Feb 012011

Hey, Wally!  Aren’t you glad that v-e-t visit is over now?

Ernie…I was ambushed!!  I can’t believe I got dragged to the v-e-t, too!!  How totally unfair!!  And I hadta listen to your whining and complaining all the way to the v-e-t!  You complained a lot!!  Just watch and listen!!

Wally, I heard you whining  there a little, too!!

That’s because I hadta ride in the back seat!  I always like to ride shotgun!!

Y’know, Wally…if you weren’t mean to me when I come home from the v-e-t, you wouldn’t hafta go.  But you hadta get some v-e-t stink on you.  And it worked, too!!  You didn’t beat up on me much at all!!

Yeah…that’s because I was too busy trying to get that stink off of me!!  Yuck!!

Well, at least you didn’t get a shot in the butt like I did!!  Ouch!!

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  1. Ernie, that was excellent complaining. Mom will think twice before taking you out in your carrier again after that. Wally, you are a good bro to give Ernie moral support.

  2. Oh, I heard that sorrowful meowing and my ears stood straight UP! I do that too! We ought to have an Opera sing-a-thon!!

  3. We all paid attention when we heard you, Ernie! We are glad that is all over with and you’re both home.

  4. AMAZING video!
    Hey mommy there, may I translate what Ernie is meowing there?
    Well…I understood that ERNIE, my lovely friend, is not happy…NOT HAPPY at ALL!
    “”I WANT GO HOME!””””

  5. awww, what sad whining. 🙁 it wasn’t that bad in the end, right? you really shouldn’t be mean to Ernie, Wally. :p

  6. Ernie sings his ‘sad song’ very well. I sing a song too Ernie, but I has to go to the VET every 2-3 weeks , depending on my blood sugar.
    We likes the bideo, even if it was of a ‘sad song’.
    Glad you are all home safe N sound!

  7. that is a very familiar sound…

  8. Ernie – we both sing to mum when we go to the vets too – we hope you sing all the wrong notes so they complain of earache. We’re sorry you had to have a shot in the butt – ouchie – if you ask nicely maybe Zoey will kiss it better or more likely give you a whap!!

  9. not sure who i feel sorry for the most – ernie b/c he had to get a shot, wally b/c he had to get the vet smell, or mom for having to listen to the most pitiful meowing. we live about 10 minutes from our vet (if we hit both red lights) so there is little time for the pity song.

  10. Wow Ernie! That is some singing voice you have there! Glad the visit to the Vet is over. Hey Ernie, guess you could say it’s good that shot is BEHIND you now!

  11. he he – fight nice guys. So happy your survived the trip to the VET.

  12. Oops, it worked?!?! Y’all know what that means from now on!

  13. Poor babies! Bless your little hearts!

    Luf, Us

  14. Awesome complaining! Yoo were very LOUD!!!!

  15. I am glad that is over for you all. Gemini is worried because she has to go to the vet soon too…as soon as the Woman gets around to calling.

  16. Awwww all of that meowing broke my heart!
    I bet you are glad that THAT is over!!
    Stay safe and warm!

  17. Poor boys – riding in the car and a shot for Wally. At least taking them both stopped the warfare at home!!

  18. Well, we’re glad that’s all over and done with! And taking you, Wally, worked — that’s great!

    BTW, Annie says to stop “whining” about it…at least neither of you had a greased tube shoved up where the sun don’t shine, multiple times a day. 😛

  19. That is what Angel sounds like on the way to the vet. Kirby seems to enjoy the ride!

  20. My cats act like they’re being subjected to medieval kitty torture devices when they ride in the car. It sounds a lot like your video, only multiplied a thousand fold! I’m glad to hear that taking them both along lessened the fighting at home.

  21. We heard Ernie speak very plainly after his mom said, “oh ernie, you’re ok, honey”. He said “Nooooooooo” just as plain as day.
    We once heard our mom talking on the phone and she said the word “vet” and we took off and hid for the day. She can’t get anything over on us.
    But Ernie and Wally, it’s all over now, so you can relax again. Maybe you should all get together and build a really big carrier and ambush your mom. Whatchuthink?

  22. Oh, Ernie you almost made us cry hearing you cry. Sure glad you and Wally survived the trip and vet stink. Now lay back and enjoy. Nose kisses

  23. I personally don’t mind going for a car ride but it’s when you get into the vet room is when I get a bit nervy!

    Now I would like to award you with the “Stylish Blogger Award”. So when you next pop in to see me, pick it up while you are there.

    Purrs Caro

  24. Ernie, we think you sang fine and mighty warrior songs in your PTU. We salute you.

  25. I hope that’s it for the vet visits for a long time!

  26. It all sounds vrey traumatic. We’re glad it’s over too!

  27. Glad that v-e-t visit is over. Sorry ’bout the shot. But your Mom is pretty clever bringing you both.

  28. Oh poor boys, you didn;t sound happy at all!!!

  29. We are quiet kitties in the PTU, though we talk enough in the house. Which is funny, cuz LC, who never talked in the house, complained constantly in the PTU!

    It is probly a good thing that we are both on the same vet schedule. We always HAVE to go together, so we smell the same.

  30. We’re glad you both survived the trip! Our mom used to make my brothers share a PTU – it kept them both quiet! Of course, it was punishment for her because they were not skinny boys! heh

  31. Oh Ernie. We feel sad that you were whining and Wally was whining and we’re sure your mom felt bad for making you two go. But, it’s all over with and we’re glad you’re okay and both are home !

  32. That was a lot of singing! I’m sorry that you had to get a shot in the butt – I’m glad the whole ordeal is over!

  33. Oh Ernie, you sure sounded a bit hissed off at being in the PTU, but we’re glad Wally didn’t beat you up.

  34. This post is too funny. Sorry you had to go to the V-E-T, but sounds like you deserved it because of your tendency toward bullying ways.

  35. Brothers are there for moral support. Glad it worked out well.

  36. We know that you all get more snow than we do, but we hope your mom gets to stay home with you tomorrow! Our mom gets tomorrow off, too – a foot of snow shuts this place down!

  37. Oh Ernie! You cried so plaintively my Human felt really sorry for you! I think it’s pretty funny that Wally has to go with you even though it’s not really his turn for stuff. Do you have to go when he goes too?

  38. What was that Ernie?……out….out….out….out! Sorry it didn’t work pal=^Y^=

  39. We hope everything is ok in your veterinary revision 🙂

  40. Poor Ernie! I sing that same sad song too, but Eric just does tiny little mews every now and again

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