Jan 212008

Why are cats so facsinated with sinks?  They will lay in them, play in them and, generally, just won’t leave sinks alone.

The Island Cats are no exception.  Wally and Ernie will sit and stare at a drain for hours.


What do they think?  That there’s some predator down there and they want to make sure it doesn’t come up and attack??   Or that they want to be ready to pounce in case the predator does come up??  Or do they think that maybe it might be fun to go down that little hole???  Sort of like “Alice in Wonderland.”  And if there is water going down the drain, that just makes them more curious.  Especially if there are soap bubbles.  Ernie is facsinated with bubbles and will try to play with them.  He doesn’t understand why the bubbles never last for long.

And when Wally and Ernie aren’t staring at the sink, they are laying or sitting in it.




But, like I said, the Island Cats are not alone in their affinity to sinks.  Did you know there is a website dedicated to nothing else but photos of cats in sinks????  Check it out at www.catsinsinks.com.  You might even see an Island Cat or two!  🙂

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