Nov 122010

Y’know, even after all this time that I’ve been living here, I still don’t do well with strangers.  I mean, I can handle being around the lady with the yellow hair and the guy.  But strangers??   They scare me!! 

Take the other day, for example.  A stranger came over (they said he was friend of the guy’s) and this is where I spent the whole time while he was here…

It was kinda cozy under the covers!!

  35 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Strangers”

  1. Don’t worry, Zoey. The male strangers still give me the heebie jeebies, and I’ve been here for 3 1/2 years. That looks like a super cozy hiding spot!

  2. That does look like a very cozy and safe place to hide when there are strangers in the house. My kitty just pretty much ignores people when they come over to our house. Pretty much like how he treats the rest of the family… unless we have food! 🙂

    Happy Friday!

  3. Zoey….you know we are believers in doing what makes each of us happy…if you were happy then so be it….you make a very attractive comforter lump.
    Hugs Madi

  4. Don’t worry, Zoey. Chumley never got over his fear of strangers–men specifically. So you can hide under the covers as often as you need to!

  5. Zoey, Nigel totally relates. He disappears when strangers are here too.

  6. Don’t worry Zoey – Lucy always stands behind Hannah when someone comes to see us. Hannah always rushes to be first on the guest list and that gives me time to hide. Luv Lucy xx
    PS you’ll have to come over and see me one day and we can hide together!!

  7. Oh Zoey, that is the cutest hiding spot EVER! I’m not that scared of strangers – if they’re in the house for more than a few minutes, I come check them out. But my brother at the bridge Zachary was terrified of people except for my mom! Even if people spent a few days at the house, they would still think my mom had just 2 cats cuz they never even caught a glimpse of Zak!

    Your friend, Fuzzy

  8. Some of us still run and hide when beans come to visit. It’s OK!

  9. That is a very good hiding spot–I hide in our closet. But I like under the covers too!

  10. Oh Honey…don’t you mind about that. I sip under the bed when anyone but mom or her human kits are here.

  11. Hey, if you need to hide you need to hide, I’m way too nosey!

  12. A most excellent place to stay when there are strangers about!
    ~ The Bunch

  13. Boodie usually hides under the bed. But she has gotten, well, not exactly friendlier, but less inclined to go out of her way to hide from strangers.

  14. My sisfur Angel hides under the bed or in closets when strangers come over. If they are here a long time, she’ll come out and watch them from the top of the stairs. I don’t care who comes over as long as they pet me, rub my tummy and let me sleep on their lap.


  15. Coolest place to hide !

  16. I hide too! You would be suprised where 20 pounds of Cat can go in order NOT to be seen.
    xx Tiny Johnson

  17. Zoey, I think a bit of shyness in a girl is attractive.

  18. Shyness can be a good thing. That many times when we have had workmen over at our place, my Abbey has always had to check that I’ve hopped in their van.

  19. Don’t worry Zoey, I was never feral and have lived with our Beans since we were six and a half weeks old. Ten and a half years later I am still nervous with strangers, but I am slowly getting better. Eric is the opposite. He wants to be everybodys friend.

  20. Ex-feral me is the same. I go hiding whenever there are visitors, even those who come frequently.

  21. When a stranger comes over only, Tinker, Toy and Setzer don’t care and they check them out. Warning…’s better to hide in the middle of the bed… don’t want to get sat on…… can happen!=^Y^=

  22. It does look cozy, but sometimes new people are nice to be around!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  23. We’re afraid of strangers too! and sometimes we’ll hide under the covers just like you do! Your spot does look very cozy :). Have a great weekend!

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  24. We don’t like other peepul in our house either and will hide when da doorbell rings. If it’s someone we know, or if dey stay fur awhile and are kinda quiet, we’ll eventually come out.

  25. Tamir doesn’t like strangers either. He never tried hiding under the covers and thinks that looks like a great hiding spot!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  26. That’s okay if your cautious. Baby was shy for a long time, but now she doesn’t hide from much except thunder.

  27. We usually hide under the bed when strange people stop by; especially on Halloween with all those loud little people at the door!…We like getting under the covers with Mommy at night; it’s so warm under there=happy dreams, beautiful Zoey…We’ve enjoyed your posts this past week, especially the silly Wally in jail photos!…We are so sorry about precious Rusty going to the Bridge, we loved him too, but didn’t realize he was your family…We are trying to catch up with our wonderful friends on the weekends; our Mommy’s new job, along with her part time one, makes it difficult to visit during the week now…We hope you all enjoy a fun weekend together, sweet friends…kisses…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  28. When the doorbell rings, we go runnin fer the bedroom too. Iffen The Big Thing closes the bedroom door, we know it is real strangers. Iffen he doesnt, then it is someone we know and we MIGHT come out after a while…

  29. It’s okay Zoey, you just hide out till they are gone.

  30. Love all the opinions expressed here! How is everyone? Love how everyone expresses whatr they feel 🙂

  31. I wouldn’t worry Zoey. That is one of my favourite places to nap!

  32. Hmm I liked this idea, looks cozy and warm inside the blanket!
    Have nice dreams dear Zoey!

  33. As long as you were cozy, Zoey, it’s all good!

  34. I love sleep under the covers too 🙂

  35. I am skerred of strangers, too! I run away if I even hear a doorbell on TV!

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