Easy E Sunday

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Nov 212010

Mom got this new food cooking machine.
Mom says there’s gonna be a turkey cooking in it later this week
which makes me real happy…
‘cuz it means I’ll be getting some turkey


I’m gonna have a real warm place to nap!!!


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  1. Yes, we agree that’s the best spot to wait and be the first to sink your teeth in the roast turkey the minute it comes out from the oven. 🙂

  2. Ernie..MOL
    Mom has a flat top cook surface too. She loves it for easy cleaning but she is always shooing me away saying M A D I NO!!!
    Happy Cooking and snoopervising

  3. My human does not think this is a prime napping place, Ernie – isn’t she nuts?

  4. Ernie, we are very happy to hear your mom kept you in mind when she bought the new cooking machine!

  5. Oh my gosh Ernie, there would be BIG trouble around our house if one of the kitties was napping on the stove! Please be careful.

  6. I think you are going to have warm buns too!

  7. Don’t get cooked, Ernie! Our older sister Toot used to sleep on our old stove in San Francisco. The heat from the pilot light fried all her whiskers!

  8. Our mum doesn’t like us walking across our flat hob cos if we’ve been across the sink we leave paw prints and also she is frightened in case we get on it when it’s hot.
    Do be careful Ernie please.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. Ernie! You be careful now, because sometimes those smooth cook tops are all evil and they jump right up and BURN you!!! Still, it DOES look like a primo napping place.

  10. MOL Ernie=you are a silly boy, but have the best spot in the house for the turkey!…Don’t tell, but we hang out on the kitchen cabinets too=our Mommy is always cleaning because of it!hehe…Happy Sunday, sweet friends…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  11. Our mom LOVES your mom’s new stove!! Chevelle knocked something off the cabinet 6 months after we got our brand new glass top stove. Only two burners work now because the glass is cracked.
    Ernie, you look furry warm up there!!!

  12. Ernie, that looks like the bestest place to nap and the turkey will be luscious! I hope you all get your own little bowl with just right chopped up turkey. That MY fave.

  13. Our cooking machine is not as spacious as yours, Ernie. It has stuff sticking up on it and the warm nappy area inbetween is kinda narrow. Yours is pawsome! Enjoy your nap, dreaming of turkey 🙂

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  14. Gosh, I sure hope you aren’t having Ernie for Thanksgiving. Please be careful but I bet that is one warm place to nap. That looks like a really nice cooking machine. At least if you stay there, they will have to give you some of the turkey, since you were such a big help cooking it. Take care.

  15. Our mama loves your mom’s new cooking machine…..and we think it looks like a great napping place, Ernie!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love to y’all.

  16. You look like it’s a cozy spot, Ernie. I guess your Mom will always keep a pot over a warm burner with YOU around.

  17. Ernie, that looks wonderful! I get in trouble when I put my paws on the cooking machine.

  18. Ernie, that is a primo spot! We stay off our cooktop, we’ve all learned pretty much the hard way…yeeouch! But as a turkey perch it’s unbeatable!

  19. Oh Ernie, dat can be danjerus! We is not allowed on da cooking machine and we know why. Yoo should talk to Zippy about her burned paw and mom about what ‘hot’ means.

  20. That looks like a HUGE oven! American ovens are so much bigger than European ones!!!

  21. Hi Ernie,
    Mama loves your mom’s new range and bright red kettle. I love your sleeping spot. I bet it’s so warm when something yummy is cooking in the oven. I’m so happy for you that your mom is cooking a turkey!

  22. Wow! That looks kind of edgy to me. I guess you know what you’re doing, right? And it is toasty as well, so enjoy.


  23. Ernie
    If you silver fing is like ours you can accidentally turn it on(thankfully the Mom can also ‘lock’ it so that doesn’t happen)


  24. Our cooking machine is flat on top, too. But it does get too hot for kitties!

  25. That looks like a good nap spot. We aren’t allowed on ours but it doesn’t look comfy like yours. Mind you don’t burn your paws.

  26. Oh my, I hope there will be no “hot”lessons learned!

  27. We never get up on the hot box! Sometimes it is real hot though ya cant tell by lookin…

  28. We like how your mom bought a new stove that matches you! We hope you stay warm Ernie but not too warm!

  29. PAWSOME! Warm nap spot AND turkey?! You has it made

  30. Our Mom is drooling on the keyboard! She wants a range so bad! We have a cooktop and a wall oven and every holiday we hear Mom grumble and grouse. Mom loves that yours doesn’t have the back panel!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  31. Be careful sweet kitty ~ my Banjo burnt his tummy on my flat top oven one day. Those tops stay warm for a long time! Ouch!!!

  32. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is OK, but make sure you’re not on a hot stove, OK?

  33. My mom loves her flat top stove, but I’m not allowed on it. It stays pretty hot after it’s turned off, so please be careful.

  34. Deluxe spot ! but better be careful !

  35. Ernie that is awesome!

  36. WOW! Two times the pleasure (Turkey and a warm spot) ~ awesome!

  37. Imagine how good the smells will be on turkey day!

  38. Beautiful black kitty 🙂 and that red kettle is cute too!

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