Jan 272011

Hi everybuddy.  Wally here.  Today we’re remembering Scooter, the Original Island Cat, who went to the Rainbow Bridge five years ago today.  Wow!  Five years!!  It’s hard to believe Scooter’s been gone that long.  Y’know, I can still smell traces of him here in the house.

Scooter was a lot older than me and he taught me lots of cool stuff — like how to be a good Island Cat.  Ernie and Zoey never knew Scooter…he left before they came to live here.  I really miss him sometimes…and I know mom does too…

Gone but not forgotten…
And always loved.

You can read more about Scooter by clicking HERE.

  52 Responses to “Remembering Scooter…”

  1. Scooter sounds like he was a great guy!

  2. We’re sending purrs for you and your Mom while you miss Scooter! What a sweetie he was, and we know he helped you become the awesome mancat you are today, Wally!

  3. Sccoter was a handsome ManCat. We’ll send some soft purrs to your Mom today.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  4. Scooter’s gentle manner and loving nature paved the way for all the kitties who followed him to your home. He left lots of paw prints on your hearts too.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  5. Scooter looks so happy in that sun puddle. I am sure at the Bridge it is sunpuddles all the time. Purrs to your Mom.

  6. PS we just came from reading your tribute to Scooter…it was beautiful.
    We love the part about him meowing to get your attention….I’ve often read our pets chose us we don’t chose them.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  7. That was a very loving tribute to Scooter, I wish I would have known him. Purrs.

  8. We went to read your tribute to Scooter, he was a very awesome cat!

    Our guardian angel cat Morgan le Fay “the one who started it all” ::bows head in honor:: went to The Bridge on Jan. 27th 1998, 13 years ago today. We found guardian angel Colby woofie ::bows head in honor:: at the Humane Society on Jan. 27th 2000. When our guardian angel Lewis cat ::bows head in honor:: adopted us in September of 1999 we named him after Lewis Carroll …and only years later figured out that January 27th was Lewis Carroll’s birthday.

    This is a very special day and we will purr quiety in honor of Scooter, Morgan, Colby and Lewis today.

    xoxo Cory

  9. A wonderful tribute to Scooter. Always loved and never forgotten – somewhere out there, I am sure Scooter knows that.

  10. i’m glad to have learned about scooter. i’m glad wally got to know him a bit…

  11. Mommy understands and asked me to purr for you in honor of Scooter. She sure knows how that is. We all do, I’m afraid. I hope he found Mom’s Robin to play with. She was quite a girl!

  12. Gosh, big hugs to that woman with the yellow hair. We sure wish we had know Scooter. We went and read all about him and he sounds like such a great guy. It is fun to remember our old friends and glad you told us about him. Take care and have a fun day.

  13. That is a wonderful tribute to Scooter. Gone but NEVER forgotten!!

  14. Sending you all purrs of comfort, and hugs and kitty kisses today. We know Scooter always will be with you in spirit.

  15. Scooter was a handsome cat. We miss all the ones who came before too. Sending lots of purrs for happy memories of him today.

  16. Scooter sounds like a good brother. We’ll keep him (and all of you on the Island) in our thoughts today.

  17. Scooter must have been a wonderful cat who loved you dearly. We wish we had known him. Our thoughts are with you on this anniversary.
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  18. I’m sure Scooter misses you too. It’s nice to have such good memories, and his smell around the house, though.

  19. It’s a good thing to remember absent friends. We’re glad you wrote about Scooter today. Never forgotten, always loved…

  20. A very handsome cat. And a lovely tribute to one who has gone before. But you know–as a cat, we never really leave–we stay in hearts and minds forever.

  21. What a beautiful cat! We are sorry that he crossed over, but we are glad that you will always remember him.

    Luf, Us and Maw

  22. He was handsome. Nanny knows how you feel. They are never forgotten in our heart.

  23. Great tribute to Scooter today. He was such a pretty boy. Wally, we are glad you got to know him, and can share stories of him with us, and Ernie and Zoey. Thanks for helping us all remember him today. Sending purrs your way.

  24. We are so happy that even five years after he has left you, Scooter is still loved deeply. He must feel your love from where he is at and surely you must feel his love back to you. We are sorry that Scooter left, but it is nice to know that he is not and will never be forgotten. Purrs, Lautrec and Tiny

  25. (((HUGS))) to you all…we know you miss your Scooter and we miss ours as well.

  26. HI Ernie, thanks so much for your input about my situation. I do get to go in the rest of the house when Mom is here and interact with the other kitties. Mom thinks that I am just different now because of my heart problem and have kind of different days. Thanks.

  27. Oh, Wally, Ernie, and Zoey, Sam & I just think you all are SO great. In my mom’s house there were MANY before us, too, and you’re right: we can still catch a faint scent here and there but no one else can. That’s the plus of being a cat, right? Great noses!
    Hey, we know you’ve probably already been awarded the Stylish Blogger Award a gazillion times, but we have it for you on our page right this minute! Come on over and grab it up 😉

  28. We’re sending purrs to you and your mom today as you are thinking of Scooter. He was a very handsome Mancat and we can tell he did a wonderful job showing you the ropes on being an Island Cat.

  29. Scooter was so adorable, he is playing now in a beautiful garden among flowers and butterflies!

  30. I went over and read Scooter’s story – that is a sweet photo of you with him, Wally. Next month it will be 9 years that my human lost the cat before me, and she still misses her lots.

  31. Scooter was such a pretty kitty. It’s nice to have fond memories to remember him by.

  32. Aw scooter, you sure made your Mom happy!

  33. Mom says she knows how long five years are and how they can feel like only yesterday. Scooter looks like one cool mancat. It’s nice you got to know him and learn stuff from him.
    Sending many purrs,
    Siena & Chilli

  34. Five years will have flown by. You willhave so mant happy memories of him.. I didnt know scooter but he looks a great kitty and I am sure I will have liked him.. Hugs GJ xx

  35. You never forget those who have gone, no matter how many years have passed. SS still misses the woofie that she grew up with and who waited to see her for one last time when she returned home from college for the long vacation before he passed to the Bridge.

    Scooter was one handsome mancat.

    Soft hugs to you mom.

  36. Our mommy truly believes that when you think loving thoughts of the ones-that-came-before, that they gets a nice warm sunbeam at the rainbow bridge that lets them knows we remember them. I’m sure Scooter is furever in sunbeams!

    We loves Scooter’s story!

  37. Scooter was very handsome. We send you gentle purrs as you remember him.

  38. Scooter (what an adorable name!) was a wonderful cat I can tell…..hugs to you in your remembrance of him today….that was a wonderful post!

  39. Scooter was a very handsome cat! I’m sure he knows that you are remembering him today.

  40. *hugs* It’s so hard to lose a beloved friend. The tribute to him made me cry! I love the story about him picking you at the shelter.

  41. Purrs on this day of remembering your loved kitty.

  42. We know you still miss your sweet Scooter!

  43. Thanks for sharing the original Island Cat Scooter. He was handsome. It’s nice you had a chance to know him while he was there.

  44. It is hard, our Punkin’s been gone fur 10 years and we still miss her. Hugs fur yoo and yoor mom…

  45. It is allus good ta remember the Cats-Who-Came-Before!

  46. Missin da ones what comes before is allas a good thing iffin you just gets right down to it. All da fun and games, da warm snuggly times, da quiet times watchin da world go by ….. deys da memories what’s good. Missin is wishing we could has dese times back. Nuttin wrong wit dat. But remembers da happys. Dey whut counts.

  47. I’m sure that sweet Scooter is at the bridge running in the sunpuddles and playing games with Inigo.

    RIP sweet one.

  48. Sorrry we are late ~ but we would like to join yoo in remembering Scooter. It’s impawtant to remember those we have loved and lost. Purrs. RIP sweet boy.

  49. Scooter looks like he had tonnes of character. We’re sorry we never met him.

    Thanks for purring for Au. He has liver disease. We’re hoping he’ll recover. Keep purring please?

  50. It’s always good to remember the Ones Who Came Before.

  51. We read your Mom’s tribute to Scooter and it is beautiful. It is so cool how HE picked her, what a great story. That is also such a great picture of you and Scooter, Wally. We send you and your Mom purrs. Be Well Sweet Scooter.

  52. Scooter was a handsome dude! They always live on in our parents’ hearts. How nice you got to know him, Wally 🙂

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