Feb 112011

I asked the lady with the yellow hair to turn on
my Undercover Mouse so I could play with it
but she said it’s broken.

Yeah…I think Ernie dive-bombed on it one too many times!

  43 Responses to “Formerly Feral – It’s Broken!”

  1. Oh Ernie, did you dive bomb that undercover mouse. Zoe looks sad cause her toy is broke. Zoe we just need to get that lady with the yellow hair to get another mouse under the cover. We wish you a super and fun week end. Take care.

  2. Well you’ll just have to come here and we can play with mine!

  3. Ours is broken too. It makes noises but doesn’t go around.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  4. AWWW I hate that when that happens!

  5. Oh no! Maybe Santa can bring you a new one this Christmas!

  6. Brothers are so destructive!

  7. Zoey – we hope your mouse gets fixed soon and that Ernie will leave it alone!

  8. Zoey – go and beat up one of Ernie’s toys – that’ll teach him not to mess with yours.

  9. *sigh* Zoey, brothers ruin everything.

    Your friend, Fuzzy

  10. Oh oh! I should send you mine cuz I figured out what makes the mousie go round and round, so it not thrill me anymore.

  11. brothers- they’re always breaking the toys!

  12. Ernie,you and Lewis should get together for a playdate ! Lewsi loves to play, “dive bomb”,and “shred em up”,and all sorts of fun games.Keeps him busy all the day long!
    the critters in The Cottage

  13. I’m so sorry. I can send you mine if you want. I don’t play with it.

  14. I know that wouldn’t last too long around here either!!

  15. We’ve heard they don’t last very long! Maybe it’s time for another one. Never hurts to ask!

  16. Yes. We had two of the battery powered somethings that twirled around in circles and we LUFFFED it! Trouble was, when we pounced on it a few too many times, it broke. Big time. Both of them.

    Luf, Us

  17. That’s too bad that your brofur broke the undercover mousie Zoey. Maybe you can get another one for Valentines Day!

  18. OH NOES! You needs anoffur one. But I hope it’s one you can pounce on.

  19. Oh no! That is so unfair!

  20. Oh noes!! I hate when the toys get broken. Sorry ’bout that.

  21. Oh no! Its broken? What a bummer!

  22. Oh, we are so sorry your toy is broken, maybe you can get another one. Hugs and nose kisses

  23. Wow, we never heard of an undercover mouse before. Sometimes we see live ones and Mom gets upset about that.

    Your friend

  24. That’s a gyp! Maybe you could get a real live mousie insted?

  25. Zoey you are looking very lovely today…actually rather Regal!!
    Hugs Madi

  26. I don’t have one of those…do they have batteries? If they do maybe the battery died?

  27. Oh no! Maybe you need an industrial strength one that is brother proof.

  28. Ahhh, sorry your toy is broked, Zoey. Brothers! What can you do? Maybe the lady with the yellow hair will play the low-tech version with you (she waves a wand toy under a towel :)). Have a great weekend!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  29. That is too bad. It looked like a great toy!

  30. I love Ernie, but sometimes I think he has more paws than sense.

  31. It’s so sad Zoey!

  32. And it looked like such a great toy too!

  33. What the heck IS that thing?

  34. You’d better borrow Ernie’s allowance to buy a new one!

  35. oh Ernie, did you do it, indeed? Hey friends, maybe mommy there can fix it and you can play together okay!
    Anyway I love your poses Zoey, you are adorable!

  36. Well…what’s your mom waiting for? She should go out this weekend and buy you a new one!!!

  37. Oh no! How awful! Ours hasn’t got the mouse attachment thingy anymore ‘cos Alfie chewed it off! But it still werks and we still LOVE it!

  38. Oh noes! Ernie ruined your good times? The undercover mousie is the coolest. We hope you get a new one real soon!

  39. Maybe the lady with the yellow hair will get you a new one?

  40. Do they know where it leaks? Mebbe it can be unleaked with a waterbed repair kit…

  41. Awwwww we’re so very sorry your toy is broken. Darcy wants you to know she appreciates you coming to our blog and please stop by again soon?

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