Jan 312011

I know…you guys probably think I’m crazy for sitting here in the PTU.  But it’s actually quite comfy in here!!  And as long as those doors are open, I’m fine!!  But close those doors, and you’ll hear me complain LOUD and CLEAR!!

But I did hear mom say that I hafta go to the v-e-t later today.  Time for my annual check-up.  Which means I’m probably gonna get a shot.  Oh, I’m not happy about that one bit!!  And I’ll be letting everybuddy know, too!!

But y’know who’s really gonna be unhappy?  Wally!!  Because he’s gotta go too!!  Not because it’s time for his check-up, but because he’s always so mean to me when I come home from the v-e-t.  Mom says it’s the v-e-t stink on me that makes Wally act so mean!!  So mom takes Wally too so he’ll get some v-e-t stink on him!!  Haha!!  That’ll show him!!  And the best part is that Wally doesn’t know he’s going…yet…

Somebuddy’s in for a rude awakening!!

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  1. That is a smart idea to both go to the vet, when only one needs to. That vet stink is nasty!

  2. I like to snooze in my carrier when the doors are open, too. When the doors are closed though you can probably hear me screaming from your island!
    It’s a good idea to take Wally with you. We hope it’s a quick trip! 🙂

  3. That’s purrty darn clever, please let us know if it works!

  4. Oh that Wally is in for a treat! Serves him right for attacking you when you have the Vet Stank.

  5. Your Mom is very smart to bring both of you at the same time. My Mom should remember that the next time she brings me in so Deli doesn’t kick my butt when I get home!


  6. I’ve been at the vet twice this tear, and will have to go back again with my brother in May for our yearly vaccinations. We hate vets!

  7. That’s a good idea so they smell the same after a vet visit – but claws crossed we hope we won’t have to go for a long time yet cos we had our annual stabbies and check ups last month.

  8. aww, poor Wally! haha 🙂 Hugs to you, Ernie <3

  9. Your mom is smart! You’ll have to meow about it and let us know if this keeps Wally from hissing at you.

  10. that’ll teach wally…

  11. Sounds like quite an adventurous day on the island! We feel kinda sorry for Wally…

  12. MOL…..do you think that will teach Wally?????????

    We purray that your reports will all be okay, Ernie.


  13. Ernie that is absolutely hilarious!!! That will show Wally…..you have one smart Mom!!! Do you go with Wally when he has to go too?
    I’d like to be a fly on the wall to watch Wally’s reaction to the news.
    Hugs Madi

  14. Oh WOW – your mom is going to have her hands full – literally!! Can’t be easy carrying two kitties into the vet at the same time. M has enough problems carrying me.

  15. Well, I guess it serves Wally right! If he didn’t kick up such a fuss when you’ve been to the vet, then he wouldn’t have to go.

    Well, I wish you a pawsitive vet experience, Ernie, and that efurrything checks out A-OK!

  16. We’re so sorry, but we can’t stop laughing to even type heehehehehe.
    Sorry, Wally, you’re going to have a surprise today. Lordy lordy.

  17. LOL! Sorry, the mom is laughing that Wally has to go too, even though he doesn’t need a check up. Good luck!

  18. I like to hang out in the PTU some too — so long as the door stays open, like you said. I hope you have a good check-up.

  19. We are sure you will be OK, but mom thinks your mom is pretty smart for passing around the v-e-t smell.

  20. LOL, I think your mum came up with an ingenious plan to get around the vet smell problem!!!

  21. Uh oh. Poor Wally going to the v-e-t so he’ll smell funny too!

    Luf, Us

  22. Poor Wally – has to go even if he doens’ get an exam. we like to sit in our PTU’s all the time.

  23. Ernie…..are you NUTS??????
    Well, it is a good idea to go once a year, but I hate it. Me, Gaia and Charli all have to go this Sat!!!!

  24. A Monday, and you’re going to the v*t besides? Yuck. Might as well get it over with…

  25. We go in groups too…hope the visit goes well for you today.

  26. I hope your trip to the vet isn’t too stressful. My cats howl like they;re being murdered when they’re in the car. It’s the longest 12-mile trip of my life. Poor unsuspecting Wally — but maybe getting some vet stink on him will help him be nicer to you!

  27. You know, we keep hearing about cats being complete trolls to their brothers and sisters who have been to the vet, but we have NEVER done that here! Of course, none of us have ever been lovey-dovey buddies, either, so maybe that’s why – we don’t get close enough to each other to smell the vet. We hope your visit goes ok!

  28. oops I wont say a word and I hope then trip to the V E T goes well even with shots.. Hugs GJ xx

  29. Poor Wally, MOL..he doesn’t know what’s coming! Good luck at the v-e-t today Ernie!

  30. oh my gosh…torture day there! But I know it’s necessary!
    I’m sending you love and good energies!Brave friend!

  31. And what if Wally whaps yoo and hisses at yoo for making him hafta go to da vet? Yeah, it happens here too…dat vet stink is awful!

  32. Oh, I totally feel bad for Wally because my human does the same thing with me!

  33. Tamir likes to nap in the P-T-U too…we think he’s weird.

    Wally! RUN!!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  34. Tucker doesn’t like vet stink either and he gets mean even if we take him along too! We hope your checkup goes ok.

  35. What a smart momma you have!! Good luck!

  36. ohhhh what a MEAN trick!!!!!!

    I sure hope that the visit went well…..for you…..and the poor unsuspecting sweet kitty

  37. We are OK with vet stink, it’s the VET we have issues with!

  38. Oh, poor Wally! Maybe he will sleep right on through the whole trip and visit. He may be jumping up and down cheering because he won’t have to get a shot. Hugs and nose kisses

  39. Good luck at the V E T. We hope they don’t stick in the pointy fings.

  40. It’s so great seeing you two celebrating Mancat Monday together like that! Hope everything went well.

  41. Don’t worry too much! We know you’ll ace the check-up!

  42. Oh poor Wally! He looks so sweet napping without a clue as to what is going to happen. Ernie, we hope your v-e-t visit goes well and we are glad that Wally won’t be picking on you since he’ll smell like the v-e-t too!

  43. We hope you have a good check up Ernie. And Wally, you can still give Ernie a hard time cause at least you won’t have to be poked and prodded.

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  44. Ernie, we hope you have a great check up. Mom likes to take two of us at the same time for the same reason!

  45. Haha! Make sure you don’t hiss at each other when you get home then.

  46. Your mom is very clever to make Wally get the vet stink on him so that he isn’t mean to you. I go nutty when PeeWee comes home with daycare stink on him.


  47. Good luck at the vet, handsome boys=we hope you both get cuddles and treats when it’s over!…Happy week ahead, sweet friends…kisses…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  48. We always take the kitties in pairs or triplets because our vet gives multipet discounts. We have open crates all over our house for kitties to nap in privacy (and secretly learn not to be afraid of crates). But just like you, when that door closes is a whole other matter 🙂

    I hope your v-e-t visit wasn’t too bad!

    ~Lisa Co9T

  49. This is a brilliant plan!

  50. Ha ha ha ha ha! Dump Wally in there while he’s snoozin’ & he’ll never know what hit him! Well, if he’s mean to you Ernie, then he deserves to have to go get some v-e-t stink on him!

  51. A trip to the Vet is not fun. I no likes da Vet stink no way. I tink Wally behave after he go.

    You tells us what happened, OKs?

  52. Yah Ernie, you do gots the last laugh on theese one. My Human started to take both of us at once to avoid theese hissing problems with the strange smells. I hopes you both gots some Num-Nums when you got back and had a good nap as well.

  53. The shots are OK, its the temperature check that gets us all upseted!

  54. I feel sorry for both of you!

  55. Ernie, I still think you are crazy to want to go anywhere near the PTU. Whenever it’s out, I hide!

    :Snigger, snigger: Wally, wakey, wakey, you are going for a drive……

    Thanks for coming by and leaving purrs. We do appreciate them!!! Please continue as I am not quite well yet and I am sure it’s the world wide purrs that got me out of the worst.

  56. Yup dat v-e-t stink isn’t a gud smell to us either. Wally yoo hadid a big surprise, jus dun poop anywhere in the ptu while yoo is in it.

  57. That Vet stink is the PITS!

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