Oct 212008

We tabbies think we’re purrty great, don’t we?
But did you know how special we really are??
You know how we have an “M” on our foreheads?

Did you ever wonder why??

There’s a story that back long time ago the baby Jesus was in the manger crying really loud!  A small cat cuddled up next to Him and purred.  Baby Jesus instantly stopped crying and fell asleep.  Mary was so grateful and she patted the cat on the forehead.  And the initial “M” for her name remained forever as a mark of her thanks to the cat…which became known as a tabby.

Isn’t that a great story?!?
See…we really are special!  Even you, Zoey!!

I already know I’m special!
I don’t need some orange-stripey cat telling me that!!

Now go see a really special House Panther!
It’s time for On The Island With Ernie!!

  23 Responses to “Tabbies are Special! Tuesday”

  1. Mommy told me about that story and I think it is wonderful!

  2. Great Story! I feel so speshul now coz I gots a nice M on mine head.
    ~Beau Beau

    Heheheheh – orange stripey cat — hee hee dat’s funny.

  3. Great!! Something else I can brag about to Shade! Hee Hee!

  4. I thought it stood for “miaow” but I’m sheltered see, hehe!

  5. Great story! Thanks for sharing it with us. Several of us have the M on our foreheads too!

  6. I think Gemini has an M on her forehead. We heard a different story long ago but for the life of her the Woman can’t recall…

  7. What a beautiful story! We surely are special aren’t we? Mary? WOW!

  8. I think tabbies are very special, too!

  9. Oh, what a sweet story!

  10. Oh that’s a nice story – I always thought I had a “W’!


  11. Great story … but we knew you were special.

  12. What a wonderful story!

  13. What a great story! We fink yoo both are special!!

  14. I have never heard that story before – I like it ALOT.

  15. That is a great story!

  16. Wally, as a ginger tabby you are doubly blessed!

  17. you DO have m’s on your head! your the m & m kittens! … are you made of chocolate…

  18. We love this explanation! Scout has the “M”.

  19. Wowww~~ This is the first time I know that “M” story,
    Thanks for let me know~!!!

  20. We just checked out Ginger and sure enough, M!

  21. Hmm, I just checked my sisfurs and dey checked me and gess what! We each haf an M on our head! So calico kitties and tuxie kitties can haf dem too, dis is aciting.

  22. Thankyou for sharing that story. It is a very nice story. I love being patted on my ‘M’. It makes me purr like a motorboat!

  23. haha what a sweet story! I haves seenthe pattern but never saw it to be an “M” till now.. 🙂


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