Feb 092011

I’m just hanging out in my cube today…

♫ ♫ la dee da dee daaaaa  ♫ ♫

Huh??  What’s that you say??  I gotta announce the winners of the CSN Stores gift certificate and the fun prize package??!?  Hey!!  That’s right!!  So let’s get to it!!  But first of all, we wanna thank the nice people at CSN Stores for giving us the opportunity to do this giveaway.  You should go check out their more that 200 on-line stores.  They have a lotta cool stuff!!

Okay…the moment you’ve been waiting for…the winner of the $70 gift certificate to CSN Stores!  Here’s how we picked the winner.  We had a total of 59 entrants and we gave each entrant a number from 1 – 59 in the order in which the comments were left.  We then ran those numbers through the True Random Number Generator on random.org.

So without further ado… 

Drumroll, please!!

The winner is…

Fin at Housecat Confidential!!

Now for the winner of the fun prize package!!  We had 4 international entrants.  So, just like with the gift certificate, we gave each of them a number from 1 – 4 and then ran those numbers through the True Random Number Generator.

And the winner is…

 Ginger Jasper!!

Congratulations to Fin and Ginger Jasper!!  We will contact you to let you know how to get your prizes!!!  And thanks to everybuddy who stopped by and participated in our giveaway!!  That was a lotta fun!!

  49 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Oh yeah, Fin won and so did Ginger Jasper. That is so great. We sure are happy for the two of them. Wonder what goodies they will get. We think you Mom is so great to give the people that live across the pond a prize too. Have a great day.

  2. Congrats to the lucky winners!

  3. Concats to Fin and GJ! Contests are always so much fun! Wally, we love how you hang out in your cube. We love cubes!

  4. Well run contest!!!
    You look very handsome and sly in your cube,

  5. Congrats to Fin and GJ on winning that contest.
    Wally you look thoughtful – are you thinking about getting into mischief?

  6. Hooray Fin, Hooray GJ, always winners in my book!!!

  7. Concats to the winners! Enjoy your cube time today, Wally.

    Pip, Smidgen, minnie,and Hollie

  8. Congrats to Fin and GJ! We can’t wait to see what Fin selects with the coupon and what GJ gets in the prize package!

  9. YAY… congrats to GJ and Fin. Enjoy!!

    pawhugs, Max

  10. Concats to Finny and GJ!!!! That was so cool. Enjoy your cube today Wally!

  11. Congrats to two great deserving winners! Seeing you in your cube reminds me that I need to get Mom and Dad to get our cubes back out. I miss them.

  12. Yeah to Fin and Ginger Jasper!!
    Speaking of the cube – we gotta get mom to get our back out too. She put them up when some of those pesky kittens kept peeing in them.

  13. Congrats to Fin and GJ!! My boys, especially Devon, love sitting in their cube too!

  14. YaaaaY that was so much fun! Concatulations to the winners!

  15. YAY and concats to Fin and GJ!!!!!!

    Happy Wednesday, Wally, Ernie, Zoey and Mom….we love y’all lotz!!!!!

  16. Congratulations to the winners!

  17. Hi Wally-kins,
    Congrats to Fin and Ginger, two very lucky kitties!

    Enjoy your cube!

  18. Congratulations to the winners!

    Wally, are you trying to use your cube to call one of us? I’ll get in mine and give you a ringy-dingy


  19. Concatulations to Fin and Jasper! We wonder if we could get all da mancats into der cubes at da same time….and would dat cause da world to tilt?

  20. Congratulations Fin and Ginger Jasper!!!!
    We used to have cubes like yours Wally but they don’t hold up when you have a woofie who thinks it’s a cat! OBI used to grab them and he liked flipping them up in the air. ICE is a smaller version of him and he tried roughing up our big crinkle tunnel but it’s wayyyy to tough=^Y^=

  21. Congrats to the lucky winners! We love our cube too, Wally. We love it so much it’s starting to come apart.

  22. Congrats to Fin and GJ! That is so awesome that the won! We are going to have to scold our mom for getting so behind and missing such a cool contest!

    And Wally you are looking so handsome today in your cube!!

  23. Congrats to all the winners!

  24. Now that’s some mighty fine cube you’ve got there, Wally!

    And congratulations to Fin and to Ginger Jasper on your wins. Woo hoo!

  25. Conga-rats!! We know you’ll all enjoy your prizes!! We won a gift certificate from Raymond & Busby: Cats by the Sea. We got great toys, a new water fountain & a harness for Audrey. Fin will have fun choosing something great! And we know that Ginger Jasper will have a blast with the fun prize package!!

  26. Congratulations to the winners!

  27. Concats to the winners!

  28. Congratulations! Aren’t giveaways fun?

  29. Concatulations to Fin and GJ!!!!

  30. Concatulations to Fin and GJ! Enjoy your cube Wally!

  31. Oh my oh my I am a winner, thank you so much for doing the competition and including us kitties across the pond. Congratulations to the lovely Fin too.. Thank you and you look great in your cube.. Hugs GJ xx

  32. ConCatulations to Fin and Ginger Jasper!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  33. Hooray for Fin and Ginger Jasper!!!

  34. Congratulations to the winners!

  35. ernie doesn’t want to share your cube?

  36. You look very cute in your cube.Me and mom are back to blogging again we missed all our friends 🙂

  37. Concatulatins to dose kitties!

  38. Well, so much fer a 2nd cat tree! But seriously, congrats to the lucky winners.

  39. Congrats to Fin and Ginger Jasper — two very deserving PURRticipants!

    Great job, Wally!

  40. Congrats to Miss Fin and Mr. GJ! Once again, our mom’s neglect made us miss out on something cool. Rats! Lookin’ good in your cube, Mr. Wally!

  41. Concats to Fin and GJ.

  42. YAY!!!!! CONCATS to Fin and Ginger Jasper!!!!!!!!!!! I follow and love ’em both so I am sooooooooo happy for them!

  43. Concatulations to the winners!

    What? No, I’m not sulking or anything, even though I really wanted to win and all. Yeah, I’m a good sport. Uh-huh.

  44. Oh boy oh Boy!! I won! Thanks Island Cats and Random!!

  45. Congratulations Fin and Ginger Jasper!! Woohoo!!! Enjoy your prizes, that’s awesome!
    Wally, we have that exact same cube… isn’t that so fun? It is Lucky’s favorite – She loves loves playing hide and seek!!

  46. Congratulations to Fin and Ginger Jasper! We have a cube that is padded and soft–mama put it by the radiator to keep it warm.

  47. Yay to my sister-in-floof Fin!!!!! Concats to Ginger Jasper too!

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