Dec 212010

We’ve got lots of kitty ornaments on our Christmas tree.
We thought we’d show you some of them…


 These are a couple of angel kitties.
The one on the right has dangly legs!


 Here’s a kitty sticking his head through a wreath…
do you think he got stuck there??
And one hanging onto a fishie…don’t let go!!


This funky snowman is holding a kitty.
And this other kitty has a star as an eye
and rings like a bell!


Check out this kitty hanging by a string of lights!
We think the little girl kitty in the basket is quite impressed!
And this other one is a giant kitty head!!


Of course, we each have our own ornament!

And one for the kitties that came before us!

 We won’t whap any of the kitty ornaments…
that just wouldn’t be right.
But everything else on the tree is free game!!

Hope you enjoyed our Ornament Show and Tell!!

  55 Responses to “Ornament Show and Tell”

  1. We love your ornaments! We have a Christmas tree this year that has very few ornaments, just because we haven’t had a tree in a long time! (our former apartment was too small)

  2. Those are pawsome ornaments. Most of the ornaments on our main tree are cats, but none are the same as yours! It’s cool that you each have your own.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  3. Those ornaments are just great. Our Mom wants to know where you got them all. Someone must have made them. We love them. Thanks for showing us. Take care.

  4. I like those special ornaments much better than the old glittery balls. I bet each one has a memory with it.


  5. The most beautiful ornaments we have ever seen!

  6. OH MY GOODNESS they are absolutely beautiful….I don’ think I’ve ever seen so many varieties of Kitty ornaments.

    Very special and thank you for sharing,
    Madi and Mom

  7. OMC! We love all of your kitty ornaments! Mom is so sad she can’t display our kitty ornaments anymore since we gave our tree away because of Laila being so terrified of it. We had kitty only ornaments on it with a kitty angel tree topper. Thank you for sharing those pictures!

  8. Oh, mommy was the first to say how much she loved the ornaments! ALL of them. I do too. I could bat them all day long. Mommy just got started with her collection. She only has three so far.

  9. Beautiful ornaments! Thanks for sharing!

  10. your ornaments are sooo charming! I think your tree is all cozy and fun! I love it! My fave is the round kitty one!
    Have a great day!

  11. You have some great kitty decorations for your tree – they were all pawsome. Mum says she’s never seen so many different kitty ones.

  12. Those are pawsome ornaments! We don’t have near enough kitty ornaments on our tree. Can you keep a secret? ::whispers:: ::shhh::: Grete woofie is getting her own woofie ornament this year!

  13. Great ornaments… I love them all.

    pawhugs, Max

  14. Those are all such cute and pawsome ornaments!

  15. We love the kitties on your tree – they are very cute and we love them – we would like our mum to find us some Hannah and Lucy ones.

  16. How wonderful that you have such special kitty ornaments! They are such great reminders of kitties past and present, and something that you will have for years to come. They also make your tree a one-of-a-kind.

    Just lovely!

  17. (Has Wally recovered yet?) I feel inspired by your ornaments!

  18. looks like a vast array of excellent swatting toys.

  19. Those are wonderful ornaments! The mom especially likes that angel kitty with the dangling legs. Thank you for showing them all to us!

  20. Wow! You have some great kitty ornaments. We like the cat with the fish the best!

  21. Those are great kitty ornaments. We like the one in memory of those kitties who went before….

  22. What cute ornaments! Say, that kitty hanging off the light gives us ideas…

    Mom got two new kitty ornaments this year for our tree, but other than that, it’s all dog, dog, dog!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  23. Aww – and they are all so very cute too.

  24. We love your ornaments! Mom said she would like to start a collection of Christmas Cat tree ornaments ~ yoo have inspired her!

  25. These ornaments are so sweet, impossible to choose my favorite, I love them all!
    purrs and lots of love to my island friends there!
    take care!

  26. Those are cute ornaments!

  27. What wonderful kitty ornaments!!

  28. Those are beeeeyoutiful ornaments!

    Luf, Us

  29. Those are just really super! Especially the angel ones.

  30. Thank you for showing us your kitty ornaments. They are all so cute ! Surely the tree looks beautiful .
    We have only one kitty ornament but we are sure our humans will buy some more soon !!!

  31. Oh, all of the kitty ornaments are special…those are my favorite on our tree as well. I have a favorite of Santa holding a grey tabby kitty and the kitty sniffing his beard; so sweet!
    Thanks for sharing such special treasures…

  32. Those are pawsome! We just had to stop by and say THANK YOU!!! Our mom opened out Secret Paws box for us, and wow, you kitties have some great taste! Every single gift was a huge hit!! We posted up on the Secret Paws web site, and our mom will probably make one for our blog in a day or two. We gotta run – toys are calling our names!!!

    Your friends, Fuzzy and Zoe

  33. What totally pawsome ornaments!!!!!!!!!!! We love them!!!!!!!


  34. Your ornaments are super! We like the fat Cat one the BEST!

  35. Beautiful ornaments of the best shapes and subjects. We cannot decide which one we love the best…

    In case you were unaware, we have moved our blog from blogspot to our own new webspace @ and are currently in the process of updating our friends-list (of course you’re on it!).

    Now, Tabby Normal is for all friends of tabby-cats in the International Tabby Community! Stop by and say hello, and join our facebook group, too, @

    Happy Holidays!
    Abby Normal and Ms. C

  36. Those are cool kitty ornaments – I like the ones with your names on them the best! I just got your Christmas card – you all look great in it!

  37. Of course you guys wouldn’t play with the cat ornaments! All the none kitty ones are the best to bash anyway!

  38. We lubs your kitty ornaments!

  39. Your ornaments are all so pretty! We love all the kitties! You have a very special tree!

  40. Wonderful tour of your fabulous kitty ornaments! We have some of the same personalised ones!

    The Chans

  41. Wow, we love your kitty ornaments they are so much fun!!! I think it is very proper of you kitties to leave them alone…Santa does too 🙂

  42. You can never have too much of a good thing!

    We wish you guys and your family a happy holiday.

  43. Sweet kitty ornaments! Such good babies to not swat them!

  44. Lots and lots of beautiful ornaments! Yep, we don’t whap the cat ones either!!!

  45. I wouldn’t wap the kitty ones either. But since we don’t have any kitty ornaments, my WHOLE tree is fair game! Mwahahaha 🙂

  46. thanks fur sharin’ yer ormanets wif us! they are furry nifty, an’ fink you are super-pawsome not to whap ’em. we don’t get to see none this year at our house acause mom figgers igmu would haff ‘way too much fun wif ’em. she finks he’ll settle down by next year. uh-huh;-)

  47. Thank you for the great tour of your kitty ornaments! It makes me think: My Human has one or two random kitty ornaments, but non specially just for **me**! I protest! She needs to go shopping!

  48. Oh. Wow. Lovely ornaments…

  49. So lovely decoration~!
    Good Taste~

  50. Wow, what great kitty ornaments you have AND your very own ones too! You are very good to leave the kitty ornaments alone.

  51. Those are the bestest kinds of ornaments! You are lucky to haves some that have your names on them! Cool!!!

  52. Very purrty! Our tree (which isn’t up this year because the Swamp does not have any room for it) has kitty and dog ornaments… because Momma always had dogs before us. So we can whap those dog ornaments, right?

  53. What lovely ornaments. We have some kitties up high on our tree. Mum has tried to hide them from our view in the hope we wont whap them!

  54. Haha, these cat ornaments are amazing. Where can we find them? Merry Christmas!

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