Dec 142010

Three Under the Tree!

This tree is seriously lacking something!!
I know…presents under it!!!

Maybe if I close my eyes…
when I open them,
some presents will magically appear!!

Well, I think under this tree makes a good hiding spot!
You can’t see me!!

  42 Responses to “Three Under the Tree”

  1. We don’t have any presents under the tree yet either! Even our tree skirt is gone (Bella did some awful things to it…). Lets hope we all get lots of presents and soon!!

  2. We don’t have any presents either….Santa better get here soon!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  3. Lovely under that tree. Presents will be here soon.

  4. MOL Ernie, Wally and Zoey….our presents are your presence!!!
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  5. Gosh you all look so good under that tree. We thought you were the presents. We do have some presents under our tree just because Mom’s really good friends came to see her this past week end and they know that we are the most important kitties ever. So Santa will come soon to ya.

  6. Kittehs for Christmas. I am going to see if we have one under our tree. Nommy.


  7. We’re certain that you won’t be sitting round the tree on Christmas Day without lots of goodies to open.

  8. We don’t have wrapped packages under the tree yet, but there is a box that says Wally, Zoey and Ernie on it that mom won’t let us open before Christmas. So not fair!!! I tried to tell her it’s Paw it Forward, not Secret Paws, but she’s not listening to my meows. It’s parked under the tree for now with Nigel guarding it 24/7!

  9. I think the 3 best presents in the world are already under the tree in the form of 3 beautiful kitties!!

  10. There are no pressies under our tree either, but we like that cuz we can lay under it more comfortably!!!!!!!! We love this time of year just for the fact there is a tree in our living room!!!!!!!


  11. don’t tell your mom but you want to know even a better hiding place? at the very top of the tree.

  12. I keep waiting for Santa to visit here too, but so far nothing. I hope he hasn’t forgotten us.

  13. Don’t know what you are talking about…no presents under the tree? I see THREE presents!!!

    THREE BEAUTIFUL KITTIES that were gifts from God! you are the BEST presents!


  14. We think you’re the very best presents ever! Besides, Santa doesn’t come till Christmas Eve. 😛

  15. Well there are the three best presents of all already under the tree…that is you kitties !!!!

  16. Kitties make the best presents!

  17. Under the tree is one of the best places to be! We don’t have presents out yet either.

  18. With you all beneath the tree, there are not enough space for presents!

  19. You know what I think? I think you three are the best PURResents of all! You’re the kind that keep on giving 365 days a year.

  20. What a beautiful tree skirt!

  21. Maybe there aren’t any presents under the tree yet, but there’s certainly no lack of kitties!

  22. Yoo hafta wait ’til Santa brings ’em ~ that’s wot mom said ennyway. An’ yoo hafta be good on the lead up, too. That’s the hard bit.

  23. Aww, you are all so cute sitting under there. Don’t worry, it won’t be long until the presents appear.

  24. Mom just got all the presents wrapped and under our litte tree.
    We think you guys look adorable under yours.


  25. I see three beautiful darlings under the tree.

    Kitties, I’m sorry. My secretary said that. *I* say keep waiting patiently..your presents will be there soon.

  26. oH NO! You haven’t been NAUGHTY, have you?


    Zoe, I’ve been in the house for three years since I was 3 months old, and no human EVAR touches me. Except when they sneak up on me. Man, I hate it whan that happens. ~~ Scouty

  27. You all look lovely under that tree. I am sure there will be presents soon.. Hugs GJ x

  28. Our tree isn’t up yet, but there won’t be any presents under it because Nott Me sneaks indoors and rips them open.

  29. You mean you three aren’t the presents?

    I have no doubt you’re gonna get lots of good stuff!

    Wally, Mama’s following you on FB. She figured you didn’t know that was her (Victoria Noble). We just didn’t want you to think a weird lady was stalking you. Actually, maybe she is stalking you. I think she’s a little in love with you.

  30. WE think you are the best presents!

  31. Sorry gang, I hate to tell you, but YOU are the real gifts!

  32. The three of you are the bestest presents ever!

  33. Hang in there, you three! At least your spot under the tree looks very comfy as you wait for presents 🙂

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  34. You are all so great unner the tree. We wanna tree, The BIG THINGGGGGGGGG!

  35. Hey–You ARE the presents!

    But wait–where are the presents FOR you? Uh-oh. This looks like an emergency to me1

  36. You couldn’t ask for better presents under the tree.


  37. you all look great under the tree! Best presents ever!

  38. All I can say is that you three make that TREE look good…And don’t worry about the pressies, makes your lists and “Clooney Claus” will visit ya…

  39. You guys look so good under your tree, how can Santa NOT leave you presents! Rumor has it we’re decorating our tree tomorrow. Mama’s running a little behind with stuff.

  40. We have gifts under the tree and man oh day have we been invistigating!

  41. Purrfect Christmas card photos or would be lovely for December on a calendar, too! Sweet as Sugar Plums!

    Thanks everso for your visits and sweet comments on our bloggie, too!

  42. If we had a beeyoutiful skirt under our tree, someone would puke on it. Just sayin’…

    Luf, Us

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