Torbie Tuesday

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Dec 282010

Hi everybuddy!  Zoey here!  A couple of weeks ago, Pet Blogs United held its Holiday Happenings and had a week’s worth of giveaways!  One of the giveaways was for 2 cat collars from Sweet Pickles Design.  And we won!!  We got to choose 2 collars from the many cool Sweet Pickle Design collars.  It was hard to pick just 2 but we finally decided on…

 The Unexpected!

We liked the different colored polka dots!


The Pink Flirt!

Now I don’t think of myself as much of a flirt…but I like the pink poofs on this one!!  So I get to wear it!!  It’s kinda hard to see it with my long luxurious furs, but it looks pretty snazzy, don’tcha think??

It’s got a bell on it…which drives me a little crazy…but the lady with the yellow hair says I need to wear a bell so the other cats know when I’m around.  No sneak attacks for me!!

Thanks, Pet Blogs United for having the fun giveaways and Sweet Pickles Design for the cool collars!!

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  1. Oh Zoey, that is such a pretty collar. We love the pink. It looks so good with your gorgeous furs. We cannot believe that lady with the yellow hair is making you wear a bell. How the heck are you going to sneak up on that Wally and Ernie. You and Mewmew must be cousins. She loves to chase everyone too. Glad you won the collar. Have a really fun day.

  2. What a beautiful collar you won Zoey – it’s pink poofs are such pretty shade for you to wear – it makes you look extrafloofilicious.

  3. Oh, I love those collars!!! Congrats on the win — you look gorgeous in it 🙂

  4. We think the pink collar is very pretty on you, Zoey! We think we should get a bell for Delilah – she’s always sneaking up on us!

  5. We love those collars and they look good on you too.

  6. You look gorgeous in that pink collar! Congratulations

  7. Zoey honey you would look gorgeous wearing a rag….oh my what a beautiful face…great pose.
    Hugs madi

  8. Great looking collar. A bell huh? I may have to try that on Theo.

  9. That’s very fancy Zoey, you make it look great!

  10. You look STUNNING in your collar!!!

    Pet Blogs United is great! A wonderful place for all the pet parent bloggers to be showcased!

  11. Very nice collars! Concats on winning :). Zoey, you look very pretty in pink.

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  12. Oh wow, that is such a beautiful collar Zoey. When mom buys us collars, if they have a bell on them she cuts them off. We’ll have to check out their collars since we’re due for some new ones.

  13. We like the pink poofs but disapprove of the bell – where is the fun in that???

  14. That is a lovely collar Zoey!

  15. Zoey we love your new spiffy collar. Mommy is having ideas about belling Maui…let us know how it works!

  16. Those are very pretty collars and we really love the pink one Zoey! We don’t wear collars but the neighbor cat has a bell on hers so the birds hear her coming and also so Sadie knows where to chase her off from.

  17. No sneak attacks?? RATS! But that collar is very lovely on you, Miss Zoey!

  18. I think you chose the right one, Zoey..Pink Flirt suits you : )

  19. That pink collar is lovely. Ruby xxxxx

  20. Hi Zoey! Those are cool collars! And we think the pink poofs are great because they stick up a bit, so we can see them really well through your furs! It looks great on you!

  21. Wow – those are great collars – very fashionable.

  22. Those are lovely collars and you look pretty in the pink one.

  23. Oh, Zoey, the Pink Flirt is so you!

  24. Now really, Zoey, if you are stealthy and sneaky and talented enough to sneak up on the others, I think you should not be penalized for your efforts!

    That said, your pink puffs look very nice and flirty.

  25. That IS a very pretty collar! And the bell thing… I bet you can figure out how to be stealthy enough so that it doesn’t sound a warning.

  26. You look extra flirty!

  27. If I wore collars, I’d like the pink flirt one, too!

  28. Oooo… are you flirting with ME? *fluffing up ruff*

  29. They are lovely! Are yoo sure yoo aren’t a flirt?

  30. You look fabulous, Zoey. What great choices 🙂

  31. Oh Zoey, excellent choice of “The Pink Flirt” theese is the one Neytiri wanted if she would have won. You look excellent in theese one!

  32. congrats, the new collars look nice. 🙂 i need to get a new one for Fae…

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