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Yep, we still live in the dark ages and hafta drink our water out of a bowl.  But our mom is thinking about getting us one of those fancy water fountain thingeys.  But she doesn’t know which one she should get us.

She’s been looking at the Drinkwell 360 because it looks pretty cool, but she’s not sure it’s the right one for us.

So you kitties out there that have drinking fountains, could you let us know which one you have?  And what’s your opinion of it??  Do you like drinking from it??  We have limited space so we can’t get a real big one.  And mom doesn’t want one that we’ll splash around in either.  She says it’s to drink from, not take a bath in!!  Well, we’ll see about that!!

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  1. Sorry but we can’t help you with that one – we still drink owt of a bowl (like *animals*!). We will be very interested to see what people recommend. Oliver and Ruby

  2. Looks like a great fountain!
    We still drink from bowl though!

    Love, Lucky & Co

  3. I drink from a bowl too, so don’t feel bad. My human sister tried to get her cat Audrey a fountain but the noise scared Audrey so she wouldn’t use it. But my human brother’s cats use theirs happily, so go figure. It wasn’t a Drinkwell, but I am sorry, I don’t remember the name. You need a plug nearby (duh!).

  4. Ernie, we have had two different fountains in the past six years and could care less about either of them! We kinda think that if you three drink from your bowl and enjoy drinking from your bowl that your Mom should save her green papers for something else (another cat tree?) and not blow them on a fountain that you guys may not like.

    We drink from our bowl just fine. We don’t drink very often because since we eat a raw diet there is a lot of moisture in what we eat.

    Just our two cents! We’ll be interested to see everyother cats comments. Somecats love those fountains.

  5. We had a water fountain but neither of us would use it so we are just drinking from bowls now. Mum wasn’t doing her happy dance at this – she passed it on to one of her friend’s cat.

  6. Don`t feel bad, my cats have to drink out of the dog water dish!

  7. We have two of the CatIt small fountains that we enjoy a lot! We also have regular bowls and one mug with fresh water in it (Bella likes sticking her tiny head in a mug for some reason!)

  8. Hi Ernie,
    I have a fountain and love love love it. I forget the name of it but Mom said she thinks it is PetFountain…we’ll confirm later.
    It has a bowl of water but what I like to drink from is the water fall. I love how the water trickles down the fall. You can set the water to be fast or slow. I like it moving. Sometimes mom catches me with my head resting on the edge of the bowl part watching the water fall. We’ll get back to you. Mom says whatever you get be sure it can be taken apart for cleaning. Even though the water moves constantly it can get kind of slimey. When we first got it she didn’t realize this. The she saw some weird stuff floating in my water it was slime build up. Mom rinses mine out every night. Hugs Madi

  9. We have two fountains- the CatIt Fresh and Clear with the dome, and the Drinkwell Platinum.

    Mum, Suey and Lishy like the Drinkwell Platinum, and so do I. Suey and Lishy like to drink from the stream (?) and I drink out of the bowl. Mum thinks it is easier to clean than the CatIt, and the Catit runs dry more quickly and is slightly louder. I am still scared of the CatIt after 2 years, but Lishy and Suey both drink from it.

    My favourite to drink out of is my red porcelain bowl.

    Mum says one thing to check is how easy the filters are to get. She can get the CatIt filters at lots of places but has to order the Drinkwell ones as the shops here don’t stock them. It’s a bit of a pain. Mum finds the Drinkwell easier to move without spilling water.

    Mum has definately seen an increase in the amount Suey drinks since we got the Drinkwell, which is why we got it.

  10. We drink out of bowls here, but we are lucky because we have Grete woofie water bowls which are huge! We have a “cat” water bowl but we don’t drink out of it often. We had a fountain years ago (before I was born), but mom gave up on it because it kept clogging with all of our furs.

    Figgy prefers the faucet water on demand!

  11. WEll that is all very interesting. Sort of half and half for and against. We don’t have any fountains because there are so many of us, we have bowls, buckets, and all kinds of things full of water. Mom even puts gigantic buckets under the roof and collects water from the roof in the winter. It sounds to me that a lot of cats don’t like the noise. So we will be interested in what the big decision is.

  12. I drink from a bowl too. Mommy bought me a DrinkWell and I told her it was trying to kill me! It buzzed ad I didn’t like that ONE bit. ‘Course, mom installed it right after I got out of the hospital. NOT your ideal time.

  13. Since we don’t drink water out of our water bowl, and prefer the sink, Mom was thinking about getting one. But…Minchie likes the steady stream of water but Laila likes the slow drips.

  14. Mom has still not bought me a fountain but she has her eye on http://www.amazon.com/Pet-Drinking-Fountain-Raindrop-Design/dp/B0037NKDSG/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1295359714&sr=8-3

    She just noticed it’s on sale, so paws crossed this will motivate her cheapness!

  15. We’ve had two different styles with spouts and steered of them both. So we can’t offer any suggestions!

  16. glad you posted this… i’ve been thinking of getting a fountain as well and will benefit from the information that gets posted….

  17. Ernie, we’re no help, either. Mom said it took YEARS to make us stop using HER special bathroom glass. She even bought an identical one for us, but we knewwwwww and we weren’t fallin’ for that one. Then she hid it. oh my COD, we thought we’d die of thirst! So what did we see? A bowl, that’s right, a crappy bowl on the floor. It was do or die. We’re going on strike!

  18. Ernie,

    “The Boys” can’t give you any input about one of those drinking contraptions, ’cause they don’t have one either. (Mikey drinks out of the tub faucet–which is a whole story on its own!)

    We think you’ll get lots of comments here to help you with your decision.

    Good luck. Oh, what does Wally think?

  19. Ernie
    We can’t help you either because we are in the dark ages too and still use bowls in our house too.


  20. We’ve had several different fountains, but this is the one all 5 of us like, plus the ceramic is so much easier to keep clean.


  21. We’ve never had a fountain……we prefer to drink from the faucet, but also have a bowl, or two, in the apartment to drink out of.

    Sammy also loves to drink the rain water that mama catches for our plants….of course she will only let him drink it right after it is collected.


  22. We still drink out of a bowl. The Woman is thinking about the fountain that is metal and not plastic because she doesn’t like us drinking out of plastic things.

  23. Mama had a fountain for Queen Lily, and she loved it! She didn’t play in it, either. The only thing was that it needed to be cleaned and have a fresh filter put in every two months, it was a little bit of trouble.

  24. We have a Drinkwell fountain, but not the 360, it pours out the front and has the water reservoir in the back. It is fantastic and we all love it!!! If you get one you will like it too 🙂

  25. I have a fountain but I never drink out of it-I just like to play with the water coming out!. For drinking I use a clean white bowl which is washed and filled daily.

  26. We have a regular Drinkwell, and the 360. The 360 is easier to clean, but the filter clogs sooner. We love to drink out of both, We are all big drinkers here in the desert!

  27. Man — a drinking fountain!! I wonder if that would scare us? We still drink out of bowls, too… plus the dawg sticks her big nose in our water!

  28. We have two fountains, one upstairs and one downstairs. The Drinkwell Platinum fountains. We luf them!!!! But you do need to clean them. Maw cleans ours every two weeks with some bleach and dish detergent. And she uses distilled water in them to keep them from getting yucky.

    Luf, Us

  29. Oh, and still keep regular bowls out also for water. Just in case.

    Luf, Us

  30. We tried of those fountain thingies. But, Maestro likes to drag the water dishes around and mom got fed up because it was constantly being unplugged by *someone*. Not to mention, it isn’t heavy enough to keep him from dragging it around. Besides, she didn’t think it was being used. So, she bought us 2 big ceramic dishes to use. And the old man can’t drag those anywhere.

  31. We have the Drinkwell original fountain. Most of us enjoy drinking from it, but Smokey refuses, so we still have bowls all around the house. Tanner likes to play in it, and will head butt it for attention. He thinks when you jump up to stop him, that you are ready to play! We did get the extra water reservoir for the fountain, so there’s always plenty of water in it, for anyone that choses to drink from it!

  32. We have that Drinkwell fountain and LOVE it! We thought the cats might shy away from it, but they have really taken to it. You should definitely get it 🙂

  33. Can’t help you there. I drink out of a bowl as well. We are not about to get anything new in the near future, not until SS gets a job!

  34. We drink out of water bowls too. Our favourite of course is Tommy’s. Nothing like a little woofie slobber to make it taste better!

    The chans

  35. I still drink out of a bowl, too. It’s retro cool.

  36. We have a glass that we drink out of that is kept clean and full on the end table in the living room. We also drink out of sinks and our sisfur Sadie’s bowl when she’s not looking but we won’t drink out of a regular cat bowl. We think a fountain would be great so hope you tell us which one you get!

  37. We have a Drinkwell Platinum right now, but I have to tell you, my human has been through several fountains over the years. They do not last very long – eventually the plastic gets a bit icky, no matter how clean she tries to keep them. Plus our fur does clog it up a bit at times. But for us, it has been worth it because we love drinking our water that way.

  38. We never liked drinking from bowls much and prefer the bath tap. We won a ceramic raindrop fountain from Angus Mhor and love drinking from that. I, Eric, like to play with it though so mum has to turn it off at night because sometimes I have scraped all the water out by the morning. She is not happy when she wakes up to a flooded kitchen.

  39. We had the Drinkwell Platinum which only Ambrose really liked to drink from and play in, and it had some tube-like parts that were difficult to clean. So, Mom bought us the Drinkwell 360 because it looked easier to clean. It is easier to clean, and all four of us kitties drink from it. We highly recommend the Drinkwell 360.

  40. my Mom is thinking of getting one too (I still drink out of a bowl…actually I will ONLY drink out of my Sheltie brother’s bowl…I don’t like my own bowl)…let us know what you decide to do!

  41. Oh man, I still have a bowl too! My Human says I’m such a scaredy-cat that she thinks I’d be too terrified to go near one-a those. But I dunno, I think it might be fun to make her go out and spend all that money and then refuse to drink from it! MOL!

  42. Interesting comments.
    Thanks for inviting us over.
    For now we are drinking from a bowl, no decision on the fountain yet.

  43. We have bowls and water glasses. Fountains sound furry fancy!

  44. My Mama bought us a water fountain. Then Brad got scared and won’t even enter the kitchen and made poo in the living room. It makes funny noises. Not recommended for scaredy-cats. purrr….meow!

    Thanks for visiting.

  45. We only get bowls around here. Nothing fancy. Mommy tries to upgrade us by offering us TWO drinking bowls placed side-by-side so that our drinking corner will look like a mini bar. But somehow, we seem to prefer to drink out of only the bowl on the right. Mommy doesn’t understand it.

  46. We keep readin that plastic isnt good. But we dont know of a glass or metal one…

  47. Here I drink in a simple bowl, it’s working well, but this “stuff very modern”looks cool as well!

  48. We LONG to haff a drinking fountain. :sigh:

  49. I have to drink out of a bowl too. I think I need a fountain!

  50. We is behind times here. I prefer the bathroom sink and the staff had better keep it filled or I sit in it until they fill it.

  51. we were once promised a drinking fountain …but as we prefer to drink from taps with humans turning taps on and off at our whim (usually brushing their teeth in a rush before work) the fountain has not transpired. Also, Darcy (who is particular with fluid and food) likes to be presented with fresh saucers of water – just for him – then he will drink and enjoy. Various dishes of water about the place are ignored and puddles outside – even with ice and debris on them – are enjoyed. Maybe we just aren’t ‘fountain’ cats. Love Darcy, Bingley and their Helen xxx

  52. We have a fountain and love it. Mom says our next one is going to be a ceramic one though.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

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