Dec 132010

Wow!  Look at all that snow, Ernie!! 

Yeah, Wally.  I’m glad I’m looking at it and not in it!!
Hey…did our Secret Paws package get mailed yet?? 

Mom said she’s mailing it today. 

Well, that’s good.  We want it there by Christmas…
and with all this snow…who knows how long it will take?? 

I’m sure the man in blue shorts will get it there on time, Ernie!! 

Well, he better not wear his shorts in this snow…
or else he’ll freeze before he can deliver our package!!

  34 Responses to “Mancats – Snow!!”

  1. Our Mommy has friends in your area and she heard about how much snow you guys were supposed to get! You boys are better off inside for sure!

  2. Wow, it looks like a winter wonderland where you live!

  3. I think you’re gonna have a White Christmas, boys! I hope Sandy Claws can find you house in all that snow!

  4. We’re glad we have not gotten snow yet. Stay warm.

  5. That snow looks pretty but you are much better being indoors in the warm. Our man in blue shorts is still wearing them even when the temperature went down to -10C. Mum said he is a poser showing off his fake tan!

  6. Wowee! Lookit all that snow! It sure looks pretty.

  7. Sigh……
    Mom and I wish we were there sitting on your window seat with you watching the snow…..
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  8. Oh my, we hope the man in the blue shorts doesn’t freeze. Christmas would have to be called off. If he comes here, he certainly will freeze. It is soooooooooo cold here.
    Hope you have a warm and good week.

  9. The snow looks pretty from inside the house, that’s for sure! Our Grandma in Indiana got a lot of snow too.

  10. Don’t worry boys I’m sure he has winter shorts and will be able to deliver your package 🙂

  11. I’m sure the post man will get through – rain, sleet, snow, hail, and sunshine. I see your area looks about likes ours. Very very white and cold.

  12. Whoa, that looks like WAY too much snow! Of course our mom thinks any at all is too much. 😛

    We’re sure your mail delivery will get the package to its recipient in time. If needed, we’re Santa’s elves would help your postal delivery employees!

  13. Kitties, I was so glad I was inside this morning. I looked out of the window soon as I made mommy get up and there was about 6 inches of new snow.
    I bet your package makes it right on time! xox

  14. We are glad you are inside, too! We don’t have snow, but it was in the 20’s last night!

  15. OMG, lots of snow there!I imagine how cold is outside, better to see it by your lovely window!
    Stay warm sweet friends,

  16. MEOWZA!!!!!!!!!!!! We want a snow channel!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mama says we’ll probably get a snow channel the day after a pig flies!!!!!!!!! Do you boys know any flying pigs???????


  17. We hope your packages get there!!

  18. No bloo shorts in the snow. Maw needs to get our Secret Paws package mailed too!

    Luf, Us

  19. i was very grateful to our man in blue shorts who delivered the mail in the middle of our blizzard.

  20. Burrrrrr, hum bug, makes me cold just looking at it. Y’all keep warm!!!

  21. It looks cold out there! Stay warm!

  22. It looks so cold outside your window we are glad you are on the inside looking out and not the outside looking in. Stay warm and snuggle.

  23. Wow, you guys have snow and then some! Isn’t it awesome to be inside where it is nice and warm?

  24. SNOW! Mommy says snow is evil. What do you guys think?

    We hope your postman has a blue parka to wear over his shorts!

  25. Good point about the shorts, Ernie! However, I think they might have a different uniform for cold weather.

    Did you know that you’re on the LOLSpot today? Well, at least what we can see of you.

  26. Wally and Ernie
    NOW that is a lot of white stuff!
    Be glad you are both inside and out of the cold.


  27. That white stuff seems to be in every state this year!

  28. That’s a lot of snow! We bet your postman knows the importance of your package and will get it out no matter what!

  29. It’s so cold here we think it might snow!! We’re going to have wind chills between 11 and 22 degrees!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  30. We’re hoping that the mailman/woman is wearing blue thermal pants! Our package went in the mail this morning, without one of us cats in the box!

  31. That’s how I enjoy snow too. From inside the warm estate.


  32. Are we all glad we are safe and WARM in our furrever homes! Hope your purrescent arrives and pleases–we are sure it will!

  33. Hi Guys and Zoey, guess what?? Our mom said that Santa delivered a Secret Paws package for US today!! He must have snuck it to her last night when she saw him at the kids’ Christmas party at her work! So that’s why she got home so late… We hope he gets the Secret Paws present we mailed yesterday to the right place by Christmas!!! Our mom is going out of town tomorrow to celebrate her mom’s 70th birthday and an early Christmas, so she said we can’t open our gift until she gets back. Rats!!!

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