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So the lady with the yellow hair is a little upset with me.  Y’see, I keep chewing on the string part of my string toy.  I chewed right through it…not once, not twice, not even three times…but FOUR times!!  And I’m thinking about doing it again!  I can’t help myself!!  That string is just asking to be chewed on!!

Every time I chew through it, the lady with the yellow hair fixes it. 

See??  She keeps tying it together.

But this last time she fixed it, she told me that was it…she wasn’t gonna be able to fix it anymore.  And she said she wasn’t gonna get me a new one, because I would just chew that one, too.  (She’s probably right, y’know.)

So now I don’t know what to do.  I love playing with my string toy and I love chewing on it…but if I chew on it again, no more string toy.

Hey, I know what I can do!  I’ll ask Santa Paws for a new string toy!  He’ll bring me one and he won’t care if I chew on it!!  Problem solved!!

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  1. Zoey, Zoey,

    Usually you’re supposed to learn your lesson after one bout of naughtiness. Looks like that didn’t happen for you.

    Love your stick-to-it-iveness, though.

    And we bet you’re right; Santa Paws will get you a new string toy. Better write that letter now.

  2. Zoey we all need to be naughty sometimes and if chewing a piece of string is your “naughty” mum says your mom is furry lucky!!

  3. Zoey come closer I have a secret…
    shhhhh….you can use those knots for climbing up…not telling where you might end up.
    Hugs Madi

  4. Zoey, we think your mom is worried you’ll eat the string and get a blockage, which is a perfectly reasonably concern! Maybe Santa could bring you a toy that has a long thin wire instead of string? Something you couldn’t chew through?

  5. Bonjour Zoey,
    I’m so curious about that toy, but I guess it’s not good to chew !
    Better to try cookies! 🙂
    You are always a doll!
    purrs and a nice weekend,

  6. Zoey, I think you need a mousie on a rope!

  7. Those string toys were just MADE to be CHEWED on! We do the same to ours ~ and then mom moans a bit ~ then we chew some more. MOL!

  8. If the string is asking to be chewed on, it’s not really your fault, Zoey. You can’t be held responsible.

  9. Zoey, Andy sure understands where you’re coming from, cuz he does the same thing…….and our mama also says it gets to the point it can’t be fixed anymore.

    Ask Santa to bring you several so you’ll have backups and never be without a string toy.


  10. Zoey we know how you feel about chewing on that string…that’s the best part of the toy afterall! Maybe Santa Paws will bring you a new one!

  11. Zoey you have found the perfect solution, Santa Paws!

  12. Zoey – we think those string toys were meant to be chewed on. Good luck with your plan for Santa Paws!

  13. Oh Zoey, we will start looking for a string toy for you and send one if we can find a good one. Those are a lot of knots in that string. Maybe that lady with the yellow hair should give you something else to chew on, like greenies. But you probably like the string better. Put it on your Santa list. Take care and have a wonderful week end.

  14. Zoey, ask Santa Paws for another and tell him to leave a note for your mommy that chewing the string is part of the enjoyment.

  15. Casper chews everything at our house…that string toy wouldn’t stand a chance, so I completely understand. We only have thick wire stuff now or the wand type of toy that has the plastic handle part…although that is covered in teeth marks too!

  16. But strings are made to be chewed on!

  17. String is MADE to be chewed on! By Cats.

  18. We think you should get a whole case of string toys from Santa Paws.

  19. We think JB is on to something – he should bring you 52 string toys – one for each week of the year. And besides, who’s to tell you how to play with your toy? If you like to play with it by chewing the string, then go for it!

  20. Mom will not let us chew on string, either. Gracie likes to chew on the cat tree strings where the carpet starts coming off. Mom said that is bad to chew on, too. Beans sure can be funny about strings!
    Happy Friday!
    ~ Anna Sue

  21. I think that’s a very smart solution Zoey!

  22. Since Binga loves chewing on strings too, we are only allowed to play with them “interactively,” i.e., with my human present. Sometimes she will wind up cutting the toy off the string and just let us have it all the time, stringless.

  23. There are just certain kitties that prefer the string to the actual toy, and you’re one of them Gemini. Dante is like that, too. He goes for anything that resembles a string.

    I know they have some cat toys that are just braided together strings. Dante likes these — they’re sort of like little snakes. You don’t dangle them, they’re just for tossing around and chewing.

  24. Zoey
    Ask that Santa Paws purrson to bring you a bag full of string toys!
    That way you’ll never run out!


  25. Santa might have chewing on string toy on the naughty list!

  26. Zoey,
    Tell the yellow haired lady that if she keeps doing the same thing over and over then she needs to expect the same results over and over 🙂
    But hey, you’ll keep her entertained!

  27. Humans are complaining about how we use our toys always. They complain if we use them very much and also if we use them little, muahahahahahahaha!!!!

  28. But string is so chewable isn’t it Zoey.

  29. As long as you are having fun…chew chew away!!!

  30. But it’s okay they can chew on string cheese! MOL!

  31. Zoey, I am sure the lady with the yellow hair will eventually that you just want to chew the string!

  32. Good solution Zoey!

  33. That is one cool toy – it deserves to be played with – at all times!!

  34. What a dilemma…

  35. A cat’s gotta do what a cat’s gotta do!

    Our lady bean was in Michigan last week for the Thanksgiving. Just saying.

  36. Looks like you need to ask Santa paws for a strong toy made with a steel cable!

  37. LOL, you chew the string part so well 🙂 It must be frustrating for you not being able to chew any more….as the lady will not fix it. I hope your Christmas wish will come true…a lot of string toys for you!

  38. Hmm. I guess I’m a little late on the game. I mean, isn’t it a string toy? If you weren’t suppose to chew on it–there wouldn’t be a string to chew ON…humans!

  39. I hopes that Santa listens and that he brings you another string toy! Here we need some toys too! Sometimes Santa is cheap here! Shame on him/her.

  40. Hi, beautiful Zoey, we hope you get another string toy from Santa; Sukki loves to chew on strings too!…We enjoyed reading your posts from the last few days and especially loved the Wally and Ernie sleeping/cuddling photos=too adorable!…Happy weekend, sweet friends…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  41. Well, they call it a string toy, right? Doesn’t that mean the string IS the toy? Or is that some kind of Human doublespeak? I think she should buy you a ball of string!

  42. A girl after me own heart…I do the same thing as you and my Human does the same thing as your Human…I loves me string! But don’t worry, put a new “string toy” on theese list for “Clooney Claus” and he’ll fix ya up!

  43. Bet your mom would fix it or get you a new one. Mine is always saying that but she always capitulates.

  44. But I thought that was what string toys were for? FAZ

  45. It’s a perfect plan Zoey!

  46. Hey I eat all my string bits, even swallowing them. So I’m not allowed string toys unless I’m watched over… so you’re lucky…

    but you see those feather tail bits? you can eat them too…

  47. Maybe she could make you a toy with a springy wire instead? Thats what Teri does with all our old Cat Dancers…she recycles the wire and attaches something else, like fur mice, leather strips, and our favorite–fishing lures with the hook cut off!

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