Dec 062010

Hi everybuddy!  Wally here!  Y’know what our favorite thing is about the holidays??  Decorating!  Because when mom decorates, out comes all the boxes!  Lots and lots of boxes!!  And y’know we just hafta snoopervise…isn’t that right, Ernie??

Oh yeah, Wally!!  Box snoopervising is our specialty!!

There’s BIG boxes like the one the tree comes in…
Hey, when did trees start coming in boxes??

And medium boxes with hinged lids…

Closing the lid on me?
Not funny, mom!!

And small boxes…
I think there’s something still in this one!!

Yep, Ernie…lots of boxes…
And it’s our responsibility to check each and every one out!!

Whew, Wally!
All that snoopervising has worn me out!! 

Yeah, me too, Ernie!!
But I can’t wait for our second favorite holiday thing…
Unwrapping the presents!!

  51 Responses to “Mancats – Box Snoopervisors”

  1. Oh my both are just exhausted! With all of THAT work, I’m not surprised!!

    Tell mom that you need some treats to help you revive,


  2. I am glad all the boxes passed inspection!

  3. Ahh, boxes!! The best part of Christmas!

  4. Looks like your in box heaven. You are good snoopervisors. That’s for sure.

    pawhugs, Max

  5. Great job there helping your mommy with all Christmas decoration!
    I’m also enchanted by those boxes, they are wonderful as well!

  6. Oh wow! LOOKIT ALL THOSE BOXES!!! You boys are very lucky to have all those to play with.

  7. You two are so darn cute and funny. Mom loves reading this blog. I cannot believe that woman with the yellow hair closed that box on you Wally. Our Mom needs to get her act together and get out stuff out. Great pictures.

  8. MOL Wally and Ernie….Madi 2nds and 3rds that one. Nothing adds spice to our lives like a few 100 boxes to sniff and jump in.
    You two are so cute in that last picture,

  9. Boxes always need a long investigation in case something is still lurking in a corner.

  10. Look at all those boxes! No wonder you two are so darn tired!

  11. Whoa! Your tree comes in a box?? Our Grete woofie had to go hunting for ours!

    We can hardly wait until the decoration boxes come out here. Maybe later this week!

  12. i usually close the door on the boyz when i’m wrapping presents… this of course does not go over very well…

  13. Our tree is up with lights, but the ornament boxes have yet to come out. That is going to be lots of fun!

  14. oooo – boxes!!! Mom won’t put up a tree – she says why bother when no one sees it but her and she knows it wouldn’t last long in this house anyhow.

  15. can i hire you guys to inspect the boxes here? 😀 too cute!!!

  16. I love boxes! Wes not getting our tree up for another 10 days…..
    Yous guys is lucky

  17. We’d be in box-snoopervising-heaven too. Good times!

  18. Wow, look at all those boxes! What a lot of hard work to inspect them all! Well done, guys!

  19. That is an important part of decorating. Checking to see if all the goodies are out of the boxes.

  20. You guys sure had a busy day! We love this time of year too.

  21. You boys are big helpers…why wait and just help unwrap those presents? You can help wrap as well!!

  22. A well deserved nap you two!

  23. Fantastic snoopervising job, Ernie and Wally!!!!!!!!!!!! We could have used your snoopervising help when we moved!!!!!!!!!!

    Love to all of you.

  24. That looks like exhausting (but fun!) work!

  25. Great Helpers ! I love when you were in the small box : )

  26. Wasn’t Zoey interested in all the boxes? was she hiding. She missed out on all the fun!

  27. We had tons of boxes this weekend too and it was WAY fun!

  28. Boxes are perfect for snoopervising!!!
    Have fun!

  29. Holy Cats! We wanna come over and help!

  30. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  31. We love the boxes that come out for the holidays too! We think it is great that you get to check everyone – mom lets us check some but not all of them, because she thinks we will “break” something!

  32. Well, this one seems safe enough, but we can’t wait to hear how the second activity goes over. The humans usually prefer to unwrap their own. Selfish, but true.

  33. Boxes are pretty neat aren’t they? I don’t know why the mom buys toys for me because I have more fun with the empty boxes, just like you all do. Have fun and great snoopervising.

  34. The best part of the holidays for sure!!

  35. Boxes! Boxes! Boxes! No wonder you guys are tired! Looks like there are heaps of them!

  36. Woweee! You’ve got LOTS of boxes. It’s always fun to snoopervise all the different smells, especially since our tree came from our attic.

  37. Great job of snoopervising. Hope you got some treats for all your hard work?

  38. That was a lot of work for you two boys! There’s so many boxes to snoopervise! We hope you get lots of presents under the tree for all your good work!

  39. Oh, you two are pawsome helpers! And those big boxes look like so much fun. You both definitely earned your naps. Have fun playing with…er…we mean, admiring the decorations and ornaments 🙂 Be sure and help your folks wrap the presents too 😉

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  40. Wow, you boys were so helpful, no wonder you were tuckered out afterwards! Looks like you had a well deserved nap 🙂

  41. Decorating is fun and RE-decorating after your humans have gone to bed is even more fun!

  42. Hmmm, you should deck the tree with TUNAS, then you could nom them over the 12 days of xmas!!

  43. Sometimes, Bean Michico likes closing the box while I inside,
    she is just rude~
    But box is really great fun! I love it, too!

  44. We just moved so we’re boxed out, but we haven’t put the decorations up yet. Have fun with your tree!

  45. We agree – boxes are great! You can never have enough boxes.

  46. Yes, you two worked very hard helping your Mom with the Christmas decorations! I’m sure hopes she appreciates it. Now go to sleep for a well-deserved nap!

  47. Hey – what about Zoey – didn’t she get to check any boxes??? Those sure did look like fun – except for the part where you got shut in one.

  48. We wish we had that many boxes to check out.

  49. What’s up with cats and boxes? Always crawling into things and hiding out. Kind of scares me.


  50. Awww. The life of snoopervising. It just wears one out!

    Luf, Us

  51. Love the pix! Teri was so busy shooing us away, that she didn’t get any photos of our snoopervising!

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