Dec 202010

Geez, Wally…
Not in front of the Christmas tree…okay?

This is one picture we won’t be using for our Christmas card!!

  54 Responses to “Not In Front of the Tree!”

  1. Ha ha!! We are thinking that if Wally didn’t have his ‘operation’ there might be a very funny joke about Christmas decorations!!

  2. Wally, you ARE a little card!

  3. MOL, Wally, you norty kitty, you are showing all your parts. That is one funny picture. Our Mom loves that and is still chuckling. You boys be sure to be good all week so Santa can come see you. Take care.

  4. Oh my! Blush, blush!

  5. Wally, that’s brilliant! By letting Santa know it’s ok to let it all hang out…maybe he’ll let his bag of toys all hang out…at your house! It just might work.

  6. Wally, you are a total HOOT!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Hahahaha! The mom thinks this is hilarious. MOL @ The Monkeys’ comment!

  8. Chillin’ under the Christmas tree!
    Happy Monday, Wally!
    ~ Malachi

  9. We don’t see why not ~ it’d be hilarious! MOL!

  10. Hahahaha! Nice work, Wally.

    P.S. Ernie, try as we might we couldn’t see you in any of the pictures from yesterday. Are you sure you really climbed it?

  11. Ha! We think Wally flashing would be a perfect Christmas card! What a manly mancat!

  12. you certainly aren’t bashful wally…

  13. Looks like Wally got run over by the reindeers!

  14. bwahahahahaha! Dude, you totally ROCK!

  15. Great job Wally! Are you passed out from waiting…just a few more days!

  16. LOL!!! What a fantastic picture, Wally sure is relaxed!!!

  17. Too much of the Christmas nip Wally? MOL!

  18. Who’s a cheeky mancat Wally?

  19. Oh! The Full Monty, Christmas style!

  20. At least Wally is comfortable!

    Luf, Us

  21. Wally wally wally….are you just plain tuckered out from shopping?
    Hugs Madi

  22. Love that tummy…

  23. Why not use it! It is a cute picture of Kitties doing what Kitties do!

  24. he he- we always like the “belly up” pictures. Good stritching tummy there friend.

  25. Mommy thinks that is the purrfect Christmas card!!! MOL

  26. I would LOVE that as a Catmas card!

  27. What’s wrong wif haffing dat as a Krissymouse card? We’z all seen dat stuff afore and worser. Mom sez dat Sandy Claws is purrty lenient wif kitties as he knows dat cats are gonna be cats.

  28. I think you should ABSOLUTELY USE THIS!!!! LMAO! I love it!

  29. That is a brilliant photo, christmas is so tiring!! I think I might post a few pics of our tree tomorrow (don’t worry mummy picked it up off the floor for us!!) purrss

  30. Too much egg nog, Wally?
    You could always photoshop in a sprig of mistletoe!
    What’s that Mommy?
    Well, maybe some other greenery might be better…

  31. Wally we think that you look cute there in front of the tree! And what better place for napping then right by the tree – that way if gifts are left there you get to see them right away!!

  32. Mol! Wally, you are a character! We’d love that as a card too! 😀

    Pip, Smidgen,Minnie, and Hollie

  33. You sure know how to relax and “let it all hang out” – we’re MOL @ Katnip Lounge 🙂

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  34. Wally, Wally,

    You trying to straighten out your back or something? That’s some stretch you got going on there.

    We got a really good chuckle.

    “The Boys” and Karen

  35. Wally? Wally?! Wally?!! tickle . . . tickle . . .

  36. That is an awesome holiday photo! Very festive.


  37. Yes, you don’t notice the tree so much. Wally sure takes center stage in this one! He definitely isn’t worred about oFURexposure, is he?

  38. Oh, no, that is a classic. The Beins should use that one fer YEARS!

  39. Oh Wally! Have you learned nothing about privacy tail??? MOL! The Human and I think this would be a PURRfect Christmas card–ha ha ha!

  40. Wally, you made us laugh a lot! We think that would be a very funny Christmas card too!

  41. That is a hilarious picture! Mom and I loved it! We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  42. We don’t see anything wrong with that photo at all – everycat knows that tummy shots only enhance the photos! We wanted to tell you that our mom said we can open our present tomorrow after she gets through running a couple of errands and vacuums the carpet so our own photos don’t look really nasty!!! We’ll post up on the Secret Paws website first, then we’ll probably duplicate the post on our blog so we’ll always have it in case that blog poofs. We’ll drop you a line when it’s up!

  43. In England we’d say, “oh he’s showing off his bits”

    And BTW — I think that would make a fab christmas card!

  44. You’re waiting to be showered in gifts!!

  45. Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  46. Hahahaha! We thinks that’s an pawsome picture for a Christmas Card!

  47. Wally you are too funny!

  48. Wally! My mommy is just wanting to snorgle that belleh! I am all weak and fainty looking at all of your orange goodness.

  49. My mommy just read Katnip Lounge’s comment and she is almost in tears laughing., WHAT is her PROBLEM with reading stiff?


  51. Wow! Manly orange cats abound! We see that here all the time, too!

  52. Haha Wally, you’re shameless!

  53. so, wally . . . ya doin’ an x-rated calendar next year? ;-D)))

  54. you are adorable!!

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