Nov 072010

Hi, everybuddy!  Ernie here.
Today’s not such an easy day…


Our cousin Rusty went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday
and we’re very sad.

  Rusty lived a long, happy life…nearly 20 years!!

  We know he’s at the Bridge
playing with his brother Grady once again.
But we’re gonna miss him.

Godspeed, Rusty!


  47 Responses to “Not So Easy E Sunday”

  1. What a beautiful kitty Rusty was! I’m so sorry he went to the bridge, but isn’t it nice that he had such a great life 🙂 My boys are sending purrs to you and his family.

  2. We were very sad to about Rusty going to the bridge. What a very sad day. Take care.

  3. We’re very sorry to hear about Rusty. He was a very beautiful kitty.

  4. I’m so sorry about Rusty. How wonderful he lived so long, though it was still hard for his people to loose him.

  5. We are sorry that handsome Rusty went to the rainbow bridge. Purrs from all of us.
    Ernie is good looking.

  6. My mommy always gets so sad when any of us are sick or when we run off to the Bridge. Like the rest of our CB family, her heart is big enough to hold all of us.

  7. We are so sorry for your fambly’s huge loss of dear, sweet cousin, Rusty. He was such a handsome and pawsome mancat! We will all miss him very much. We lit a candle for him last night and may do it again tonight. (((HUGS)))

  8. We are so sorry Rusty went to the Bridge. We knows you will miss him lots. Comforting purrs and hugs.

  9. My heart is heavy hearing about Rusty going to the bridge. How wonderful that you had him for 20 years in your life. I know you, his family, and friends will miss him greatly. Know that someday you will see Rusty where you will be free to run and play all the day long without the years of life weighing on you. Sending purrrs and good thought your way.

  10. I sorry to hear about Rusty and Iz sending purrrs for hims being at peace an *softpaw* for teh sad

  11. We’re so sorry that Rusty had to leave to go to the bridge. We will miss him.

  12. I am very sad that Rusty had to go, we will miss him too.

  13. Sad.

  14. he had a long and wonderful life full of love, we’re purring for his fambily and hope that our Keiko cans keep him company at the bridge until we all meet again

  15. We were so sad to hear about Rusty. We will miss him, too!

  16. We’re sorry to hear about your cousin, guys! We miss him so we know you will miss him even more. He was such an amazing mancat!

    Big purrs to you and Rusty’s family

  17. We are sad about Rusty needing to leave for The Bridge. It makes us purr that he had such a long and happy life. He will now be with Grady and all the rest of our guardian angels.

  18. We will miss Rusty – not many cats live to that age. he had a great time right up to the end.

  19. Dear Ernie, so sorry for this news , so sad…I’m sending purrs and love to you all!

  20. Sorry your cousin Rusty had to go to the bridge. He had a long and happy life which is such a comfort to know.

    Purrs and prayers,

  21. It was difficult to see Rusty go. Bless his heart.

    Luf, Us

  22. We’re sad about Rusty too. We know Sniffie was there to greet him.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  23. We are sorry to hear about Rusty, and know that you are feeling sad. May he have a wonderful time at the Bridge.

  24. So sorry about Rusty, but maybe he is better there were he is now !

  25. We are very sad here too about Rusty. It is always hard to say good-bye, even though we all know that he is no longer suffering and had a good, long life here.

  26. We, too, will miss Rusty, even though we’ve not been around the CB a full year yet. It doesn’t matter how old or young, how well-lived a life, it’s still so hard. We’re sending purrs and Light to his family, for healing of their hearts.

  27. We are sorry about your cousin. We can’t believe we never met him in all this time. Purrs to you and to his family.

  28. It is always hard when a kitty has to go to the bridge, but Rusty and his family were so fortunate to have such a long and happy time together! My Human had one of her kitties for almost 20 years too…I am sure BooBoo was there to greet Rusty with a little paw swipe. She was kind of bad-tempered, MOL! The Human thinks that’s prolly why she lived so long!

  29. Dear friend Ernie, we are so sorry to read about Rusty!
    It´s heart to say good bye, we know that.
    Maybe he´ll meet Olli at the bridge and they will have a great time there wirth all the other angel kitties.
    Purrrrrs and hugs

  30. We will miss Rusty a lot. He was a wise old guy, and we learned a lot from him; even his Mom’s chocolate habit! We’ll never forget when there were mice in his basement…he was a fantastic Cat.
    Purrs to you guys and Rusty’s family xoxo

  31. So sorry to hear about Rusty… He was very handsome.

  32. I am so sorry to hear about Rusty. He was such a sweet kitty. It is great that he had a very long and happy life. My prayers to his family.

  33. We stopped by Rusty’s last night. We’re so sorry you had to say goodbye to your cousin. His last year reminded my mom so much of watching our Bridge brother, Zachary, through his last year. Her heart is so sad for Rusty’s mom. But we’re glad that Rusty is now healthy, running crazy at the Bridge with his brother and friends.

  34. I am so sorry for your loss.

  35. Ernie
    Mom and I are so very sorry to read about Rusty what a handsome fellow.
    OMC he lived 20 wonderful years filled with lots of love…

  36. We are sorry to hear the sad news. Although we didn’t know Rusty we are sure that he lived a blessed life. Run free, beautiful one. One day we will all meet at the Bridge.

    Purrs to the family1

  37. Sorry Rusty had to go to the bridge. I am really glad he got to live with so many great cats while he was here. I am going to post a special cartoon tomorrow about the bridge.

  38. We’re so sorry to hear about Rusty. He was very handsome. Our thoughts and purrayers are with you and his family.

  39. We didn’t know Rusty was your cousin, so sorry for your loss my friends. Purrs and hugs.

  40. Sorry about Rusty.

    Purrs and smooches coming your way


  41. We are so sorry about Rusty

    keep purring for him as our best

  42. Poor Rusty. I’m so sorry.

    I stopped by to say thanks so much for your good thoughts and purrs for me during my most recent sickness. I’m hoping that all that yuckiness is behind me now. Cheers.

  43. We will miss Rusty too ~ he was/is a beautiful boy. We are sad ~ even though he was a great age. There’s never a good age to lose a friend.

  44. I’m sorry about Rusty.

  45. We are all very sorry about Rusty and sending purrs to all of you.

  46. We were so saddened by Rusty’s leaving too. He lived such a long life together with his mom and she must miss him so much. Say hello to Grady from all of us, Rusty!

  47. We are so sad for his pawrents…….you have been sooo missed Rusty! Purrrrrz to heaven=^Y^=

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