Feb 012008

More Island Cat wannabes have sent their photos to the Island Cats because, as you know, “Every Cat wants to be an Island Cat!”

This is Winston, Greg and Bart.


They are part of the same family with these two orange boys, Chaz and Henry.


They all belong to Glenn and Lisa who, in addition to these five, have another orange cat named Luke and two dogs!!!  A houseful of wannabes!!!  I still can’t figure out how they can tell the four orange cats apart! 🙂

Here’s another wannabe.  No, not the baby!  Look in the bottom right-hand corner.  That’s Nashi.  The furless one is Grace.  Aren’t they both a couple of cuties???


Here’s another photo of Nashi.


Thanks for sending these photos, Chelsea! 

Welcome to the Island all you Wannabes!!

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  1. we’ll be sending more pictures of orange cat your way soon – he still doesn’t have a name!

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