Dec 012010

Can’t a cat get a little peace and quiet around here?? 

I think I need a Do Not Disturb sign…
but something tells me that wouldn’t even help!!

  42 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. We’re sure that even with a Do Not Disturb sign, you’re still too cute to avoid the camera, Wally!

  2. That Wally is taunting Mom yet again with your lovely window seat….
    I keep telling mom to let go of the window seat but she cannot!!!
    Hugs Madi

  3. It is because you are simply irresistible, Wally.

  4. PS our tree and Madi….this is Madi’s 8th Christmas….and as of this writing she has not yet actually bothered an ornament. In her early years, I put ornaments with bells on the bottom branches….and to paraphrase Its a Wonderful Life….
    every time a bell rang an angel ‘did not’ receive her wings. She wasn’t really messing with them but walking about under the tree looking for a purrfect spot on the tree skirt. However, our first cat was a tree climber. We always put the tree up several days in advance to decorating to give him plenty of tree climbing…usually by the time we were ready to decorate he fascination with it was over. But we did find him peering from mid tree level several times!!!
    Madi’s Mom

  5. Wally – why do mom’s have to keep checking to see if we’re still asleep – don’t they ever learn that we open our eyes when we’re awake!!

  6. I think a sign like that would make you even cuter Wally!

  7. A do not disturb sign would make you even more tempting!

  8. Do not disturb…catnap in progress 🙂

  9. Humans don’t pay any attention to signs either!

  10. Nothing helps, sad to say! But you know what? If we’re supposed to be good till Christmas, we think our beans should have to be good too — and that should include privacy for us! No flashy beast!

  11. I doubt the sign would help….you are too cute!!

  12. We like what you’re doing, Wally. We think we will do the same.

  13. Boy I need one of those too!

  14. Life can be such a trial, Wally!!!!!!!!!


  15. UMmmm, Wally, Where would you post it? Around your neck, on your back, on your tail……

  16. Wally ~ we LOVE to see yoo ~ so don’t be a spoil-sport!

  17. We think a Do not Disturb sign is a great idea Wally. But you are probably right, it might not do any good.We do love to see pictures of you Wally, so we aren’t complaining. You will just have to get naps in between pictures.

  18. I know just how you feel matey they never leave you alone. At least you showed them the back.. Hugs GJ x

  19. Human only read selectively, so yeah, a “Do Not Disturb” sign would be pointless.

  20. The sign is a great idea, Wally, but somehow the beans always seem to find us with that infernal flashy box! Hope you manage to catch some Zs, handsome boy!

  21. The flashie thing is following you everywhere huh? Just snooze away. That’s the answer.

    Have a great snooze.

  22. We don’t think any sign can keep the flashy beast away Wally but it’s worth a try!

  23. It’s obvious that your mommy is desPURRate to get pictures of you and goes behind your back to get them!

  24. The flashy box is always there….no peace for anycat.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  25. I think I am almost in love. you look so luscious!

  26. Nope, we don’t think it would help at all!

  27. You’re so cute the camera and the camera operator can’t help themselves!

  28. But your just so cute with your little tail!

  29. Can’t get enough of ya Wally!

  30. Nope, a do not disturb sign would not help at all. Not when Moms get that old flashy thing out and start clicking away. But you do luck comfy in spite of it all.


  31. Oh Wally, the glimpse of tail has the Rumblemum smiling!

  32. I don’t think there’s any hope for you Wally.

  33. Come on mommy…time now for a good nap! hehehe
    Enjoy your nap dear Wally!

  34. At least Ernie is respecting your privacy…

  35. Wally, usually the Back of Disrespect sends the appropriate message!

  36. Dang, Wally, moms are persistent, aren’t they? Guess what? My Pawbreaker is missing, too. And it hasn’t even been a week. 🙁

  37. Wally
    We feel your pain!


  38. Oh Wally! That little tail-tip is soooo adorable!

  39. Sigh! The humans never give us kitties time to ourselves!

  40. I want to be just like Wally!

  41. Ignore and maybe they will just go away–looks like it’s working!

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