Dec 252010

From our home to yours… 

Meowy Christmas


The Island Cats!!

  38 Responses to “Meowy Christmas!”

  1. Merry Christmas, Friends!

  2. Merry Christmas to you! Are you masquerading as a Christmas present?

  3. Mewrry Crissymouse Day to you an yer Beins!

  4. Meowy Catmas to you too!! Have a great day!

  5. Merry Christmas Ernie, Wally, Zoey and to your Mommy and Dad too=^Y^=

  6. Have a great Christmas day! Who gets the treetop angel?

  7. That’s a great tree. Merry Christmas!

    Karen Jo and Herman

  8. Meowy Christmas to you too! We hope Sandy Claws is good to you.

  9. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas.
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. Wow, beautiful TALL tree.
    A very Merry Christmas to all.
    Love & Purrs,
    Missy Blue Eyes
    Faith Boomerang
    Brutus Jr.
    Mom ML

  11. A very Merry Christmas to all of you too. Wow that tree is tall. No wonder Ernie is climbing up it two or three times a day. Have a wonderful day.

  12. Merry Christmas to you too! That’ s a nice present under your tree!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  13. No day would be complete without us wishing you (in your words) a “Meowy Christmas”, too.

    “The Boys” and Karen

  14. So beautiful! Merry Christmas, friends! 🙂

  15. Meowy Christmas back to you. Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  16. Every one should be so lucky to find such a great gift underneath the Xmas tree… Merry Xmas.

  17. Yay! A Christmas tree full of cat toy ornaments! (at first glance, it did look like a cat tree, hehehe!) Have a wonderful holiday, my friends!


  18. Hey Wally……… Did you Kitty Claws get your Dad a NEW guitar????

  19. your tree is GORGEOUS!!!

    We hope you are having a wonderful Christmas here in snowy Michigan!

    Love, Caren and Cody

  20. Meows and purrs ~ Christmas music!
    A cat ‘neath the tree ~ Christmas purrfect!
    Merry Merry to all of you.
    XXOO The Zoolatry Girls

  21. Merry Christmas!!

    Love your tree (Mama would like to take home that orange fuzzy package underneath it)!

  22. Merry Christmas to all of you! Wally, you are the cutest present ever! Is it possible that Ernie isn’t in the photo because he’s climbing up inside the tree? 🙂

  23. We see you Wally! Ready for Santa?
    Merry Christmas from your Pals at the Katnip Lounge!

  24. Happy Christmas to you too!

  25. Merry Christmas from our house to yours. What a wonderful tree you have!

  26. What a stunning tree!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Oscar and The Pet Book Lady (aka Lisa Taron)

  27. Wow, gorgeous tree! Now, I thinks I may have been jipped a little with my tree…hmm? and of course Wally is the purr-fect addition to it! Meowy Christmas to you all as well and Wally, “Clooney Claus” FINALLY made it to your house…did you receives the Num-Nums? By the way, you scored big with your Secret Paws gifts…holy moly, good for you folks! Happy Holidays to your whole family!

  28. Merry Krissmouse! We really like da purresent unner it…

  29. What a pretty tree! Merry Christmas!

  30. Merry Chrissymas to you all!! We love your tree and the very handsome kitty present under it.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  31. I wish to all of you a Happy Christmas!

  32. Meow! Look at that Tree! Lots of baubles!

    Merry Christmas!

  33. Merry Christmas!! (What was in that brown box?)


  34. Hello everyone, I hope your Christmas was purrfect!!!

  35. Happy holidays my friends 🙂

  36. Merry Christmas to all of you. We hope Sandy Claws brought you everything you hoped for.

  37. Merry Christmas!!!

  38. Merry Christmas everyone!

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