Jan 262011

 Sorry!  No time for talk!!
I got me some cleaning to do!!

::Lickity Lickity Lickity::

Oops!  Missed a spot!!

Hmmm…seems like there’s a lot
more tummy to wash these days!!

::Lickity Lickity Lickity::

Yep…the ol’ tongue is getting a workout today!!

  49 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Wally, when you have finished, would you like to wash me too? it is SUCH a big job and you look so good at it!

  2. Tee-hee, I seem to have more tummy to wash lately too Wally!

  3. Wowsie, you are doing a great job!!!

  4. We think your tummy is just the right size for a mancat – lady cats like a mancat with a bit of meat on their bones cos they give more snuggly cuddles.

  5. maybe if your tummy gets even bigger ernie can help you out…

  6. But your efforts had wonderful results…..you are more handsome than usual.


  7. Wally your my handsome man cat smell divine too…is that essence of tender beef or cod, sole shrimp?
    Hugs Madi

  8. Ivy is loves her a clean man…and mom is thinking about snorgling that belly!

  9. haha…Lickity-spit!!!!

    I can’t stop giggling now….

  10. Lickity Lickity! Lookin’ good Wally!

  11. Wally, you’re doing a great job washing…I think your tummy is the perfect size!

  12. you are doing an outstanding job at it too pal. Maybe you could help me cuz I’m rather lazy today.

  13. you’re gonna need a nap after you finish!

  14. You are one mighty cleaning machine!

  15. WOWWEE! Yoo musta spent howrs making sure yoo wure all freshened up. Yoo musta had a hot date planned with a gurlcat! *wiggles furry eyebrows*

  16. But you look like a million green papers!!!

  17. Oh, my…We think all that washing must be so exhausting. We hope you get treats to help you recover your strength!

  18. “lickity” adorable.! One of us CBOsphereites must create a vocab list of approved adorable terms that aren’t all LOLz. I vote lickity be included.

    so say we all

    Ms. Stella O’Houligan

  19. Orange furs are hard to keep clean – they show every speck of dirt! Good job, Wally!

  20. I think you look great! Good job!

  21. A cat’s bathtime is never ending! Or at least it seems that way. My three are always washing, but I can’t complain because I love clean kitties!

  22. All us kittes here gots lots of tummy to wash too.

    Maybe we should start a ‘tummy wash’ place like the Big One’s ‘car wash’ thingie. But not all us furrbutts likes water on ourselveses.

    You looks fantabulous with or without the tummy wash.

    Just sayin …..

  23. Now you should be good for at least a couple of hours!!

  24. So, that’s your secret!

  25. Very handsome, Wally. All the kitties thinks so!
    We cross post to you today!
    Love TK and Squashies

  26. Wally, you are charming taking a bath!

  27. There’s nothing like a well-groomed mancat to make the girlkitties go wild!

  28. A little extra tummy is just more room to snorgle!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  29. That is a great bath you are having. Looks like you and I have the same problem today with the flashy box at bathtime.. Hugs GJ xx

  30. Well, you’re doing a very thorough job, Wally! That some great licker you have there. It doesn’t seem to run out of juice.

  31. That’s some serious grooming, Wally!

  32. Builds up the tongue muscles, doesn’t it!

  33. That’s a long bath Wally! You’re going to need some treats to keep your stamina up!

  34. Oh your cute pink tongue is getting workout! Is your tummy getting too big? 🙂 I think it is a perfect size!

  35. Did I miss the memo about today being “Wednesday Washday??” MOL!! I am seeing all of the kitties washing themselves today! Everyone must have some hot date planned with all of this primping going on! 🙂

  36. You are having a good clean up Wally. Have you got a hot date?

  37. ahhhh! nw time for a blissful nap ! good job : )

  38. Wally we think your tummy is just perfect…love those peach tootsies too!!!

  39. You certainly are busy, busy, busy! Time to give your tongue a rest! 🙂

  40. Wally
    Us orange boys have to keep up appearances!


  41. Good job, Wally! We know that it’s a lot of work being as mancatly and handsome as you. 🙂

  42. haha! very cute. Gotta get that last spot!

  43. You may think that you have too much tummy to wash and you may think that Fritzie looks like you, but the Human wants to assure you that next to Fritzie you look positively UNDERweight! Fritzie is, ahem, a Big Boy!

  44. We thinks you are now clean all over!! Do you have a big date coming up? Some real pretty girl coming over?

  45. Do you do windows?

  46. Wally ~ yoo sure is busy today! MOL!

  47. Keep that machine clean, buddy!

  48. Mama spies an orange tummy! Look out–she’s coming in!

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