Jan 142011

Hmmmm…I gotta feeling
this isn’t the comfy cozy cave I think it is….

  63 Responses to “Formerly Feral – A New Cave?”

  1. Psssssst, Zoey, you might want to move…quick!

  2. Look out kitty… It’s a trap!

  3. UH Oh Zoey, I would get out of that comfy cozy cave if we were you. That is one dangerous place to sit. But you do look cute sitting there. Hope all of you have a great week end.

  4. hey, if it’s comfy and it’s cozy, why not stay a while? 😉

  5. We think you might be right!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  6. Get out now, Zoey! It’s a trap!!! You’ll end up at the VET!

  7. Oh… oh… Jump out before they shut the door, Zoey… That’s not just a playhouse.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

    pawhugs, Max

  8. That’s a great picture!
    Have a great day!

  9. Zoey, we laughed out loud!

    You sure do look comfy there, but we also think someone’s fooling you.

  10. Run Zoey run – those humans are planning something nasty.

  11. OMC, run, Zoey! Run while you can!!!!

  12. I think you are right pal – one word of advice for you – ESCAPE!

  13. Run Zoey, Run!!!!!

  14. you do look a little bit apprehensive there…

  15. Looks fine to us – though we’re not very experienced in these things…

  16. No! Zoey–get out of there! It takes you to the evil v-e-t!

  17. Zoey are you going to the Vet today?

  18. I would run if I were you!

  19. Uh-oh.. You might want to slowly walk away, or Run!
    Hope you have a nice weekend.
    ~ Malachi and The Bunch

  20. Uh oh. Watch out! DON’T NAP IN THERE!!!!

  21. I think it is safe because there’s no door on it. But your eyes show your concern.

  22. MEOWZA, Zoey, be careful, sweetie!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Run Zoey run!! That isn’t a cave it is a PTU and if there is a door that means you are in big trouble!!!

  24. Look at those big eyes! She knows something is up!

  25. Run Zoey once that door is shut there is not escaping.
    Hugs Madi

  26. I’m thinking you might be right…

  27. yep.. we reckon you are right… we have been there and done that and are warning you that all is not what it seems! Love Darcy, Bingley and Helen xxx

  28. Miss Zoey, we think you should find a new cave. ASAP. Pronto. RIGHT NOW!!! AHHHHHHHHH

  29. Is Zoey going o the vet?

  30. Nice blanket, though.

    Paws ‘n Claws,

  31. Uh oh, hope that cave doesn’t move anywhere with you in it!

  32. Zoey, you are in what is called the Danger Zone!

  33. My mom started laughing and can’t stop. What’s wrong with her! Doesn’t she KNOW? She is telling us not to worry, that’s it only the caption that made her laugh so hard………yeah, right. If we see cuddly blankets like that one in the chamber of horrors she hides from us, well, we’ll know from now on that she learned that trick from over here. HERE? Oh my furlickinglord!
    Don’t you worry, Sam and I will come back. We just won’t let mom see us typing.

  34. Boy, are you sure it’s safe in there? I’d be a little more hesitant, unless of course, that ‘cave’ is always out for you to crawl into…keep us posted!

  35. He looks just like my cat Spunky.
    Is he also a Maine Coon?

  36. I mean’t she, sorry Zoe

  37. Uh-oh! I think they’re trying to lull you into a false sense of security, Zoey! A trip to the vet wouldn’t be on the agenda would it?

    By the way, Wally’s on the LOLSpot.

  38. Is that a trap ? Zoe

  39. Uh Zoey, we finks yoo is safe fer now – there isn’t a door on it which is gud!

  40. That is not a good place Zoey. You may want to find another cave somewhere else.

  41. Cosy cave and it fits!

  42. Uh Oh, Ya Beeta Watch owt Zoey! our mom is makin Lolly Sleep in the “Comfy Cave” @ nightz for bein a Bad Girl ! She Trickz her wit soft Blankiez too ,,,,, Jus sayin……..

  43. Hi Kittehs!
    You are all lovely and thank you for visiting me today!

    Ms. Stella O’Houligan

  44. OH, Ernie! I just saw your note on my page! Oh my gracious, boy, how ever did you live through that? I’ve caught my mom actually moving the litter around just to “look” at what I have or have not done — what is that? Why would our moms do such things? I’ve got an idea: Tomorrow, I’m going to watch HER and then I’m going to tell the whole world what she did! That’ll teach her. Gosh, do you think she’ll be mad? Hope not…… I might have to just find a camera and do it on the sly. They say cats are sneaky anyway. Ha. Are not. But might as well play the game 😉

  45. Ernie, just letting you know by my signature that I’ve changed my name. It’s so “me” now, don’t you think?

  46. It’s a trick, Zoey! Run!

  47. Zoey, be careful! Those ‘Cat Caves,’ while fun at first glance, have an Evil dual purpose! You don’t want to know…just get out now while you can!


  48. Uh-oh….is someone going to the “V-E-T?”


  50. Yikes!! Yikey Yikes!!!

  51. Oh No! I hope this doesn’t mean a trip to the vet!! Better not stay there!

  52. Careful Zoey, this might be a trick. Looks ever so comfy though…

  53. RUN! ZOEY, RUN!

  54. might wanna slowly exit the cave and avoid it in the future…

  55. Are you going off on an adventure Zoey???

  56. Oh no Zoey, it is a trap! Run, Zoey, save yourself!!
    My boys sometimes take a nap in a very kennel which they use to go to the vet. I don’t understand why.

  57. Nope! The blanket does make it cozy, though!

    Have a great weekend!

    We’ve popped some shrimp into the freezer for your next visit!


  58. Zoey
    Looks like a good place to hide but you might nit want to stay there!


  59. You went in there willingly????? I would go anywhere but there!

  60. It does make a comfy cave, Zoey, but if someone starts to shut the door, run like heck!

  61. Run, run very fast… That thing scares me…. Whenever I see it, I know my parents are up to no good…. Alex

    Alex… i am sure it is Ok.. It is just a great place to hang… Hilary

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