Nov 292010

Geez, Wally!  I was here first!!
Can’t you find somewhere else to sleep??

C’mon, Ernie!  There’s plenty of room here for both of us!

But you’re sleeping on top of me, Wally!
And you’re no lightweight!!  Ugh!!!

  37 Responses to “Mancats – Make Room for Wally”

  1. Oh man! You could get squished whilst you slumber. Get the crane and hoist that beefcake off of your wee self.


  2. Wow, Wally sure is pushy! We think that it might be warm to have Wally sleeping on us, though.

  3. Oops, a crowded comfy!

  4. a sleeping kitty weighs a ton….but it is a beautiful ton!!!
    Hugs to my mancats!

  5. Oh Ernie you are being all squishy squashed by Wally we hope you can breathe ok. You could always try to f**t if he gets too heavy for you.

  6. Plenty of room for two! 😛

    Besides, it’s cosier on chilly late autumn mornings, when you snuggle up tight.

  7. Tis the season to snuggle up boys!

  8. Don’t worry Ernie, Wally cans just keep you extra warms! PURRS2u~!

  9. Ernie, just pretend Wally is a big orange heated blanket.

  10. Cuddle piles should nor squish brothers.

  11. Hi Wally! Hi Ernie! We have missed seeing you! We think the two of you are cute together – and we sleep on top of each other all the time, so we totally understand how you feel Ernie!

  12. I bet he is warm though!

  13. Ahhhh….. you two are the cutest!!

  14. Awww, such close buddies!

  15. MOL……reminds us of something Sammy would say to Andy!!!!!!!!!!!


  16. oooo – we gots that problem here too. We don’t understand why that second cat has to occupy the same space as the first cat.

  17. Eric does that to me too, but at least you will keep each other warm.

  18. Is this one case where there is NOT room for everybody?

  19. You boys are lucky!It’s so good to sleep together in these cold days!

  20. I love this photo! Nothing better than, seeing two, or more, cats curled up together!

  21. Ernie, try Tiny Johnson squashing you. He makes Wally look small…just sayin’! Johnny smooshes Scouty alla the time!

  22. Awwww, you are both soooo cute! Love the photo!

  23. Aww w- a kitty cuddle pile.

  24. That Ernie does look trapped in there. Is he still conscious?

  25. Ernie, I guess you just want to share warm…That’s cute !

  26. 🙂 At least you’re warm, Ernie!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  27. So nice of Wally to keep you squishie warm!

  28. Yeah that looks like the only spot in the world that one should take a nap…

  29. Spend lots of close time together boys, it’s very precious!
    Thank you for stopping by with your kind words, we really appreciate your friendship. =^Y^=

  30. We love that photo and the fact that you two love each other enough to snuggle like that!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  31. Wally might be heavy, but I bet he’s warm!

  32. Now now, boys, there should be room for both of you. We’re sure you can work it out.

  33. But we bet you are really warm under there Ernie!

  34. That is very sweet you are cuddling~
    It’s warmer this way.

  35. It’s tough being so popular, Ernie.

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