Nov 152010

Oh, hi there!  Me and Ernie are just chillaxin’ today,
sharing this sun puddle and a little brotherly love…

Hey, Wally!  Your head could use a little washing…

Why, thank you, Ernie!  I appreciate you keeping me clean!

Hey…what’re brothers for, Wally??

Think I’ll catch some zzzz’s now…

Yeah, me too, Ernie…this sun’s making me sleepy.

Hey, Wally!!  You hear that???
Was that a can of stinky goodness opening??

I think it was, Ernie…we better go see!!

 Well…so much for those zzzz’s…

Hey, you guys…see our necks??  Mom took our collars off and it looks like our furs have rubbed off!!  We’re gonna leave our collars off for awhile to see if our furs come back.

  32 Responses to “Mancats Chillaxin’”

  1. I think your furs WILL come back. Mommy found that you have to be careful about the type of collar. If it is fabric it has to be extra extra smooth and not catch your furs in the weave. Mom found that for Robin, the One Who Came Before Me, a smooth plastic-like collar worked best with at least 2 fingers of give between her and the collar. She wouldn’t get hung onto anything yet she had some extra room for her furs.

  2. We didn’t know that collars could wear your hair off underneath – we hope you don’t have to wear a scarf to keep your necks warm.

  3. Morning Wally and Ernie…you two are the most loving kitty bros I’ve ever seen…and I, Madi, am a little jealous. MOL Have you two always been so very close and loving? Enjoy your day handsome boys,

  4. You are so adorable in these pictures!Go for some fresh water and then have sweet dreams dear friends!

  5. Awww, sweet photos of brotherly love!

    Annie used to wear a collar and her furs rubbed off too, so the mom took it off and never bothered with another.

  6. Aww, that was sweet!

  7. so many things to do, so very little time…

  8. It is so nice to see how much you boys love each other 🙂 Don’t worry about your furs, I’m sure they will grow back and you still look devilishly handsome anyway!

  9. Hello dudes! Ernie, it almost looks like you are putting the bitey on Wally’s face. Ray and I clean each other but then it sometimes turns into a wrassling match.

    Sorry about your furs! We think they will grow back. Happy Monday!

  10. Such a fun twosome. I love your contrasting furs!

    Uh, oh, can opening going on. better hurry!

    I don’t think your furs are going to grow back very fast. But I hope they will!

  11. sweet brotherly love! Mom wishes we had some of that here!

  12. I don’t blame you, that would get my attention too!

  13. Ah you two look like you have a great day lined up!

  14. Now that’s what mancats do for one another!

  15. Nothin’ like mancats sharing sun puddles and baths. I sure do miss my time with mancat Angel.


  16. You have “ring around the cat”. That is what mom calls it when the collars leave that line….we don’t lose our furs and we hope yours grow back!!

  17. We have not worn collars for quite a long time now. We are happier without them.

  18. I don’t get it, our (2) male cats hate each other, but the (2) females get along…LOL Very handsome boys

  19. Stinky goodness trumps all!

    LOL @ Random Feline’s “Ring around the cat”!! Your furz will grow back soon.

  20. You guys are adorable together. It would likely be harder for Wally to find dirt on Ernie just because of his fur colour. I’ll bet it feels wonderful to have your collars off for a change. Maybe you can give each other neck massages!

  21. You two are the sweetest brofurs ever! We hope you got some stinky goodness! We also hope your furs come back. We don’t have collars so we didn’t know they rub off furs.

  22. Aaawww! Aren’t you boys SO sweet!

  23. How so wonderful you two are cuddling together!

  24. You two are good brothers. We like to see brotherly loving.

  25. Aw, you two are sweet! We hope you got to enjoy stinky goodness along with the sun puddle :).

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  26. Brotherly love is a sweet thing, isn’t it? I’m hope your furs grow back, but you two are handsome, anyway!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  27. We hope your furs grow back. Madison has permanently lost his neck furs because of his collar. Mom and dad feel bad about it, but it doen’t seem to bother him. It just looks silly.

  28. Ya know, we have seen so many kitties of all kinds sharing space together, but somehow you 2 look so purrfect together… Its not that we come in all colors and any of us can be best friends with anny other, just something about the exact way you 2 look together…

  29. Love to see the snuggling between you two. The sunshine looks wonderful.

  30. Oh! That’s just a horbibble thought that you have a neck-ring! I hoaps those furz come back fast, guys, cuz that neck-ring thing could be embarrassin’ when you’re trying to score with the ladycats, you know?

  31. Sun puddles are the very best and grooming only adds to it. I am sure that your neck furs will grow back. Please come to my Gotcha Day party going on now.


  32. Goodness, I don’t even know what a collar feels like. Mom keeps saying she wants to take me for a walk with a collar and a leash but she never does. She says she should have trained me a long time ago to do that and that I probably wouldn’t go for something like that now. You two look so cozy together. Hope you got some stinky goodness.


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