Oct 222010

Oh…hi there!!
You found me in one of my favorite spots…
waaaay up high here on the cat tree!!

 Up here, I’m away from everything and everybuddy…
‘specially those pesky boycats!!

  43 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Up High”

  1. You look very happy up there!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  2. wow You are a good climber, this cat tree is huge!I would love to play there as well!

  3. Hello to you way up there Zoey. That is a very good place to snoopervise all that goes on from up there.

  4. We would love to sit on the top of your cat tree and throw things off so mum would get some exercise by picking them up and throw them back. Don’t tell her we said that!!

  5. Hi Zoey! You have a great spot way up there. Purrfect for keeping an eye on pesky brothers for sure!

  6. Hi Zoey…just as it should be you are on your throne surveying your domain!!
    Happy Weekend,
    Madi and Mom

  7. You look great up there Zoey. You gave our Mom a good idea. She is going to put our cat tree in BB’s room to see if she would like that. Those boy kitties are a big pain in the butt although Mom seems to like the boy cats here. Hope all of you have a fun week end.

  8. That is a very high place and you look very comfortable. I hope Mozart doesn’t see this – he is going to want one of those to get away from Junior.

  9. That’s a great place to rest! It wouldn’t werk in our howse though ~ ‘cos Milo likes extreme climbing.

    love Alfie xx

  10. Zoey! Look at YOU all the way up there. If I had a cat tree that high, that’s where I would be too. Mommy has me a low one. You don’t think she thinks I’m..um..old do you? MOL.

  11. High, Zoey! Get it? High? Never mind.

  12. Wowie, Zoey!!!!!!!!!!!! What a truly gorgeous foto of you….of course you are always gorgeous to us, but this is a very special shot of you. And look at those magnificent eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. We can see why that is one of your favorite spots, Zoey. Bet you can watch everything from up there!

  14. Zoey, you are just so pretty! That is a great spot to hang out especially away from pesky brofurs!

  15. What’s the weather like up there, Zoey?

    Happy Friday!

  16. I so know what you mean…

  17. Zoey that’s a great hiding spot, although you may want to keep your head down 🙂

  18. That is a great spot Zoey, and that great big smile of yours made me smile too!

  19. What a great perch… Yes, it’s good to keep your distance from boycats. Have fun up there.

  20. Zoey, I love how high you are. I bet it really does help you to get some peace and quiet.

  21. oh man… diego-san badly wants one of those cats trees…

  22. Good move, Zoey! That’s what my Domino tries to do, too! Keep well out of reach of those perilous mancats.

    You’re looking awfully PURRty up there, I must say.

  23. Ha-ha, Zoe, no matter what those boy cats think, YOU are Top Cat! Top of the cat tree, at least.

  24. Zoey, any good general knows the high points are the most defensible. Excellent choice of perch!

  25. Zoey
    That is a good place to get away from pesky brothers!


  26. That’s a great spot. I love the high spot too : )

  27. Well look at you way up there!!! So pretty too 🙂
    Now you can keep an eye on those boys 😉 heehee
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  28. oh, hi, zoey–we thoughts fur a minnit you was our sisfur xing-xing. you looks lots alike–an’ if we had a commander kitty super climbing tree like you do, that’s just where she’d be, fur the eggsact same reason!! you must be twinnies what got separated at birf!!

  29. Hi sweet Zoey! Happy weekend!

  30. That would be our favorite place too!

  31. And you can look down on your minions ;-/ Have a great weekend, Zoey (and to the pesky boycats too :))!

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  32. THat is a great place to get away from boycats!

  33. Ahh, pretty Zoey, that’s a good spot to stare down at the boys!
    Thank you for visiting us.

  34. Looks like a great place to boss everbody about from!

  35. You look like a queen up there Zoey!

  36. Heeeelllllllloooooooo up there!

  37. Zoey, we dun know if we said dis but by Bast yoo has sum whappin huge paws!

  38. oh wow! you are sooooooo lucky! i wish wish wish i had a cool high tower like that. the stinky little booger boy would never reach me…and when i puke, i could get some good leverage…

  39. We can get away from everyfur and bean, but not that flashy box!
    Happy Weekend to all ..
    ~ The Bunch

  40. What a beautiful face you have up there!

  41. Awww you look adorable up there! Don’t be afraid of boycats… we aren’t so bad!


  42. Ooh, can you touch the ceiling from up there? Its fun ta put a pawprint on the ceiling. I gotta space I get to where I can…


  43. What a great spot to see everything from!!!

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