Jan 242011

Oh, hi there!!  Our furiend, Brian,  asked us to remind everybuddy the importance of supporting your local animal shelter.  This has been a very cold and snowy winter here in the U.S. so far, and there’s been lots of flooding in Australia and Brazil.  Shelters around the world need help now more than ever!!

There’s lots of ways to help your local shelter.  Of course, they can always use green papers, but there’re other ways to help.   Maybe you could donate the toys that you never play with…y’know, we all have toys that we don’t play with.  Most shelters have wish lists…things that they really could use.  Why not ask your humans to give your shelter a call and find out what’s on their wish list??  We bet your humans have something in the house right now that they could donate.

Hey, Ernie…why don’tcha tell everybuddy how we recently helped our local shelter?

Okay, Wally.  Here on our island, we have a great animal shelter.  Right now, they’re having their annual bottle and can drive to raise green papers.  (Yep…here, you hafta pay a deposit on beer and pop bottles and cans, but you get it back when you return them to the store.)  Our mom and dad-guy save up all their bottles and cans for this annual event that the shelter has.

This past weekend, we had our mom take 3 big bags of bottles and cans over to the shelter.   Now the shelter will get the $$$ when they return them!!  And our mom doesn’t hafta return all those bottles and cans (which she really doesn’t like to do)!!  Good going, mom!!

We hope all of you will find a way to help your local shelter, too!!

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  1. That is a great idea, Wally and Ernie! Our Mom hates returning bottles too, so they always build up! We bet we have a lot of them.

  2. That is a cool way to support your local shelter, fellas, and for your Mom to NOT have to return those bottles and cans! We donate monthly to our local SPCA, they are 100% donation funded and need help. They are getting ready to move into a larger space, which is great because they need the extra room for more dogs and cats. Have a good Monday!

  3. Your mom is brilliant!!!

    Bless y’all for helping support them.


  4. That’s awesome Wally and Ernie! My mom gets to donate via payroll deduction at her work. The best part about this is that her employer matches her dollar for dollar so United Paws gets double!!!! Woo hoo! She does other stuff too…but that matching dollar stuff is the best!

  5. Collecting bottle and cans for the shelter to get the money back on is such a cool idea. We’ve not heard of anywhere near us that does that but mum does have a direct debit to send some money to the CPL each month.

  6. Hi Wally and Ernie…you need to place a warning when you two handsome boys are going to be in the same picture.

  7. what a great idea. I will ask mom to call the shelter here.

  8. excellent reminder, and what a terrific idea…

  9. It’s important to support an animal shelter, you did a great post about this subject, thanks so much!

  10. Great post guys, shelters are so very impawtant! I love that sunny pic!!!

  11. That is a great way to help shelters – hope you guys are safe and warm up there.

  12. we donated a ton of toys and some blankies and other things this past December. We are going to be doing it again soon!

  13. That is a great thing. I send the Woman off to donate time once a week.

  14. We agree with you about helping our local groups and we do as well.

  15. What a wonderful thing your Mom and Dad did to help out the shelter there on the island! We always donate our extra toys to the shelter we can from when Mom goes to visit. She also loads up the car with foods and litter for them.

  16. That is a great way to support your local shelter!!

  17. Hi Wally and Ernie! Thank you and your family so much for helping your local shelter. Shelters do need as much help as we can all give them! Since our blog is all about the cats at the shelter (PAWS) at which we volunteer, we did not do a “special” post today. But please know we are with you in mind and spirit. On behalf of all shelters, we appreciate you! 🙂

  18. Thanks for the message – there are lots of great ways to help shelters that just require a little imagination!

  19. Thanks for reminding us of ways we can help!

  20. Good work boys and mum!!!

  21. They are great suggestions. We donate spare towels to the shelter and new items to the op shop that their volunteers run to raise money.

  22. We’re going to go through our toys and donate the ones we don’t use anymore. Mom also is going to donate some noms to the shelter cats.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  23. We applaud your Mom’s efforts on behalf of homeless animals. You two must be very proud of her.

  24. That’s a great idea Ernie and Wally! It’s impawtant to help out kitties not as fortunate as we are so thank your mom very much for us!

  25. Saving the bottles is a good idea. We donated some of our toys and some blankets and towels at Christmas.

  26. Great idea. We do support our local shelter by donating my old toys, green paper things, warm blankets and towels. I wish more families would help out tho cuz they never have enough.

  27. Hi you two good looking Mancats!! That is a great way to help your local shelter 🙂 Mom bought a cat calendar featuring some local feral cats put out by Pierre’s Alley Cats(a TNR group) It’s good to see kitties being looked after 🙂
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  28. That’s a great idea, guys! Good for you!

  29. Hooray to your mom for doing that! It’s a win-win for everyone. Our local shelter collects cans too (but we don’t have a deposit; they get paid by the pound). That money adds up!

  30. Your Mommy sure is sweet! We’ll be sure to remind our Mommy to donate some useful items too!

  31. You have a really nice shelter. It’s so nice of you to help them. It’s a great idea. Mom has thought about taking some food over to ours. Hasn’t done it yet though. Would be a good time to do it. Great picture of the two of you.


  32. You two are so very smart! What a pawsome idea. We loves the picture of your shelter and we purrs the animal they takes care of gets furever homes soon!
    (We loves your ‘hangover’ comment on our blog today- we laff and laff!)

  33. What a great idea, Boys. And by the way, you look super-cute together like that!

  34. I would like to donate Teddy to the cat shelter. Seriously.

  35. that’s great how you guys helped out your local shelter. it’s also great encouraging others to help their local shelters. 🙂

    i’ll keep doing my best to help out mine.

  36. That’s an excellent way to help out! We donate our toys, and mom gives towels and blankets too. Everything helps!

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