Feb 182011

Thanks to everybuddy that came by on my Gotcha Day and left me such nice messages.  I really do have it pretty good here on the island…even if I do hafta share my living quarters with the orange stripey cat.

Today is Review Day!!  The day we get to review the lady with the yellow hair’s purrformance on how she’s been helping us with our blog.  So let’s get to it!! 

Hi, everybuddy!  Ernie here!!  I get to be the spokescat for the 3 of us.  It’s been awhile since we reviewed our mom’s purrformance.  Last time, we went easy on her and rated her kinda high.  Click HERE to see that review.

Overall, we’re okay with the help our mom gives us with our blogging.  We get to visit our furiends and we try to particpate in all the fun stuff going on in the Cat Blogosphere.  And we think our furiends like visiting us, too!

But we’ve got one complaint!!  WE STILL DON’T HAVE A NEW BLOG DESIGN!!  That was our biggest complaint last time and here we are…over a year later…AND STILL NO NEW BLOG DESIGN!!  We’re so tired of looking at that silly cat on our header!  We’ve been looking at him for 3 years now!  Who is that cat, anyway??  We wanna see our pictures up there!!!  Oh, and by the way…our mom still hasn’t learned photoshop either!!  She told us over two years ago she would!!  Slacker!!

Mom, don’t let those high marks fool you!!  You might be okay in some areas but when it comes to updating our blog design, me and Wally and Zoey think you’re just plain lazy!!  And we’re giving you 2 swats!!  You better get busy and make some changes…or as that Donald-guy says….YOU’RE FIRED!!

  45 Responses to “Formerly Feral & Review Time!”

  1. Oh my goodness you all are tough taskmasters. I need to take lessons from you.

    Mom is not big on change either. All my friends have funky and fun blog designs…mom is a big fat chicken she will not change ours. She said it took her too long to set up the blog she was not messing with it.

    Hugs Madi and Mom the chicken

  2. I agree that you blog is wonderful. Hope you get the new header and design that will make it perfect.

    pawhugs, Max

  3. Oh noooos, two swats. How could you do that to that nice lady with the yellow hair. Just to make her feel a little better, our Mom can’t do that Photo shop, Paint shop or what ever. She is trying right now to learn and she just doesn’t get it.
    We like that cute kitten at the top. We also love your blog. Hope all of you have a fun week end.

  4. You have a wonderful blog and we enjoy visiting it often. We agree that a header showcasing you three would be nice…you are all so beautiful it’s a shame to have this no name kitten on the top.

  5. ::shhh:: don’t tell my mom, but Figaro withheld several paws on my mom’s review because our header still says “8 cats and a dog”…not 9…and Figaro’s picture has not been added to our header. What is it with our moms who slack and still expect a good review?

    We adore your blog…but would love to see your faces on your header!

  6. Honestly, we have been wondering ever since we starting visiting you all who the heck that cat on your header is! Not bad grades other than that, your Mom is lucky.

  7. We thought you were a little harsh with your mom’s review. We thought that the cat on your header was perhaps “one who came before” – btw mum dosn’t do anything artistic and Judi from Sammy and Andy did our blog header for us!! Don’t tell our mum we told you she might stop our treats!!
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Awww you guys!! Don’t be too rough on your mommy. I love this blog! Tell your mommy that I have PSP9 and know how to do graphics if she would really like a new header I could help her out

  9. He he…we also have wondered about that kitty in your banner. Well, your mom does a great job and we love visiting your blog. I wish my mom was better with blog design too. Sigh.

    Happy weekend!

  10. Nanny and I love your blog. We think that you’re a little hard on your MOMMY! She is not fired in our book! I would fire Nanny because she’s lazzzzzzzzzy! Have a great weekend and we LOVE your blog and wish that I was and ISLAND CAT!

  11. We really like your blog no matter what the header looks like. We enjoyed reading your review, but we feel a bit sorry for your mommy we thinks she has probably been too busy to get that header made. Hugs and nose kisses

  12. Yikes…. We think your Mom had better get to the new design quickly!!!

  13. Yeah–well you know I have issues like that too–and ICHIRO.

  14. I know you all appreciate your Mom and this is all just for fun. MOL about the cat in your header, though. Judi from Sammy and Andy’s blog also did my header and she is god at putting pictures in on their blog, so I bet she could do it.

  15. OMC !!! 2 swats !!! Sorry Guys, I have to say ” Poor mom ” I think she deserve more !

  16. By now, we thought the header kitty was an Honorary Island Cat! heh heh

    You three always make us laugh and we think your Mom deserves 52 paws up from us for Client Satisfaction.

  17. I think you were a wee harsh too, I totally love your blog and we think your Mom should get a big BRAVO. Hey, we still have our old blog design too, but it still works.

  18. We like your blog design! We forgot to review our Mama… Our review is going to be LATE!

  19. Two swats is harsh boys, I fink momma does a super job! My mommy is so pitiful she can hardly limp around design. 🙂 I’m lucky to have anything.

    I forgot to rate MY mom so I will give yours all 4 of my paws!

  20. This is one of the reasons I am NOT giving my human a performance review – I would HAVE to fire her for some of the infractions she did if I was forced to look at them! And one of the bad things she did was forget to email your human back about what to do about updating your blog template! And of course our email program crashed and got corrupted last weekend, and she can’t even find the original anymore (although she does have your email address). So it is pretty much my human’s fault this has not gotten done. So you have to give her some slack on that. As for learning Photoshop, she should look at the online video classes at lynda.com – they are pawsome and for a monthly fee, she can take as many classes as she wants!

  21. Oh my! You kitties boy are tough!

  22. You guys are toughies. Your mom has done so much more than mine. Yeah, Photoshop can’t be that hard to learn. Why it is that your mom and mine can’t get a handle on it?

  23. You guys are pretty tough on the lady with the yellow hair! Our mommy doesn’t have a clue how to change blogs so she doesn’t understand how you guys feel but WE do. Other than that, your mom does a pawesome job with your blog and takes fabulous photos of the 3 of you and that’s what’s important!

  24. I think your blog looks great and I think you should have high marks on everything!
    I know what you mean about wanting a new header though. I was lucky that someone who had read my blog surprised me with one out of the blue. I like it so much that I don’t see me changing it anytime soon…yours is great so no worries!

  25. Oh no – don’t fire your Mom!!!!

  26. Uh-oh, you gots me worried. Who will open your cans if you fire your Mom? How will you eat? You’ll get all thin and fainty. Oh no!

  27. That “quality of output” part really needs improvement!

  28. We really likes your blog! And your blog was one of the very first ones we saw in theese blogosphere and we couldn’t believe our eyes! We thought it was so pro-fessional and well done! But all I can say is a little Num-Nums goes a long ways…Wink wink nudge nudge say no more?

  29. Happy Gotcha Day, Zoey!

    Goodness, you are laying down the paw on your bean. Our mom finally learned how to change or blog header, but she doesn’t know much beyond photoshop basics.

  30. That’s a rough review! Don’t be too harsh on your mama–she is the one with the can opener!

  31. That review is pretty harsh – maybe yoo could ask for more treats instead?

  32. I love that little kitten and if it was me, I would keep looking for him. Looks like an Island Cat to me! Your blog is fantastic. But about the harsh review…you are kidding, right?

  33. Island Cat Mom, we are in the market for a new assistant. So if Wally, Ernie and Zoey do go all the Donald on you, give us a call 😉

  34. Wow, the kitties sound pretty ticked about their header pic mom – otherwise sounds like you’re doing ok. In your defense, I know how much time it takes to overhaul a blog so I sympathize with you. Maybe for the next year’s review, huh?

  35. Yoo know our the mom needs to take sum tips from yer mom . We has had the same blog design fer a long long time too, we has even left a hint by leavin a page open for a free site called Shabby blogs. *sigh* Beans sure dun git a hint sumtimes.

  36. If I were yer mom I think I’d ask zoey to conduct next year’s review. She might be a little less harsh than her brothers.

  37. Well, sometimes you gotta lay down the lay to your human beans. You know, I’ve always wondered who the cat on the top header was. Well, there’s always next year for a better rating. 🙂

  38. Aww! We thinks you are fun! We loves your blog! Your mom does real good…. course… if you don’t know who that kitty is in the header…. Hmmm! Get cracking mom!

  39. Our mom says your mom does a totally pawsome job with your blog and visiting. Our mom has been super slacking here lately and it’s a good thing we are reviewing her. She’d be in major trouble!

  40. Oh, dear, our humans just don’t realize how hard it is on us to have to be negative and point out what they’re doing wrong … or not doing right. We had to do the same for Jan. But your mom does a good job on the posts. Perhaps she has templatephobia, a fear of messing with a blog template.

  41. I’ve always wondered who that random header cat was, but was afraid to ask. I think your Mom is doing a pretty good job, I hope you don’t have to let her go.

  42. Hey, guys–You aren’t the only ones with a moldy old header!!! Julie has yet to come up with something new for me. It’s enough to make me want to leave the priesthood!! When I ask her about it, she says she’s scared since last time she fiddled with it, some things got lost and she had to contact…yada yada yada…yack…yack…yack..
    But, overall, she’s a good egg, really.


  43. Oh Zoey, I’m sorry I made the girls miss your Gotcha Day! We are all very glad you were gotcha’d, and by the very best people ever! I wanted to thank you for your sweet message regarding my father’s passing. Your kindness along with others in the CB was a happy spot in a bad week. I truly appreciate your friendship. Thank you.

  44. Tell your mum my mum will help her with a new blog header if you want.

  45. We think your blog is wonderful and the kitten on the header is symbolic,right? As in, she/he represents the innocent antics of you three kittenish, cats! Heehee.Tell your Mom that LP also has Photoshop and has worked tirelessly on trying to create a header for our blog.At one point, six hours later…she was ready to transfer her incredible,brand spankin new header to the blog and whoosh..it disappeared.Hmmmmm.Maybe she’ll try again… in three years…
    the critters in The Cottage

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