Nov 222010

Y’know, we don’t want you to think me and Ernie are
a couple of wimpy mancats that cuddle all the time.
We’re real mancats…right, Ernie?

Oh yeah, Wally!!
And real mancats love to wrassle!!!

C’mon, Ernie…hit me with your best shot!!

Okay!!  You asked for it, Wally!!

 Is that all you got, Ernie??

Wally, you fight like a girlcat!!!

 Girlcat, huh??!?  I’ll show you, Ernie!!

I’m turning on my secret weapon!!
Laser eyes!!!

Aiiieeeeee!!!  Not the lasers, Wally!!  I’ve had enough!!!

Haha!  The lasers work every time!!

Hey, everybuddy…Ernie here!  For those of you who were worried about me being on the cooking machine yesterday, rest assured that mom watches me real close and makes sure I never go on when the top is hot.  (I know what “HOT!” means.)  But she’s given up trying to keep me off completely.

  43 Responses to “Real Mancats Wrassle!”

  1. Great wrassling you two are doing there. We love to wrassle too. Ernie don’t let that Wally get the best of you.
    Hope all of you have a super Turkey week.

  2. Wow! What excitement!!! Wally, I will have to use my lasers more, they work like a charm!

  3. You two sure are tough guys too! Those laser eyes are impossible to beat!

  4. MOL!!! That is the cutest sequences of shots!! Good job Mom!!!
    Good to know you two are manly cats!!!

    Ernie anyone with a cat knows there is NO way to keep us off places we want to go…..I, too, am accustomed to walking across our flat top too. Mom blocks it off with pots and pans after she has finished cooking. I tell her that just makes it more intriguing….why because there are things up there that should not be and I have to investigate…but is makes her feel better. MOL
    Moms are weird.
    One of our doggie friends had gates in his house where he can’t go. I MOL at him
    told him gates in a Cat house were useless!!!
    Hugs Madi

  5. That looks like great fun. If we tried that I think we’d kill each other…

  6. Nothing like a nice wrassin match to start the week!!!

  7. So that’s how you win every fight Wally! Turn on the highbeams and down goes Ernie!!!

  8. Great action shots of the wrassling match. Wally your lasers are magnificent.

  9. you both clearly are very manly… i worry about diego-san jumping up on the stove because I’m not sure he cares about hot burners…

  10. MOL, what a fun post, guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s amazing what those lazers will do!!!!!!!!!


  11. Magnificent wrasslin boys.

    It’s the same in our howse ~ mom gave up the will to live when it came to trying to keep us off the cooker. So we compromised ~ when the cooker is HOT we are banned from the kitchen and the kitchen door is firmly closed. When the glass lid is down and the cooker is cold or cool ~ we are allowed in the kitchen. Simple!

  12. Nice pictures of the wrasslin’ match. Mom is have stove envy! She said one day she will have a flat top stove like that. We aren’t allowed on our stove at all. Mom tries to keep something sitting on top of it when not in use to make sure we stay off.

  13. Excellent wrestling match! The lasers work everytime. Have a good day on the Island friends.

  14. Wally are you wrassling or wrolling on the ground? MOL

    Devon loves to lay on our flattop stove too…must be a black cat thing 🙂

  15. MOL! What a fun wrasslin’ match, guys! Those lasers are amazing!

  16. We love a good wrastling match!

  17. The laser eyes gets ’em every time! Wally, we love your pink toesies! We had no doubt that your mom would never, ever let you get on a hot stove Ernie.

  18. I love seeing real man cats wrassle like that. Whew. I think it’s warm in here..or is it me?

  19. Whoo Hoo a wrestling match…cat pile on…..
    Ernie, mommy bought ceramic covers for our electric cook top because some of the 8 humans have left a burner on ….we won’t mention names……DAD. Anyway, Mommy had bought stainless steel covers but they were burned up! Mom is looking into the new cook tops that only heat up when a pan is on them.
    Our Cherokee is leaving for the bridge tomorrow, he is about 18 or older, Mom adopted him as an adult feral. We are dedicating our Blog on Thanksgiving to him as he fathered all of us as kittens and we will miss him more than we can ever express.

  20. That was a pawsome wrestling match!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  21. Haha – good job with the lazer eyes.

  22. Oh boy! We love watching a good rassel! Wally, those laser eyes did the trick…it makes up for Ernie having 97 toes.
    Ernie, we are relieved that you know when the cooktop is hot. You don’t want toasted buns!

  23. Jan gets very upset when any of us get on the stove even when it isn’t on. We can’t get her trained to ignore it.

    We saw your comment on the CB about Cherokee leaving for the bridge tomorrow so we went by. It’s very sad!

  24. Wow, thats a nice cooking machine that you have. I see now that Major has been reading your blog because she likes the cooking machine at our house. She wants to know if Ernie also likes to play in the kitchen sink? Our water bill is going to be sky high if Grandma doesn’t quit turning it on for her.

    Have a wonderful turkey day. Hopefully your humans got the large sized one so there’s plenty of left overs.


  25. We see some cute pink toesies!
    ~ The Bunch

  26. Looks like you two were having the best time there. Love that the lazers fnished the bout.. Have fun boys.. Hugs GJ xx

  27. Oh, you are both strapping young mancats indeed! Great wrassling sequence :). Have a nice week!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  28. Terrific freeze-action shots of your wrasslin match, boys. You could put them together to make a little movie!

  29. That looked like a good rassle. We like rasslin too.

  30. Ernie we know and Mom understand she’s given up on us getting up on top of the stove. But we have learned how to walk on the time control and set it off.

    Wally excellent lasers!


  31. We love to see real mancats wrassle! We like that too. We know your Mom would not let you do anything that would hurt you!

  32. There’s nothing like a great mancat rassling match. Yep, those laser eyes will do it every time!

  33. Great match! But those lasers will get you every time!

  34. Oh boys, my mom just loves to see you both. She said that you remind her of my brothers – they loved to wrestle, and they were Bad (got up on the stove, counters, everywhere). Thanks for making my mom so happy! (and if she’s happy looking at your pics, she won’t bring home another brother for me!!!)

    Your friend, Fuzzy

  35. How many rounds did this match go?

  36. You mancats would be hard-pressed to beat my girlcat roomie, Binga, in a wrestling match! Even with Wally’s laser eyes!

  37. I knowed your Mom was probly real careful when U get onna stove, Ernie. The Human was reel, reel stoopid once and leaned her hand on it, and now she finks everybuddy is as dumb as her! HA ha ha–no chance, Human!

    And say, nice wrasslin, guys. You made me feel all manly and stuff!

  38. That was “good” wrasslin guys. But ya gotta come over her for the real stuff.

  39. Great wrassling match! We were on the edge of our seats!

  40. I bet Zoey could take both of you!

  41. Now we know that there are other wrestlers out there we feel better. We swish our tails at each other by way of a ‘come on…to .. chase me’…

  42. Wow so much fun there!You know KARATE as well, it’s amazing! 🙂

  43. You guy wrasslin’ made me laugh! Thank you 🙂

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