Nov 162010

Whatcha doing, Zoey??

I’m waiting for the Birdie Show to start
on the Feather Channel, Ernie!!


  34 Responses to “Two on Tuesday”

  1. The bird show is starting any time now, Zoey?

  2. wow a bird show is such a fabulous idea!
    Your “spot window”is adorable!

  3. You looks cute on that comfy windowsill. Hope the birdieshow starts soon!!!

    Great observing place there!

  4. We sure hope those feather start flying soon. Mom says thanks for the nice purrs. Take care.

  5. We hope you’ve got some snacks to nom on while you’re watching the birdie show Zoey – will you share them with Ernie?

  6. Your windowsill is fabulous! We can see why all of you watch so much TV!

  7. Morning Ernie and Zoey….the birds are taunting you two and you two are taunting me…you know how much I covet your window seat!!!
    Gosh I wish we had one of those….
    Hugs Madi

  8. So, do you have a remote so you can change up what birdies you get to see?

  9. Maybe you need some rabbit ears to improve the reception!

  10. and to top it off, all without commercial interuptions (unless a ups or fed ex truck drives by).

  11. Can we come an watch the birdie show?

  12. That’s out favorite channel!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  13. Sometimes our birdie channel is pre-empted by the squirrel channel!

  14. Do you get the squirrel channel too? We sometimes have dog channel at our house 🙂

  15. Yayy front row seats for the birdie show! We love it too!!!!

  16. Is there room for two more? We got popcorn!

  17. Goooolllleeee-gee!! You guys have a mega-screen t.v.!! There’s room for all your CB friends to come over and watch!! I’ll be right there!!!!! Do you mind if Tiny and Ellwood come, too? We’ll bring goodies for everyone!! And maybe some special bird food so that there is even more action on the Bird Channel!! I’m so excited!!! Purrs, Lautrec

  18. That’s a great place to watch them from!

  19. We love your big window on the world of birds…what a comfy place to be=^Y^=

  20. What a fabulous spot to watch kitty TV! We hope you didn’t have to wait long for the birdies!

  21. I bet when the show starts, there’s a LOT of action!

  22. Zoey, it’s good to see you socializing with Ernie! Birdies help smooth things along a lot.

  23. I LOVE your Birdie feather Channel. My birdcasters changed my feed and I have the All Squirrel Network now,

  24. We hope the Birdies put on a great show today Zoey! We think it’s cute how you and Ernie are touching tails!

  25. It appears that Zoey is tuned in a little better than Ernie when it comes to birdie watching. I’m sure she is rewarded with many hours of free entertainment.

  26. 🙂 We have that channel here too but we don’t have cable so that is about the only one we get! That and leaves. We like your big screen 🙂

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  27. We love our Bird TV too!…Happy week, sweet friends…kisses…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  28. Lookit you two together, so sweetly waiting for the birdies! Why doncha let the orange stripey cat hang up there with ya, too?? He can’t be THAT bad!

    Your friends, Fuzzy and Zoe

  29. It looks like you have a big screen too. That birdie channel is just the best. Do you guys shake and drool when you see the birdies? We do.

    Your pals
    Peanut and Marshmellow

  30. We LOVE yer windows! Ours dont go around corners like that!

  31. And you have tail cuddle!

  32. I hope it’s not a rerun!!

  33. WE LOVE the Feather Channel! We’ll be getting our in high definition soon!

  34. That’s a huge TV you guys have – we’re jealous! The Feather Channel is awesome, says Tofu.

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