Torbie Tailsday!

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Nov 232010

The lady with the yellow hair says she wants to use my tail as a duster.
She’s kidding…right??
This tail doesn’t do housework!!!

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  1. GASP – why would she want to use your tail as a duster! Crazy oomans. You’d get your tail dirty, and it’s much too bootiful to get dirty.

  2. Your tail is much floofier than the Swiffer duster our Mom uses, Zoey!

  3. We love your tail. We think your tail can clean better than the duster though it’s too lovely to use as duster.

  4. MOL Zoey…mom has been trying to train me to chase and catch the dust bunnies that are made from my abundance of hair.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you all,
    Madi and Mom

  5. MOL, Oh Zoey, you had better keep that tail all tucked in. It does look like an excellent duster and our Mom has been on a cleaning kick. We will lock her in our house and not let her out. That is one beautiful tail though.
    Have a fun week.

  6. Zoey your tail is far too lovely to be used as a duster – tell your mom that Ernie and Wally can do the dusting with theirs!!

  7. GASP! The very iDEA!

  8. Zoey your tail is fantastic and floofy and should only be used to enhance your beauty 🙂

  9. Well I hope she is kidding, that’s way to pretty of a tail to get dusty!

  10. i think you should reconsider… that does look like it would be the best duster ever.

  11. Hahahaha! We’re pretty sure she’s kidding. We think. Hey, our mom doesn’t do housework! 😀

    (Okay, that’s not true, but she sure doesn’t dust often. Maybe she should consider using *Annie’s* tail….)

  12. MEOWZA!!!!!!!!!! We are sure hoping she’s teasing, just like our mama is teasing when she tells us boys that about our tails!!!!!!!


  13. Zoey, she wouldn’t dare. Well, maybe just a little light dusting…

  14. 😯 Yoo might hafta get on to the Union ~ it’s NOT in yoor contract!

  15. sigh, humans make the dumbest jokes. Seriously. That would be like scrubbing the toilet with a diamond. I think she is jealous of your pretty furs.

  16. LOL your tail is so beautiful, very special and elegant!
    What a lovely pose!

  17. Nothing that beautiful should ever have to do housework!

  18. That beautiful tail never.. You keep away untill the works finished.. Hugs GJ x

  19. Mol! We are pretty sure she is kidding. 🙂 Though you could always swoosh your tail in annoyance, that might appease her…let her think you are dusting…

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  20. Do not take any chances!

  21. I would tuck that gorgeous tail under if I were you!

  22. You’re so beautifully floofy. It would be a shame to ruin that floof with housework!

  23. We hope she’s kidding because I don’t want my mommy getting ideas about my tail either!


  24. We cats NEVER do housework!! That’s why we have a staff.

  25. You have a beautiful tail. You had better keep it hidden in case she is tempted.

  26. My tail doesn’t either. In fact, if there are any feather dusters around here, they are meant to be cat toys, not implements of housework either!

  27. Now, it does look like it would make an EXCELLENT duster, but good for you for saying “no” to housework. Great birdie spot, by the way.

  28. You look so beautiful today, Zoey! From the tip of that floofy tail to the tip of your nose!

  29. Oh my cats, Zoey – watch out for her! Can you imagine having to clean all of that dust out of your tail?? What’s that, Mom? Not every house is as dusty as ours? Oh. Well, Zoey, use your own judgment then.

    Your friends, Fuzzy and Zoe

  30. Oh dear, Zoey! No no no no no! Your tail is not a toy, nor is it some kind of feather-duster. It is a grand and glorious appendage for your purposes only!

  31. You tail is very perfect,
    I certainly think she is kidding~

  32. No way ! to use your tail as a duster.

  33. Your mum has some funny ideas Zoey.

  34. Hmm, your pretty tail does look like it’d be great for dusting, but you tell her no!

  35. That’s way too beautiful of a tail to get dusty!

  36. Your tail is much to pretty to be used as a duster.

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