Jan 122011

Okay!  Enough with the flashy box!
Now feed me!!
Can’t you see that I’m wasting away here??

  54 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Ahh you are so right!
    After posing, you deserve delicious treats!
    Cute you!

  2. Oh Wally, you do look extra thin. Norty Mom needs to feed you instead of taking photos. But you are such a handsome dude, we just need to see pictures of you. Hope all of you have a super day. Stay warm

  3. We hope you got extra food and treats for waiting so long!

  4. You do look rather thin there, Wally! Bring on the food!!

  5. Maybe you need to call a take-out service…beats waiting!!!

  6. MOL Wally,
    I thought you were about to do some cooking….tell your servant to move quicker or there will be demerits.
    Hugs Madi

  7. We thought you were going to start practicing your knife throwing act.

  8. Wally, you are such a handsome dude….when we saw you were in the kitchen, we were hoping you were gonna open some Salmon for all of us?????


  9. Oh my goodness, you look ready to drop from starvation. In a few months, we may even see a rib!

  10. does she know your proximity to the knives behind you?

  11. Oh no! We can almost see the slight inward curve of a waist! That’s NOT good!!!

  12. Wally has the same look on his face as Dante does in his post today! It’s like they’re asking “Why?”. “Why are you doing this to me?”

    All he wants to do is eat, for goodness sake!

  13. Be careful around that stove top! And for crying out loud, they need to give you some treats!

  14. Wally, we’re not sure how anyone could resist your “feed me” face. Meanwhile, our Mom is lusting after those Wustof Trident knives behind you.

  15. I am sure there are going to be extra treats for being so cute!!

  16. Wally, I can definitely see that you are wasting away while you wait to be fed and I hope your breakfast finally arrived! You look very cute on that counter!

  17. Wally, with all of those knives at your service, you’d think your mom would do exactly what you want. Quickly.

  18. We can see the pounds just melting off you!

  19. If only we could use those can openers!


  20. Eggsacly! (Great picshur!)

  21. Hope you got fed quickly Wally! We don’t want that Mancatly body of yours wasting away!

    PeeS: We just love your pink nose and dreamy eyes!

  22. I hope you got food before you died of hunger. Sometimes they make me wait that long!

  23. Don’t you just hate dat flashy thing. Think we should all rebel and start using it on our peeps – den watch den run and hide.

  24. The things we gotta do to get treats! Nice pose!

    Paws ‘n Claws,

  25. Skin and Bones! Wally, you need an entire roast chikkun, or three.

  26. My kids tell me the same thing! They ask me to stop with flashy box and serve dinner. Being cute is sometimes difficult, right?

  27. Oh no, Wally! You are starving so badly, I can hardly see you!

  28. Humans and thier cameras, sheesh!

  29. That’s a very good position for making your case, Wally. I hope you got something yummy.

  30. You’re practically a supermodel!

  31. She is better do what you say !

  32. That’s quite the exasperated look! My kitties share your sentiments…believe me.

  33. Purrfect “Now feed me!!” pose, Wally!

  34. Thanks for finding us. We hope you get some food Wally!

  35. Oh no Wally you are nothing but skin and bones! We hope that she fed you lots of tasty treats after that!!

  36. Oh Wally, that face you’re giving your mom is priceless! Surely she caved in to your demands! How could she not?

  37. Wally, with your sweet face, we are sure your mom is putty in your paws!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  38. The Human was over at Little Wally’s today and do you know what? Well, do you? Aggie & Wally’s Dad said Wally was F-A-T! I think that is a really mean thing to say! Little Wally is just…..husky.

  39. Wally, is you being deprived of Num-Nums? That’s simply unacceptable. I thinks you gots that chutzpah and will end up getting food VERY soon…

  40. Humans are so useless!! They need to get with the program!!

  41. Looks like Wally is gonna stay up there til he gets some noms!!!

  42. Hahahaha~~ Wally,
    I totally know your meaning!!!!
    Michico always does that to me as well.

  43. How can they expect yoo to pose on an EMPTY tummy?

  44. You’re mother is brave to taunt you with the camera when there’s a good set of German knives behind you!

  45. You looks so sweet. We are sure you got you food soon!

  46. That’s quite a face you have there, Wally. We hope you got some treats!

  47. Wally, you look like you are on the verge of collapsing from hunger.

  48. Now that is a sweet, innocent face. Look at that cute nose!!!

    Wanted to stop by and say thank you for caring about Sparkles.

  49. You should get double dinner for all your waiting!

  50. Not sure about ‘wasting away’ but after the posing you deserve double serve of dinner and treats.

  51. Well “wasting” seems exaggerated but how about a cuddle because you’re sooooo cute!

  52. Poor Wally ~
    We’z Hopez u don’t haf ta wait too much longer,,,,, maybez you get extraz for waiting longer???

  53. Yer lucky that you are allowed on the kitchen counters!

    BTW, The Big Thing admires yer Beins taste in knives. He has the same set and knows about them. Have you bought their “deli knife”? He says it is awesome.

  54. Oh how we so enjoyed you coming by to say hello to us! That makes brand new kitties feel very special indeed. Your page is absolutely the cat’s meow and Sam & I LOVE all 3 of you gorgeous fur-kids. Island living has to be heaven, all those things to do and see! Ahh, I see you survived the Cinco de Mayo parties BOTH years. I’d be lying on my back with my feet up in the air! I have to tell you, I saw Wally on the calendar and va-va-voommmm, he’s a real looker. Mom is laughing like a crazy person but we know who’s got the class, right?
    I hope you don’t mind if Sam & I follow you. There’s just so much good stuff over here that we don’t want to miss a thing!

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