Easy E Sunday

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Jan 092011

 I got the best of both worlds today…
sitting next to the hot air blowin’ thingy AND in a sunbeam!!

Mom says I gonna burn up here…I think she’s kidding with me.
But y’know what??  I don’t care if I do burn up…
‘cuz right now, I feel good!!!

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  1. With your black furs, I bet you will get extra toasty warm!

  2. Mom’s worry too much. Mine is always interrupting my sun bake time too saying that I will get heat stoked. Huh? You just bake away and enjoy the day.


  3. as cold as it has been in Michigan lately I certainly don’t blame you one bit! But….be careful!

  4. That’s looks absolutely heavenly!

  5. It’s 10 degrees here, so that looks good to us, too!

  6. Ernie – you look very relaxed in your lovely sunbeam. We have had sunbeams yesterday and today – we can’t remember the last time before that – it seems like years ago! Make the most of it.

  7. You look so toasty warm, Ernie! Enjoy that sun puddle!

  8. It sure looks like it feels wonderful!!!

  9. You have the best spot in the house!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  10. That looks pawsome Ernie! You won’t burn up, you’ll just be nice and toasty warm.

  11. The “blowin’ thingys” are very popular at my house too! Enjoy the heat Ernie 🙂

  12. Since the boyz and I are shivering here in Minnesota, perhaps you can send some warm thoughts are way….

  13. That’s a heavenly spot you’ve found there!

  14. Right on, Ernie….it’s on the cold side here today…or cold for us anyway!!!! So we will be spending most of the day curled up together on mama’s bed.

    You are such a handsome dude, Ernie.

    Love to all of you from all of us.

  15. That looks like the purrfect spot to be all winter long Ernie! Don’t let Zoey or Wally find it!

  16. Ernie, you look so cute, all blissed out! We bet the heat and sun feel sooooo good! Enjoy!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  17. and you look so contented and happy.
    Here’s some ear licks from me to you.

  18. Hot Cat! Coming through…watch out…HOT CAT!!

  19. ♪ I Fell Into A Burning Ring Of Fire
    I Went Down, Down, Down
    And The Flames Went Higher

    And It Burns, Burns, Burns
    The Ring Of Fire
    The Ring Of Fire ♪

  20. I agree with you buddy. It’s cold here too – dat’s the only way to stay warm these days.

  21. Ernie, I would love to have a hot air blowin’ thingey. All ours are up high. You look so toasty warm, just the way we kitties like it.

  22. Wow, that IS a totally prime spot! Great score, Ernie!

  23. We don’t care what anyone else says, Ernie. To figure out how to get all the warmth you want, that makes you one cool cat!

  24. I am glad that you feel good! It’s important. Enjoy your sun and could you enjoy some for me too?

  25. Your mom is a girl , she might not know…
    This is the way to promote yourself to the girls
    ” I’m Ernie, I’m HOT ! ” : )

  26. That’s just awesome!!

  27. Double the warmth! That sounds good.

  28. I just love sunbeams!

  29. Ernie, we don’t think you’re going to burn up – we think you look like you’ve found the bestest spot in the house – the hot air blowy thing AND the sunbeam!! Oh we’re so jealous!!

    We hope you enjoyed that spot for a nice long time!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay 🙂

  30. Enjoy the warm spot and don’t worry about burning up!

  31. Our brother at the bridge, Zachary, used to seek out the floor vents and practically make them his winter home! His favorite hang out was right alone the kitchen cabinets – there was either a vent or a place where warm air came out along the baseboard there, even though we couldn’t see it. We hope you don’t catch fire! 🙂

  32. There’s really no such thing as TOO warm and cozy…is there? Sun puddles plus the warm-air-blowy-thing? Irresistible!

  33. Warm air blower AND a Sunpuddle?


  34. *sends you some warm air from “down under” just to top things off*

  35. I don’t have a warm air blowy thing. I might come over and share yours.

  36. And there is the added bonus of the boogie mat ~ heavenly!

  37. Mommy’s first baby cat, Max, used to sleep under the coal stove in the kitchen. Every panicked, but he loved it. Enjoy.

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