

  19. See, I’ve been telling my Dad that napping can be hard work!!!

  20. Ernie…I think he’s doing that on purpose!

  21. One good whap and he’ll wake up!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  22. It might help if you just get up and go sleep on mommy’s pillow. very cozy, and quiet too


  23. reminds me of me and my husband lol

  24. Be careful! I’ve been pushed off the bed “accidentally!”

  25. Wally is a “Squisher”!

  26. I think someone needs to move to the other side of the bed.

  27. He takes up some room for sure I hope he didnt push you off. Hugs GJ x

  28. Boy, those brofurs can be a real pain. Mom said hers were once upon a time. Well, maybe still.

  29. Just one more stre-etch from Wally, and KERPLUNK!

  30. Careful Ernie, one more little shove and Wally has the bed to himself.

  31. Well Ernie I guess you could push back but guess that would be kind of hard since you might not have enough space for your front paws. But I sure hope you don’t get pushed off. I think that first hit on the floor might hurt.


  32. I’d jump before I got pushed if I were you. Then, I’d jump right back up and “accidentally” land on SomeKitty’s head. Just sayin.

  33. Thanks so much for the purrs for Lucky. He really needs them.

  34. Wally, whatcha doin’ there?

    Oopsie daisy, Ernie,

    Looks like you’re about to go overboard!

  35. You have that big ol’ bed and Wally has to push you off. He needs to learn to share a little better!

  36. hee hee! That’s extreme napping, Ernie! Just one more little shove, Wally…

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  37. We think he is laying on you so you will not fall off

  38. Wally is a spreader, eh? Maybe you need to poke his middle to remind him to curl up a bit.

  39. You may want to move a little bit!

  40. It’s the old Shove Kitty game! love it. Hey, Au is eating again and is trying out a new FIV wonder drug.

  41. Don’t cha hate that Ernie! Wally’s gotta share! 🙂

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