Easy E Sunday

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Dec 052010

I think they shoulda put my picture on that pillow…

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  1. I have to agree you would have looked good on there.. Hugs GJ x

    PS mum says did she mail you about cards as she is having lots senior moments cause she is not well..

  2. We agree Ernie and think you would make an excellent male model.

  3. I agree too, it’s kind of silly that they didn’t think of that!

  4. Oh Ernie, for sure they should have put you on the pillow. By the way Mom is so jealous that you have a Black Cat pillow. That is just so great. Now we just need to figure out how to get your picture on a pillow Ernie. Black cats are so cool

  5. Ernie–you’re the panther-ist of panthers–you SHOULD be on that pillow!! Tommy says you’re sleek and handsome!
    And I think you’re cool!


  6. Good idea, Ernie!!!!!!!!! Sammy wants to know where you got that pillow, cuz he would love to have one, too!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Sunday y’all….mama is going to our grandma’s 91st birthday party today…although her birthday really isn’t until Pearl Harbor Day!!!!!!!!

  7. Ernie, we agree – yoo is much more handsome!

  8. Wait – that’s not you?
    Thanks for your sweet comments for our Rudy!

  9. Diego-San agrees.

  10. Ernie, your picture on that pillow would be purrfect!

  11. Yes, you would have been beautiful on that pillow Ernie. Maybe you could just sit on it. Then you would be ON the pillow… HEE HEE.

    pawhugs, Max

  12. I love that black cat pillow but agree it would have been better if you were on it!!!

  13. You are so right about that, Ernie. Maybe they can do another black cat pillow with your name on it.

  14. I totally agree…why ISN’T your picture on there? I’d do some investigating if I were you! you deserve so much more, my dear!

  15. Oh it’s beautiful, I loved that pillow!

  16. Yup. Your picture on that pillow would be good!

    Luf, Us

  17. Ernie, that pillow cat is SO not you!

    1. You are handsomer
    2. You are “Floofier”
    3. You have great big feets!

  18. At the very least your human could have doctored the kitty on the pillow to give it big polydactyl paws.

  19. I agree Ernie, Should be your picture on pillow, It will be purrrrrrfect !!!

  20. We think it would be a big improvement, too.

  21. Ernie, you are so right. The next best thing is you sitting next to it.

    Enjoy your Sunday, and tell Wally and Zoey hi for me.

  22. I am appalled that they did not!

  23. You would make a fabulous model, Ernie! I think you need to make a few phone calls…

  24. Hi Ernie….I’d love to have a pillow with your beautiful face on it…
    Hugs and sighs,

  25. Ernie, maybe that was your picture, they just snapped it when you were stretching… just a thought. Happy Sunday, Island buddies!

  26. Really, how do ya know its NOT yer picture? It Could be, mebbe, possibly…

  27. Or mine, Ernie, cuz you know, we are twins! Just like Wally & Wally–except we are better-looking.

  28. Great idea!

    We’ve started a week of giveaways at http://www.PetBlogsUnited.com, so stop by & you could be a winner!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  29. I think I would pout if I were you Ernie.

  30. We agree! They would sell far more then!

  31. What a cute pix! Love the pillow and your photo should be on the next one!

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