Oct 252010

It’s getting close to Halloween and mom’s on her
“Let’s try on some costumes and get some photos” kick!!

How many times do I gotta tell you…I don’t do costumes!!!

 Wally, help me get this stupid pumpkin thing off!

 Oh Ernie…I don’t think I can!
It’s on pretty tight!!

I’ve had enough of this!!!

 RATS!!!  Now it’s my turn!!
I shoulda ran while I had the chance!!

Wally!  I wish I could help you get it off!!

 Oh, I’m so embarrassed…
I’ll never be able to show my face in the Cat Blogosphere again!!

Okay, boys…I guess I’ve tortured both of you enough!!

Yeah, mom…I hope you’re done with all that silliness now!!

I may be orange…
But I’m no pumpkin!!!


I may never recover from that ordeal…
I’m just glad Halloween only comes once a year!!!


  61 Responses to “Mancats – We’re Not Pumpkins”

  1. That is a pretty fun costume, as costumes go. You both look good in it. And there isn’t anything that has to go on your head.

  2. You have to share a costume? At least not at the same time. Ish.


  3. Oh you poor kitties! Our Mom hasn’t tried to dress us up…yet. We hope she doesn’t get any ideas from this post!

  4. I know you don’t like costumes but that pumpkin does look good on both of you.

  5. That costume shows up really well on your black furs Ernie and matches yours well Wally. Why doesn’t Zoey get a turn?? Won’t she co-operate?

  6. You both make very cute little pumpkins!

  7. Oh Ernie how humiliating for you….Tell Mom you are always dressed for Halloween in your fine Black Cat b-day suit.
    As for me, Madi, I’m running for cover before mom sees this.
    Hugs Madi

  8. Dudes! We feel your pain! Maybe if you find that pumpkin costume today you can hide it somewhere while your Mom isn’t looking.

  9. WEll you both look pretty good as a pumpkin. Bet Mom got a lot of laughs doing that to you. Our Mom got us hats and none of us will wear them. Are you kidding, we don’t do any kind of a costume. Sorry you two got so mortified. We would have too.
    Have a fun week.

  10. Hee hee! Aww, each of you looked great as punkins! Just wait til Chrissymouse…you can be elves! Woops! Sorry if we’re giving your mom ideas…:)

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  11. Both of you look cute. We do not know if we will dress up or not..we think not!
    Happy Mancat Monday!
    ~ Malachi

  12. ernie, you have to convince your mom that like diego-san, you have the perfect halloween costume… you can go out as a black cat…

  13. You guys can come stay with us till Halloween is over, if you like, ’cause our mom doesn’t do that to us. MOL!

  14. But you guys looked fantastic!!!!! I loved your costume 🙂

  15. You guys made such sweet little pumpkins! We want to be pumpkins! Wait a minute, what are we saying….?

  16. Mom said you both look cute in the pumpkin costume, but we share your pain. Especially Batman! Mom tried to dress him as a bumble bee last Halloween! Thank goodness the costume was too small!

  17. Oh you were both adorable…hope you didn’t mind suffering for our enjoyment! Just don’t give my mom and ideas, ok?

  18. We do not even do costumes either. You were good enough to let Mom try them on you. We would still be hiding!

  19. As much as we felt your pain, Wally and Ernie, you both were very cute in those costumes. How come Zoey didn’t get a turn?

  20. Mamas can get mighty crazy at times!!!!!!!! We are so thankful that our mama isn’t into Halloween…..she doesn’t even photoshop us for Halloween!!!! So, if it gets too “costumey” at your house, come on down and chill out with us until Halloween is over.

    We love y’all!!!!!!!!

  21. But that costume is a purrrfect fit, you guys!
    Hehehe… but I hate wearing stuff. The only time I wore anything was my Aussie Kitty shirt but even that, I didn’t want to wear.

    We have been very firm telling our Mummy not to get any costumes for us for Halloween. If she does, we’ll all lay on top of her together when she’s trying to sleep and be really annoying!


  22. MOL! You guys look cute! Well, I guess this means we’ll be in costumes soon too!

  23. You boys both looked very handsome as pumpkins…our mom has brought out our costumes yet, but I feel it in the air. We will be on the lookout now for sure! Thanks for the warning!

  24. Ernie, this is the month of the “BLACK CAT” so you are very “in” for October! Wally………pumpkins are “in” too=^Y^=

  25. You both look cute in the costume but we understand – Mom is lucky she can get a hat or collar onus!

  26. Costooms! :pfft: If they were innything like when Mom put a harness on me yoo just laid thare and refused to moove.

  27. You boys need to let your mom know that you are already dressed for Halloween. Love the collar Ernie!!

  28. Well, Mommy thinks you boys looks mighty cute! We, on the other hand, feel your pain. It looks like that stoopid Evil punkin soot stole all your bones, too. GAH!

  29. We think you look ManCatly in that costume.There are some rumors of costumes around here too.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  30. Ha-ha! That’s what you guys get for being such amenable kitties! I see that Zoey has escaped the costume ordeal completely!

  31. Oh we can totally sympathize with you – our mom is the same way. And we hate it too! But we do have to say you looked very cute!!

  32. I think that pumpkin outfit is extra cute on everyone! I’d like to see my three in that get-up 🙂 Hope you get lots and lots of treats this Halloween!!

  33. MOL! Mom was going to buy that very same pumpkin for Armani, but Petsmart did not have his size. Armani is the only one in our house who does not complain about wearing stuff.

  34. I know just how you feel. Mum has taken pictures of me just the same.. Mums sheesh.. Hugs GJ xx

  35. I ready your bloggy by myself today cuz I didn’t want M to get any ideas!! Don’t think I’d like wearing a costume – I don’t even really like my harness on.

  36. MOL! You two boys make really cute pumpkins!

  37. youse guys were furry good sports–we assume no blood was shed during the course of this photo shoot. an’ costumed or not, youse is handsome!

    purr for us, though–our mom has that bag from “Spirit” hangin’ onna coat tree, an’ she sed she had a “surprise” fur us. hah! what makes her fink we ain’t got a few of our own up our . . . ummm . . . hmmm. we don’t haff sleeves. but i’m sure we haff a few surprises for her, anyway!

    we might even share a few of them while she’s inna shower . . . yeah, THAT’S the ticket! muwhahahahahahahaha!

  38. terrible just terrible!
    You guys look like you are suffering greatly.
    I hope my mom does not find any costumes and put them on us


  39. When it comes ta costumes, I go all stiff an fighty, an Ayla wriggles right out of them.


  40. Ahh come on Ernie and Wally, you looked cute in the costume. Yeah I know, you don’t want to look cute. That’s what Mom told me when she tortured me with my last years costume. She’s always using the cute word. Mom says I will have to use the same costume cause she says she is a little short this month to get a new one. I don’t want a new one and I don’t want the old one either.


  41. I don’t understand why the humans want to dress us furries for Halloween! Yes, we look cute dressed up but we look cute undressed. I had to take drastic measures when the mom tried to put a costume on me. I shall have to post about it soon. Good luck, keep two steps ahead of your mommie and don’t let her catch you.

  42. Both of you boys were just made for Hallowe’en — Ernie with his black furs and Wally with his orange furs. You don’t even need any costume because you were born with it.

    You do look cute as pumpkins, though, I have to admit.

    Something tells me, this is likely NOT the end of it.

  43. Well it is a slimming costume!

  44. Wow! That’s a great costume! We are so glad that Maw doesn’t have ANY clothes, or costumes to put on us!

    Luf, Us

  45. That is very sweet you share the costume~
    I like the clothes!!

  46. I loved your costume dear friends, it’s almost Halloween indeed!

  47. I hope you’re suing for mental distress or something.

  48. We think you both make cute pumpkins, but being mancats, we can see how embarrassing it is for you.
    Our mum had better not get any ideas or it is big trouble for her.

  49. I love your pumpkin costume. I guess Mom better get busy and make me a costume!

  50. Phew, we’re glad that is over. We went through costume posing too, but we had to wear hats. We think we’d like to wear your pumpkin better.

  51. You guys look good in that costume. Unfortunately, I refuse to wear a costume, much to the lady bean’s dismay.

  52. oh my cod, you guys is SO CUTE as pumpykins. sorreh for the atrocious indignity, but still.

  53. I am not so sure that you both make good pumpkins….

  54. No need to be embarassed, guys. You aren’t responsible for what a silly human does!

  55. Oh you both were such adorable pumpkins and Wally your orange purrs matched just right to your costume. We think it showed just how comfortable you are in your manicatness to pose in costumes.


  56. Oh Kitties..you look furry handsome and Halloweeny though. Your mommy was nice not to make you wear them a long time though.

    Oh, and my mommy said if I don’t play more with MY puzzle box, it too will go under something for awhie, I just whap stuff in it for awhile and then, go take a nappy on it. I put my arms in to take the nap though.

  57. Oh boys! That was SO WRONG of your mom to humiliate you like that. Kittehs as smart as you should be able to figure out an appropriate punishment for her, don’t you think?

  58. Oh, the indignity of it all! Why, oh why do moms want to do that to us poor kitties.

  59. We noticed that Miss Zoey wasn’t wearing that pumpkin costume!!!

  60. Muahahahahaha! Fantastic pumking custome! XD

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