Easy E Sunday

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Oct 242010

It’s a quiet day here on the island…I think I’ll just sit here and watch for those evil squirrels.  They’ve been acting really crazy lately!!

Hey, we got some good news!!  Our favorite rescue group, P.A.W.S. of Michigan, is a $50,000 grant recipient in the Pepsi Refresh Project!!  I guess all that voting mom did paid off!!!  That money will really help towards the low cost spay/neuter clinic that P.A.W.S. plans to open soon!!  Which means more animals can be saved!!  YAY!!

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  1. Hi Ernie,
    First, I want to say I love your Halloween collar, which always looks better on a black kitty.

    That is wonderful news about P.A.W.S.! I remember when your mom told us about the project and the voting. I’m so glad they got the money to help animals.

    Have a great Sunday!

  2. That is absolutely wonderful news about your favorite rescue group!

    And it is now officially Halloween. Ernie is wearing his Halloween collar!

    Mom said it’s really hard driving now with all those evil squirrels scurrying all over like crasy nutcakes shopping for their nuts for the winter. And sad to say many of them end up as road kill.

  3. That is so wonderful about P.A.W.S getting that money. We are so excited about that.
    That Halloween collar is fantastic. Mom tried to put a Halloween hat on us yesterday and that did NOT work.
    Anyway, enjoy your weekend and make sure to have some fun.

  4. That’s great news!! We love your collar!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  5. What great news to hear about PAWS – we’re so pleased the money went there to help with the low cost neuter centre.

    Ermie you look so comfy on your cushion in the window watching those evil squirrels.

  6. Wow, congratulations to P.A.W.S. of Michigan! Fabulous news!!!!!

  7. Ernie, that collar look real good on you. Thanks for visiting us.

  8. How awesome about P.A.W.S. getting the grant money.

    Love the look of your collar. I would not want to wear one though.

  9. Congrats on the grant, that’s wonderful! Yep, our squirrels are acting crazy too, but maybe it’s not an act!

  10. Cool collar, Ernie!!!!!!!!

    YAY that your P.A.W.S. won the grant money!!!!!!!!!


  11. That is good news on the grant! WE know they will do wonderful things with it. Love the Halloween Beastie Band!

  12. Congrats on the grant. That’s wonderful news.

  13. Great news about PAWS of Michigan! We purr for a world where there are no homeless pets and veterinary services are affordable for all!


    Enjoy your Sunday Ernie. We love your collar!

  14. Thats super news about PAWS, low-cost spay and neuter clinic is a great thing! We love your halloween collar 🙂

  15. That’s quite a festive collar! Almost cute enough to make me want one…but not quite. A lot of blood is shed if my Human tries to put ANYTHING on me, and believe me, it isn’t mine!

    Great news for PAWS–congratulations!

  16. Keep a eye on those evil squirrels!
    It’s great news about PAWS of Michigan. It will help many kitties.

  17. I like your fancy Halloween collar. And double hooray for P.A.W.S.!!!

  18. Ernie, Tell your Mom WELL DONE! Just think of all the kittens that can wait in Heaven to get born in a GOOD home.

    Evil squirrels need close watching, indeed!


  19. That is so neat that your favorite charity won the money. I’m sure they can use it to help even more anipals. Love your cozy spot for watching the squirrels.

  20. I’m so excited that P.A.W.S. of Michigan got the $50,000! That is SUCH great news for so many animals!!!

  21. My goodness, Ernie – a $50,000 grant is HUGE! Wow, congratulations!! And your photo – so many halloween/autumn colors – it’s awesome!

  22. Glad to hear that PAWS did so well!

  23. What wonderful news.. More needy little one’s getting helped is great.. I love the collor.. Hugs GJ xx

  24. That’s great news, congratulations, Ernie and your mom! That kind of amount really helps a great deal, too! It’s not chicken feed! By the way, your collar looks great against the black fur. You look very Halloweeny.

  25. Ernie! You look fanTYAStic! And tell your mom she did good! More than that..she did great!

  26. Ernie, This is fantastic news ! We are so happy to hear

  27. Remain vigilant, Ernie — those squirrels can be mighty tricky.

    We are happy to hear the good news about P.A.W.S.!

  28. We are watchin our skwerls runnin aroun like crazies too. Its fun an we keep hopin ta see one fall outta a tree. Hasnt happened yet though.

    Hurray fer the PAWS group!

    Nice collar, too…

  29. What a grand collar! You look so great in it!

  30. That is great news about the grant. We like your collar.

  31. Cool collar, Ernie…Great news about your favorite rescue=YAY!!…We hope you guys have a great week ahead…Thanks so much for coming to our party, we had a fun time with all of you there…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  32. Concatulations to PAWS on winning the grant! That’s so wonderful!

    Ernie, we just love your Halloween collar! It is purrfect with your furs!

  33. Hoo-Ray!! How awesome they won!!

  34. Down here in New Zealand we don’t get squirrels but from the looks of them, I think they would be great fun to chase!

  35. Yay for the good news!! Love your collar. I would even wear one if SS can get it.

    Take it from me, crazy squirrels are better than pelting raindrops. Correction, bucketing down pour.

  36. You have such a shiney coat!

  37. So glad to hear that P.A.W.’s of Michigan got the grant of $50,000 to help all the kitties and dogs there. Love your collar Ernie. Hope the squirrels played for you so you could watch today.


  38. Ernie, I like your necklace so much 🙂

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