Feb 032011

We survived the Snowmageddon, didn’t we, Wally??

Yeah, Ernie…we got lots of the white stuff…
But not nearly as much as the weather guys said we would.

Check out our yard!
(taken yesterday morning)

Wally, I heard that Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog,
didn’t see his shadow yesterday.
Which means we’re gonna have an early spring!!

Yeah right, Ernie…like a rodent can predict the seasons.
He probably was buried in snow…
that’s why he couldn’t see his shadow!!

  46 Responses to “This and That Thursday”

  1. You did get quite a bit of snow! Good point about the Groundhog being buried, but I am still hopeful for an early spring – maybe winter just started sooner and will end sooner? ‘Cause at our house we are totally sick of snow and ice.

  2. We are so pleased you weren’t buried under the snow and are all safe – hope that’s the last of it for you. Paws crossed for an early spring.

  3. I agree Wally. We keep getting more and more, too. Great picture of you guys.

  4. Good thought – he probably was buried in the snow.

  5. Oh dear friends,
    What a hard winter there!
    Take care and take time to enjoy long naps near the central heating!

  6. Wally and Ernie we can never trust a rodent they will lie to us every time!!!

  7. They need to change up who predicts the weather…forget about the rodents…elect a cat. We can feel the weather changes in our whiskers. Yeah….sure I can. Now how much cheese will they pay me to do it?

  8. Yikes, that’s a lot of snow! We got dumped on here too, the mom still hasn’t managed to shovel out the entire driveway and it’s not even a long one. We’re longing for Spring, but think there’s just too much white stuff on the ground for an early end to this miserable winter!

  9. i’m starting to think our snow will never go away…

  10. You guys got a lot of snow! We also got a lot…not quite as much as you did, but Mommy has to dig out her car this morning!

  11. Hey, you gots lots of the white stuff too! What a great perch to sit on and be thankful we are all indoor kitties. Stay safe and warm doods!

  12. I sure am glad the snow wasn’t as bad as expected. I agree with you on that hog of the ground thing!

  13. I don’t trust them rodent’s either. Wally’s right; the danged thing was buried in snow! I am happy you didn’t have any power outtages!

    Ms. Stella O’Houligan

  14. We got more ice than snow here…not sure which is worse.

    We agree about that rodent thing – although he can’t be any more off than the weather guy on TV.

  15. we’re happy to hear you’re staying safe and warm, Wally, Ernie and Zoey.

    For us it’s really cold here too…….we are huddled together on mama’s bed to keep warm.

    Love y’all so very much.

  16. Oh, we forget to tell you….they say we could get snow tonight, so we have our paws crossed…..we would love to see snow once in our lifetimes!!!!!!!!!!

  17. DON’T trust them rodents..not even for a second!!

    Just sayin’.


  18. We’re glad you didn’t get as much as you were supposed to get – what you got looks like plenty! We heard about that groundhog, too. Our mom says she’ll take spring, but she is NOT ready for a hot summer!

  19. Yeah–I sort of chuckled when he said there would be an early spring… I bet you’re hoping the snow melts really fast eh?

  20. OMC! That is a LOT of snow ~ no wonder Phil didn’t see his shadow! MOL!

  21. WE are still hopeful that spring will come early!

  22. Looks like you got quite a bit of snow. We are wanting spring to come early…too much cold. We are with you Wally, we don’t much think that rodent can predict the weather either. Hugs and nose kisses.

  23. We heard old Phil predicted an early Spring, but we have it on good authority that Phil now has a drinking problem ’cause he hasn’t called it right for some time. Our neighbor saw him down at the local watering hole slurping up some spiked tuna juice. Now everyone knows that’s a cat’s drink, not a groundhogs’ drink, so you decide: Is Phil really on track? We think not.
    You two, however, look right on track with your wonderful ladder where you can see and study everything! Ernie and Wally, you are fine, fine mancats 😀

  24. THat is a lot of snow. We are glad you are all inside and warm!

  25. DA rodent is past his primetime anywhoo. No buddy shuld pay no attention to him. Now us Cats, on da otherer hand ….. we kin tells ya what’s what. I gonna be colt until da springs has sprungs. Now, ya kin takes dat to da pet shop and sells it for lots of Cat Nip, for shores.

  26. And I fergets to say I laks the picktures alots. Sure does.

    Now I leaves some rooms for oter critters and beans to write words.

  27. Yeah, I don’t believe that overgrown rodent, either.

  28. Early Spring? That’s grrreat news! Sunbathing will be on your to-do list really soon!

  29. Muahahahaha! <XD

    In our Canary Islands only snows on the summits of some islands.

    Be warm!


  30. Haha, I agree with you guys! I told Cat Chat Caren yesterday that I think Punxsutawney Phil is a big fat liar!!

  31. You’re probably right, he couldn’t see his shadow because he was buried in snow. hahaha

  32. That’s a lot of snow! Of course we feel cheated once again by the lack of snow…we had temps in the low 70’s yesterday!

  33. Wait a minute…I thought you guys were Island Cats? You’ve got snow on your Island?

  34. We are sure glad that snow missed us! We only got rained at…

  35. Wow, that’s a lot of snow!!!! The only white stuff that I ever see is the very thin layer in our freezer.

  36. Whoa! Look at that snow! We’re glad you’re warm inside!

  37. We are glad you didn’t get as much snow as predicted, but that is still a heck of a lot.

  38. LOL about the groundhog! We were wondering about that ourselves! The snow better hurry up and melt soon if we’re getting an early spring!

  39. we can only hope!!!

    All that hype and not enough snow….I wanted what Chicago got!

  40. Wow furriends,that’s a lot of white stuff! Incredible! It’s purry cold here too… Great cuddly times! Be warm and safe!

  41. “Yeah right, Ernie…like a rodent can predict the seasons.”

    LOL! Best line I’ve heard all week!

  42. Gosh, you guys deserve an early spring my friends, that is a LOT of snow…

  43. Wow.We’ve never seen so much white stuff.What do you do with it?
    Build cat perches?!! Heehee.
    the critters in The Cottage

  44. We would trade ice for snow anytime! It’s down right dangerous around here…….we are purrrrin’ for Spring=^Y^=

  45. We thinks that is a lot of snow! I haves never seen the snow! We hope that it warms up for you there!

  46. We’re not sure if we would trust a giant rodent, either!

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