Jan 192011

I’m keeping an eye on the neighborhood today…
I gotta make sure those evil squirrels don’t get out of line out there!

Thanks to everybuddy for the info about the drinking fountain.  The comments were kinda mixed…some of you love the fountain, some of you didn’t like it and some of you were scared of it!!  But it was nice to see that we aren’t the only ones still drinking from a bowl!  A lot of you do!!  Our mom’s still thinking about whether to get us a fountain…she doesn’t want to spend the green papers only to find out we won’t use it.  We’ll let you know what she finally decides to do.  Personally, we don’t care one way or the other…we don’t mind drinking from our bowl…but a fountain to play in could be fun!!

  48 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Morning Wally….you are a superb Neighborhood Watch Cat!!!
    Mom checked on the exact name of my fountain. It is called Fresh Flow by Pet Mate!!!
    Hugs Madi

  2. Good job, Wally! Those evil squirrels need to be constantly monitored!

  3. Great look-out position, Wally!
    Happy Wednesday..
    ~ Timothy

  4. Wally, when are squirrels anything but out of line? We have three who come into our backyard and pick all the sunflower seeds out of the bird feeders.

  5. Are you doing the squirrel’s roll call?

  6. Wally, the squirrels in our yard are ALWAYS out of line! It’s what they do.

  7. That’s not an easy job, but I know you can handle it!!!

  8. Yes..Mommy spent those green papers and she
    s disappointed. BUT she still has the evile Drinkwell and maybe I will change my mind.

  9. M keeps thinking bout a water fountain too, but keeps dragging her feet. Part of the problemis where to put it where there is a plug for dat cord.

  10. What exactly are you gonna do if one of the squirrels gets out of line?

  11. We don’t get to do many squirrel checks from our balcony, but Junior has started trying to give the birds a hard time (we have tried to explain that the door is closed, but we aren’t sure he gets it).

  12. It’s a never-ending job, keeping those squirrels in line!

  13. We had one for our other cat and he loved to play in the fountain but he still preferred to drink from the sink. However, the fountain area was always wet…

  14. Wally
    It’s good that us orange boys are good guard cats!


  15. Squirrel guard duty is very important. Our squirrels cheat and go right up on the little thin branches that will break if we follow them.

  16. That is an important job Wally. Glad you are watching carefully. WE want those squirrels marching in a straight line. Hope all of you have a really fun day.

  17. Hey, Wally! You’re doing a grand job, and you know how we know? Because you sent about a gazillion squirrels over to our house today. Mom says it’s fun to watch them but they’re taking ALL the birdfood. Hmmmm, maybe the birdies will knock on my door for a bit more…ooooooooo.
    Mom said to ask you where you found that great ladder you guys get to have by the window?
    Sam sends headbonks, I send nose licks 🙂

  18. Wally you are doing a great job of watching for the squirrels!

    Note to your mom: If you buy the fountain at a place like PetSmart then you can return it if the cats don’t like it, or won’t use it. I don’t know about other pet stores.

  19. What a good watch cat you are, Wally!!!!!!!!!!

  20. So have the squirrels hatched any nefarious plans of late?

  21. I love your vantage spot, just right for spotting those squirrels.. Hugs GJ xx

  22. Wally, what a cute pose there!

  23. We wish we had squirrels here! The lizards are loads of fun but they sleep all winter, the lazy bums.

  24. Are you squirrels still out and about, or hiPURRnating? I guess you have to keep close watch to find out, Wally.

    Actually, we just got the Drinkwell 360 a short while ago. The cats like it quite a bit. Of course, at first they were tentative, but it didn’t take them long. You can control the flow of the water so it’s more silent at first.

    It’s a lot quieter than another one we had, but for this one you have to change the filter about every two weeks. Despite that, I think it’s a winner as far as fountains go. It’s easy to take apart and clean, too.

  25. That’s a very impawtant job Wally, well, until it’s nap time!

  26. Keep those squirrels in line, Wally! WE do love to play with the running water in the fountain

  27. One of my boys, Goro loves water fountain and the other, Niko does not care at all. Goro is always fascinated by running water, so if you like to play around or drink running water you may like the fountain?

  28. Wally, theese is excellent that you are on squirrel patrol. Let me know if you needs me to back you up…And about the fountain…we’z old fashioned at Headquarters and drink from bowls (Before my time, my Human had a fountain and neither of her felines would drink from it.)

  29. You are clearly very focussed on those creatures. Good job!

  30. You make me wonder, Wally: Are there any GOOD squirrels? I mean, there must be, right? They have those cute floofy tails and stuff.

  31. Good job Wally! Those squirrels sure need some monitoring. How exactly you could do it from inside the house is the challenging task on paw.

  32. Be sure to pick out a nice plump squirrel for some nomin’!

  33. Our mom was so unsure about a fountain too. At first, Jack was disinterested, then cautious, then he tried it in earnest and…..love! He likes to have bowls too. (Jack drinks a lot due to diabetes and CRF.)

  34. Be sure and repawt to us wot’s going on Wally! We like to know these things.

  35. thanks for your comment, reckon the ladder idea is the best one, we have always admired yours and also, it is practical too (Mrs H can use it to change the ligh bulbs etc) and she might even paint it in fancy colours…. we think we maybe getting a ladder soon! Love Darcy , Bingley and their Helen xxx

  36. Wally, that is exactly what I do on my balcony!

  37. Good job Wally – we all still drink from plain old bowls!

  38. Scooby, Shaggy and Scout are also talking about fountains today (http://littlecf.blogspot.com/). Maybe you can share notes.

  39. Hi guyz,
    Ana here;
    Tanxz for visiting my garden ^~^ I luvz to have da company,,,, Can’t believe we missed about da Fountain,,,,, Dat wouldn’t workz around here… Nope Mom changed da bowl to a mini water cooler ’cause Sunny won’t drink out of da bowl Nope Not At All !He will only drink outta da Well in da Tub!da water has to drip all day for him…. mom efen took him to the V E T to makez sure nothin was wrong wit him ,,,,, and da V E T no he’s ok and not to woory ’cause he has a cat dat will only drink outta da (shuddering….) da Toilet (ewww,,,,) da V E T dopted Sunny’s real brother Weezer. They lookz exactly alike you can’t tellk dem apart….. Anyway…. I chase da Squirrelz away ’cause in da Winter they eat All da flower buds off da Rhodadendremz ’cause of da sugar. Mom was really ANGERY last year ’cause she only had 3 flowers from doze bushez wit da lonnnng name.I likez to chase dem and swat dem in the a$$ as dey run from me ….MOL
    Enjoy your view~

  40. We missed your post yesterday, but we’ve had 2 fountains. Mom ruined 1 in the dishwasher (lazy slacker!), and the other one hasn’t been turned on in ages. It’s a little bit of a hassle to clean, and we both prefer to drink out of her water glass (when it’s not tipped over.. ZOE!). Though I, Fuzzy, drink out of the fountain, it has never been proved that any of the other 3 cats past or present ever did.

    Good job keeping the neighborhood in check, Mr. Wally!

  41. er, we think that should be ‘never been proven’, not ‘proved’. Yikes.

  42. That could be my behind!

    A word on the fountain…The Drinkwell 360 is THE ONLY bowl I will drink from. Prior to guilting Marmie into one, I was strictly a faucett cat. 9 out of 10 meows for the fountain!

  43. Hey, Wally, can you ask your mom where she got that GREAT ladder? We’ve looked everywhere but can’t find one like that. You can see everything from there!

  44. you could always still get the fountain and donate it if it isn’t used

  45. Hey, Wally! Thanks for that GREAT info on your ladder! Mom bookmarked the page since they’re out of stock (what’s that ? anything like stocking a pond with fishies?) but she’s going to keep ck’ing back. Everyone gave it very high marks just like you do, except for one — but isn’t there always somebody, sheesh.
    Thanks, Wally! See you soon…but you know that 😉

  46. If you buy a water fountain from Petsmart, we know they will let you return it for a full refund if you don’t like it.

  47. We haves an evil squirrel here! It torments us daily!

  48. We used to have one of those automatic fountain things, but after it started making weird noises Mom was afraid it would start an electrical fire, so we don’t use it any more. We have a large water bottle that fills our bowl and Dad puts ice in it so it’s nice & cold.

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