Oct 272010

Wow!  Was it ever windy yesterday!!
I thought we were gonna be blown clear to Oz!!

Lookit!  All the leaves got blown off the trees!!

Hey, where’d the grass go??

 This is what next door guy’s tree
looked like a couple of days ago…

 And this is what it looked like yesterday
after the wind storm came through!!

 I think all the leaves blew into our yard, too!!

 Better get raking, Dad!!

  49 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Wow! That’s a lot of wind! We’re glad you were inside, Wally!

  2. wow! That’s a lotta leaves. Are you guys gonna go out and wrassle in them?

  3. Wow, sure looks windy at your place. The leaves are pretty though.

  4. the mom says that she would make the naybor come and rake his own leafs out of the yard. MOL

  5. You must be the neighborhood reporter and you are a good one at that! What a beautiful view from your window but I am sad the leaves are leaving (haha) the trees!

  6. OMC Wally….those leaves match you!!!
    our leaves have just begun changing here. Looks like you are about a month ahead of us.
    Madi and Mom

  7. Hi Wally, it’s a good thing you guys were safe and warm inside!

    We were supposed to get a lot of wind and rain yesterday too but it never happened…guess it blew over – LOL!

  8. Must be interesting to see all those leaves dancing in the wind, Wally!

  9. Wow Wally, that must have been a big wind. Glad you and Ernie were all save inside. Mom and Dad too. Take care and hope you have a windless day.

  10. Oh Wally we would so love to be in your garden running round in all those leaves – they would make such a lovely rustling noise.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. Wow, you must have had the same storm system that southern Ontario did–you’d have had it first, then it blew up our way! Our area wasn’t badly hit, but we heard the Chatham-Leamington area was.

  12. We had similar winds here. There was even a tornado south of our house. Mom was at work so she can’t report on the kitten crazies, but she is sure that there was a little freaking out going on here.

  13. Holy Geez~!!! We heard about all of the crazy storms going on yesterday! Glad you’re all okay.

  14. Do you think you can have your dad rake them all up into a pile so the 3 of you can pounce and play in them?

  15. Wow! That was a pretty tree, now you have a pretty lawn! Maybe another big wind will come along and blow the leaves back under the neighbors tree.
    Happy Wednesday!
    ~ Timothy and Malachi

  16. Yep, it was very windy at our Grandma’s house (south of Chicago) too! Glad you didn’t have any damage, other than all those leaves! That will keep your Dad busy for awhile!

  17. That was great reporting Wally! Looks like a lot of work for the dad to rake those leaves…glad I’m not him 🙂

  18. That wind undressed the tree. The wind is removing the acorns from our trees because our leaves are still very green!

  19. It is going to be a leaf-clearing marathon at our house this weekend, I am sure. I am glad you all survived that wind. it is heading our way right now.

  20. We’ve had lots of wind here too. Stay safe and warm and dry!

  21. We had wind like that here too! Did you watch all the leaves blowing around outside while the fell – that had to be fun to watch!

  22. Hey, we think we see some of our leaves there in your yard! That’s okay. You can keep them. MOL!

  23. Meowza, Wally!!!!!!!! We really enjoyed seeing the fotos of the colored leaves……we don’t get that down here…..our trees either just lose all their leaves or stay green all winter. Mama misses the fall colors!!!!!! xxxxxxx

  24. It looks like you were sneaking into our yard and taking pictures. It’s been terribly windy here too – time of year whe we exchange leaves with all the neighbors.

  25. That is a lot of wind. That poor tree. Looks like dad has a lot of work ahead.. Hugs GJ x

  26. That wind sure blew a lot of leaves in your yard! We’re glad you all are okay though and hope your dad enjoys raking! Be sure to snoopervise him in case he misses a leaf or two.

  27. Wow, those are a LOT of leaves – that must have been quite a wind storm! Too bad all that color had to blow away all at once.

  28. Wowwee! Yup, yur Dad best get ta rakin’!!!!

    Luf, Us

  29. Well, just be thankful you were warm and safe inside, Wally! You wouldn’t want all your furs to be blown off you — like the leaves off that tree! Orange-ya glad you’re an indoor cat?

  30. Yow! Talk about a blustery day! We’re glad none of you blew away :). Heh, some one has a busy day(s) ahead!

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  31. Oz? I live there. Are you coming to visit me? Mind you, weather here is not that much better. Thunderstorms are the norm in spring.

  32. Wow, that must’ve been some wind, Wally! It’s always sort of sad when the leaves all fall off the trees … it means the colds are coming.

  33. Yuh, like it was raining leaves almost.


  34. Wow it must have been really windy day! Your neighbor’s tree looks sad after almost all the leaves are gone. Wally must have enjoyed watching all the leaves dancing in the wind 🙂

  35. Wow, some one has got a big job to do. Looks like all the leaves are on the ground so maybe it will be a one time job hopefully. Leaves might be good to go romp around in.


  36. We heard about all that crazy wind. Glad you stayed safe. Thanks for coming by and giving your support to our little kitty family while Jack is so sick.

  37. Wow! Lots of pretty leaves! ! And lots of work for your dad! We had lots of wind here the other day and lost a big limb in one of our trees!

  38. This year is really cold.
    We are taking out our heater today as well.
    The photo you show that strong wind cause, that is a very shocking view.

  39. It’s wonderful!I’m also enchanted by this adorable landscape.The Autumn there is magnificent!
    purrs and love

  40. we are just loving all the leaves (cos we can just play in them) .. that tree was lovely and what space you have at your place… Love Darcy and Bingley xx

  41. Did yoo git to play in them at all? All our leeves are still very green. But thay are slowly turning. I hope I gits a chance to go outtadoors and play in them beforr they gits yukky or Daddy picks them up.

  42. The wind blowed here, too, but not as bad as there, we don’t think! And the trees are all shedding their leaves – it’s crackly outside! And there are NUTS all over the ground! The squirrels better get busy!

    Your friends, Fuzzy and Zoe

  43. itza good thing cats has claws to anchor theirselfs wif when the wind gets up an’ runnin’!!! our trees ain’t quite that nakie yet, but they are furry colorful. it’s ‘posed to get furry cold this weekend . . . maybe we can haff that furst fire inna firebox (an’ mom can toast her undies befur she puts ’em on–that’s her favoritest thing to do inna cold months;-)

  44. That is way too much wind, maybe it be easier to glue them back on the trees.

  45. Thanks for visiting me and for your nice comments and good advice. Wally I thinks you might be a “character” like me. I have a sneaking suspicion about theese…Excelllent! About all those leaves…I has a similar situation up north here in Canada.

  46. Gee whiz, you could have been blown to the next state! You have a very nice neighborhood, thank goodness no damage there=^Y^=

  47. We love it when the leafs fall. The Big Thing takes out the noisey machine an shreds them ta tiny bits. When we can walk around VERY quietly and stalk the skwerls!

  48. WOAH! You guys stay indoors or you might get blown off your island!!

  49. Beautifurr Fall pictures!

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