It’s Toesday!

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Jan 042011

These feets get a little heavy sometimes…
I think I need a toesie massage!!

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  1. Dear Ernie,
    You are charming and I love your pose there!Adorable moment!

  2. ERNIE! WHAT an ARM! WHOA NELLY! You are strong!!! And those mommy has a fixation with mine..she is always annoying me. She’ll massage your toesies any day of the week and you have to watch her! She’ll give them kissies!!

  3. I would massage those toesies ANY DAY!! I would kiss those toesies too! Have a terrific Tuesday!

  4. With all those adorable extra toes, we can see why!

    Sweet Pea has extra toes and she always stomps around…we wonder if Ernie walks the same way?

  5. Ernie you have lovely footies!! I like to have my footies massage for a little bit if I’m in a mellow madi mood. MOL Madi

  6. Oh Ernie, we love your toesies. They are extra special just because you are lucky enough to have extra toes. Great picture of you extending your leg Ernie. Hope you and Wally and Zoey all have a fun day.

  7. Mom would love to massage your toes for you Ernie…she loves those mitten paw kitties!

  8. very very tempting.

  9. We love your toesies Ernie – and mum says she would like to give your paws a massage.

  10. good lookin’ toes, Ernie!

  11. Oh Ernie…you gotta stop doing that! Your toesies make my mom swoon!!!!

  12. Pawsome paws!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  13. Our mom will massage your toes and give them kisses too!

  14. Ernie we’ll happily come over and rub those tired feet 🙂

  15. Our Mom would love to massage your ALL toes.

  16. You look very comfy! And should you have questions about the websites, we are happy to answer them for our cat friends (and hopefully get some input about the type of stuff that people want to know about the internet). Feel free to use any email you have for us (or the Chey contact form to start!)

  17. Mom and I love your toesies, Ernie: all the extra ones too!

  18. We just love all your toesies Ernie! We’d massage them for you!

  19. Mommy is joining the queue for the toe massage!

  20. *delicately sniffs your toes*

  21. Ernie, you did that on purpose – you wanted all the humans to start drooling over you! And I gather you were quite successful!

  22. We will rubs your toes Ernie!

  23. Oh my gosh, look at you all sprawled out on that couch…you look like you need a toesie rub 🙂

  24. Thank you so much fow coming to mieaux on my bloggie.
    I will be happy to come massage those bootiful footies of youws
    smoochie kisses

  25. Now thats what I call gorgeous toesies.. Hugs GJ x

  26. I LOVE toesie massage!!

  27. Yes, that certainly is some mitt you’ve got there, Ernie! We have a handheld massage machine here, and Domino and Dylan just love it. PURRhaps your Mom can get one for your paws. It sure feels good.

  28. Dat paw is just begging for a tootsie rub. I hopes you got one pal.

  29. Those are pretty fancy toes ya got there! Yep, a massage might just do it!!!

  30. Our mum gives good toesies massage. We would send her over, but it looks like there is a queue.

  31. 😀 Ernie, we love your kitty-mitts! Come on over, our mom will give you a paw massage (that way she’ll leave ours alone!)

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  32. Oh Ernie, I keep forgetting that you are a poly! Your toes are simply too cute for words!!!

  33. Ernie, those toesies of yours always win the prize on Toesies Tuesday!

  34. And such sweet toesies they are! Every single one of them! :0)
    xo Catherine

  35. Ernie, you keep hangin’ there and somemom is bound to come by and help you to that massage!

  36. Well, Ernie, I don’t think I can do much for ya, but the Human is practically drooling looking at those adorable toesies. Better hide ’em quick!

  37. Shadow know bout dat too! Do yoo has 2 extra toes or more? Shadow has a total of 8 extra toes!

  38. We offer an hour with The Big Thing. He gives GREAT toesie massages. You will fall asleep unnner his talented ministratration. Bring one live mousie… Or “best offer”.

  39. SS volunteers her service. She is good at it – I can vouch for her kitty foot message skill.

  40. I don’t let anyone touch my toes. Ever.

  41. Those toes are begging to be massaged……..

  42. Ernie,

    Did you celebrate a little too much on New Year’s? You look like you might be a little “hung over”! there.

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