Dec 172010

Y’know…Christmas better hurry up and get here!
I don’t know how much longer I can be good!!

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  1. Zoey, I’m so with you! πŸ™‚
    I loved your pose , you have such a sweet eyes!
    purrs and a great weekend

  2. Zoey, you have the same cute expression on your face that our Mommy’s brother had on when he tried to be good!! So cute!

    Please thank your Mom for letting us know some good foods to try out for Samson. Our vet had suggested just that – a different protein and a different carbohydrate (duck and pea, for example).

  3. you look like you are pretty darned GOOD at being GOOD to me!

  4. You do look like you have some wicked thoughts brewing!

  5. Zoey you have lovely green eyes…do you wear tinted contacts?
    MOL Madi

  6. Zoey, we love the way to tuck your legs in tightly to keep warm.

  7. it’ll be here soon for those of us who haven’t started our shopping…

  8. We hear ya Zoey! Have a great weekend. xoxo

  9. Well, if you LOOK innocent that’s just as good, right? πŸ˜‰

  10. Zoey, we think being good comes pretty easy to you. That’s what we’re telling Santa anyway, that ALL the CB kitties are good so don’t bother checking on the details!!!! ha!

  11. You look very sweet Zoey – just hang in there – not much longer now!

  12. I’ve heard that you’re doing a good job being good so far, Zoey… Hang in there. You can make it.

    pawhugs, Max

  13. I’m struggling too, Zoey. We can do it! Or if not, just try and hide the evidence…

  14. We know, Zoey, we’re having a hard time too! We kinda got at the tree and the presents the other night, so the mom had to take the presents away till Christmas Eve.


    We hope you do better than us at being good!

  15. It is so hard to be good that long!

  16. It’s a strain isn’t it?

  17. Zoey it is terribly difficult being good for so many days. I think we should have a free day just to get the naughtiness out of our systems!

  18. Yea, our Mom knows how you feel – by now it is just too much!

  19. Zoey, I have been good every day but I am still naughty at night when I wake my mom from 5 am onward.

  20. Being Good is too hard. We’re aiming for *slightly* less naughty and hoping for the best!

  21. Zoey – don’t say that we all know that Lady Cats like us are always good and kind and loving and fibbers!!

  22. Zoey, it’s not much longer! I’m not sure if we hafta be good until Christmas Day or just until Christmas Eve, though…. I mean, once the big dude has the sleigh packed, he’s not going to check his list again, right?????

  23. Oh, Zoey, looking at this picture it’s hard to believe you’re never not good. Before I got older, I used to do naughty things. Now I’m too lazy to be bad.

    Hang in there! You don’t have long now!

  24. Zoey, I will tell you a secret – we have not been good, but we are getting presents anyway!

  25. Thats a lovely picture and I am sure you will egt lots of presents looking like that.. HUgs GJ x

  26. Miss Zoey, I suspect you’ll get gifts no matter what… and I also suspect you’ll be getting a smoochie from ME if you wander under the mistletoe…

  27. One. More. Week…

    Hang in there, Zoey, Friday’s comin!

  28. I can’t take it anymore either! Yesterday I broke down and played and nomed on one of the human bean’s shoe laces. I hope Santa didn’t notice.

  29. Zoey, when you are as beautiful as you are Santa will cut you some slack on being good!

  30. Zoey it is very hard for me too! I keep snooping around but mom always catches me trying to find my presents.

  31. Zoey
    You won’t have to wait long for the man in the red suit!


  32. You’re not alone Zoey, seems a lot of CB kitties are practically bursting at the seams with the effort – LOL!

  33. Hee hee! Hang in there Zoey! We feel your pain too πŸ™‚

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  34. We know how you feel. It is so hard isn’t it.

  35. Yes, it is difficult, but I know you can do it Zoey!

  36. Oh Zoey! I am sure Santa will make allowances for the next few days – all the excitement can get to some kitties!

  37. Never mind, I am sure your presents and treats are waiting for you. A few accidents won’t make any difference.

  38. Me either, Zoey. Me either.

  39. Zoey we’s never believe dat yoo wud be bad – did yoo try to bribe Santa Claws?

  40. Word from the reindeers on the street is that Santa thinks you’ve been very good this year! Hang in there . . . Just a few more days to go. πŸ™‚

  41. You’re doing a good impersonation at the moment. Just hang in there!

  42. Ahh…Zoey you’ll be good no matter what! Santa knows when a kitty is naughty or nice—and even if you’re naughty (which I doubt you are) the nice shows right back up!!


  43. Zoey, You are ALWAYS good! No matter what a kitteh does, it is ALWAYS the right thing. That’s the rule and Santa has to obey it.

  44. It’s so hard…

  45. What a handsome looking cat.

  46. You are being VERY good!!!

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