Dec 102010

Check out my new yoga move!
I call this the “High Paw with a Twist!” 

You gotta keep your head up and your toesies pointed!
Not an easy move for beginners…
but go ahead…give it a try!!

  44 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Yoga Move”

  1. Very good Zoey…gotta keep flexible to stay ahead of those boys!!

  2. “High Paw With A Twist!!” I love it!! You need to make your own “kittycize” video!! MOL!

  3. Wow, Zoey! We are super-impressed! That looks like a very advanced yoga move, only for the highly skilled. Well done!

  4. that looks a little advanced for me.

  5. Very well done dear Zoey, you are very skilled of yoga!
    Maybe it’s one of your beauty secrets (?) , you are so lovely!
    purrs and I wish you all a great weekend,

  6. Goodness Zoey, that is a fancy move. We couldn’t possibly do that one but we will practice to see if we can catch up with you. Hope all of you have a fun day.

  7. Very good move. Thanks for teaching it to us so we can keep the ole paws in shape.

  8. Wow, I better start practicing that. With advanced yoga moves, it can take months to get it right. Thank you Yogi Zoey!

  9. Even Connor wants to do that move!

  10. ZOEY! I am impressed!!! What a great pose..the difficulty level is in the stratosphere.

  11. That’s one tough yoga move!

  12. Zoey, very nice! We’ll have to practice that one. Have a great weekend.

  13. We’ve never been able to get out pointy toes and pointy as you do Zoey – do you have any tips for us? We don’t think our mum could do this – haha!!

  14. MEOWZA, we’re not sure we could do that move…..well, don’t think our Sammy could, but maybe Andy cold….we know mama couldn’t!!!!!! MOL

    xxxxxxxxx Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!!!

  15. I think that one is too advanced for me. You are a real pro Zoey!

  16. Ouch, I tried it and rolled out of the chair, that one is a toughy!

  17. ha ha we will, Mrs H does yoga and we think she is rubbish… just not bendy enough. Love Darcy and Bingley xx

  18. I will definitely try it, Zoey! I’m super impressed with your technique. Head up and toes pointed–it may take me a while to master it.

  19. hahahahaha! Sylvester tried it and, welll, let’s just say he needs to recover his dignity…

  20. That’s an advanced move indeed. You are in excellent shape!

  21. Zoey, you are a true yoga master!

  22. Zoey
    We did try and boy do we need some work to master this move.


  23. Holy cats, Zoey, that is one advanced move! You look like you’re just a couple of steps from becoming a pretzel!

  24. Excellent moves! I’m not as limber as I used to be, so I’m not so sure I can do that move now.

  25. Wow! That is very advanced yoga, Zoey! You should be an instructor!

  26. That looks like a very advance yoga move, Zoey. Well done!

  27. That is a very impressive move, Zoey! We are sure we would need instruction from you before we’d be able to do it!

  28. Yow! Zoey, that is one cool move! You are an advanced Yoga Cat – we don’t think we oughta try that… Have a flexible-fun weekend!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  29. That is one sweet move!!!

  30. That looks like a good position. We will go and practice it now.

  31. That’s a very advanced move Zoey! We’ll try working up to it but we don’t think we’ll ever be as good as you!

  32. That is great form, Zoey. I know, I won a awardie fer yoga once!


  33. You are a very good Yoga instructor

  34. You trying to high paw me, my dear?

  35. Not sure if that was yoga or Tai Chi but very impressive there!

    Thank you for your kind words re Fluffy… I think she only has a little time left now, poor sweet thing… We are so sad…

  36. That looks like an advanced move. Some of us may try it, but we will start slow, like maybe Monday or Tuesday.
    Happy Weekend,
    ~ Anna Sue

  37. Zoey, That’s quite an impressive move you have there!

    Thanks for your purrs for Aggie and Wally’s Dad–he’s lots better!

    Poor Aggie and Wally–they were SO LONELY for their Dad! My Human was a poor substitute! When their Dad got home yesterday afternoon they had so much happies the Human thought maybe they was going to burst!!!

  38. Zoey, that’s one fantastic move you’re got going on there. You make it look so easy.

    We give you a 10!

  39. Wow, Zoey! You’ve got a wonderful yoga move!! How flexible you are 🙂

  40. Hi Zoey….
    How in the world did you ever learn such a difficult yoga pose?
    Happy cold Saturday,

  41. WOW! What a move!! No wonder you always look so good 🙂
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  42. What an extension!

  43. Ouch! I think I hurt something just looking at that.


  44. We like the ‘Toe Extension’ too!

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