Jan 112011

Hey, Zoey…thanks for letting me sit on the windowseat with you.

 Just don’t get too close to me, Ernie!!
I need my space!! 

Sheesh!!  Now I know why we call you The Divine Miss Z…
you’re such a diva!!

  38 Responses to “Two on Tuesday”

  1. Hee Hee… looks like there’s plenty of space for both of you. You do look cute in that picture.

    pawhugs, Max

  2. yep they are sure keeping their space! But one of them is smiling!! 🙂

  3. corect is the divine lady Z. is it clear?

  4. That look on Zoey’s face reminds us of Bella! She is so pretty but you can’t get near her. We think it’s best to admire her from afar, Ernie.

  5. You both are adorable!
    But Zoey, it’s good to coddle and snuggle together!Think about!

  6. But it’s so much warmer when ya snuggle, Zoey!!!!!!!!!

  7. Zoey, we are just glad to see that close to Ernie but Ernie is being very brave to even be on the same bench as you are. We know all about Diva women. We have one here whose name is Mewmew and she doesn’t snuggle with anyone. But Zoey, it is great to see you and letting Ernie into the room with you. Hope all of you have a super day. Stay warm.

  8. Great capshun! In our book- Zoey can be a diva all she wants.

  9. Why don’t you get a bit daring Zoey and move up next to Ernie – lthough you ought to make sure your mom’s sat down first!!

  10. Love that picture, it says it all. MOL Hugs GJ x

  11. Zoey, that window seat looks plenty big for both of you. You sure you don’t want to snuggle? We could all teleport over and form a kitty pile.

  12. i think that’s a little close…

  13. You are very, very kind Zoey!

  14. It looks roomy enough for two…or three or four. 😛

  15. he he – guess we know who is queen in your house. We’d have trouble, cuz I’m da king around here.

  16. Our Panda and Lily will not snuggle next to another cat! When mom went to bed last night, she found 7 of us on her bed! And 5 of us were all touching each other!

    Clarissa & Co.

  17. We think Zoey likes having Ernie get close!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  18. Diva? You say that like its a bad thing – LOL!

  19. I see a spot right there in the middle just about Madi size. I’ll be there soon.

  20. Hee hee! Ernie, you had better not get much closer. Zoey is not fooling around!

  21. Space is very important!

  22. Zoey’s face is adorable! Ernie..grrls sometimes have to rule.

  23. There is plenty of room for three cats!

  24. Do not intrude into the Radius of No Cats Zone!

  25. Can I join you both? You look so comfy. So nice to be inside napping while the snow and coldness is outside!

  26. Ladycats rules, I tell ya! You were lucky enough to be given the honour of sharing the windowseat with her majesty, Ernie! Be grateful for what you’ve got!

  27. LOL, Ernie – can you imagine living at MY place? We are all divas!

  28. Zoey, we think you enjoy having your brofur up there with you but we won’t tell anyone!

  29. Zoey you look very relaxed with a big smile on your face. Ernie looks a little less relaxed and is keeping an eye on you.

  30. ohhhh,,,, you ‘z have a purrrrfect view in dat windowz,,,,,
    we’z have 3 bigz garden windowz dat mom put in for uz ,,,, to tank her we let her keep some of her stuff dere as long az it doesn’t block our view. if she puts too much stuff dere we just remind her that we needz room and throw the excess stuff off ^~^
    Big windowz are really Great in da spring ^~^
    Tanx for stopping by~
    da Garden Cottage Cats

  31. Zoey, we just love your Diva smile and face! There’s even room for Wally.

  32. Zoey, it looks like you are concentrating real hard for Ernie to go away! 😀

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  33. A Ladycat needs her space, Ernie.

  34. We lurrrve catching sun beams together too!!!

  35. Nothing wrong with being a diva!

  36. You look very pleased with yourself, Zoey.

  37. can’t we all just be friends? D:

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