Oct 212010

Hey, waydaminit!
Me and Zoey didn’t get to show our ‘tocks yesterday!
And we know you all want to see them!!

 So for your viewing pleasure…

Oops!!  I got X-rated ‘tocks!!

And I got upsidedown ‘tocks!!

 Happy ‘Tocktober!!

  36 Responses to “‘Tocktober Thursday”

  1. Great ‘tocks, guys! We need to get some of our own pictures up!

  2. Wow – we are spoilt – floofy Zoey tocks and “x” rated sleek black ones.

  3. Wow, those are some awesome ‘tocks!

  4. MOL Ernie we like your itty bitty teeny weeny yellow pow bikini!!!
    Zoey you are lovely lucious tocks!!!
    Madi and Mom

  5. Those were really good tocks. Ernie, we love your little spotty. We need to do some tock pictures. Have a super day.

  6. Hehehe How cute! You’ve got great tocks!

  7. You both have fab ‘tocks! Mommy smiled real big at the yellow modesty “marks the spot”.

  8. Ernie, we love how modest you are!! Zoey has pawsome floofy ‘tocks.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  9. Great tocks from the great ones!

  10. Our sisfur, Daisy, shows mom her ‘tocks all the time! She will jump on mom’s chest and turn around and try to shove her butt in mom’s face! MOL!!!!

  11. Great tocks shots! You both have fluffy tails. And I LIKE fluffy tails!

  12. Those are all great Tock shots!

  13. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ernie got X-Rated!!!!!!!!!!! We think they are great tocks Ernie, and the yellow thingy didn’t detract too much from them.

    Zoey, every inch of you is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Tocks are the best in Tock-Tober no matter what the day!

  15. Hee hee, those are some great ‘tocks pics and we are glad we got to see them!
    (Especially yours Zoey … Simon).
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  16. Humans are so silly!

    My OTW let me just hang in the breeze of the ceiling fan, au naturel. Zoey’s tocks look a lot like Tenzing’s, at least in position!

  17. Love your tails !!!

  18. Now you’re ‘tock-in! hahahaha Love that neon modesty patch, Ernie!

  19. Great Tocks. Guess your blog is PG-13.


  20. Zoey, you are always such a clown! And Ernie – your x-rated tocks are hilarious! We had a couple of those shots, but my mom didn’t doctor them up, so we couldn’t so them!

    Your friends, Fuzzy and Zoe

  21. You know what they say about tocks – better late than never!

  22. Wow! Those are some x-tra special tocks! Zoe looks like a Davy Crocket hat! LOL!

  23. The best is always saved for last! Is that last picture one of a headless cat? MOL!

  24. Better to ‘tock late than to never ‘tock at all… 😉

  25. both are a fine showing kids!!

  26. Thanks for the purrthday wishes, it was a great day. Great tocks too.

  27. Ernie, there is something stuck on your bottom. We just thought you should know. (MOL!)

  28. We’re glad you were modest Ernie! Zoey, you have pretty, floofy tocks!

  29. Love the modesty patch – LOL!

  30. Now those are some really interesting tocks! Thanks for letting us look.

  31. Great ‘tocks. I love your modesty patch, Ernie.

  32. Love the modesty patch!

  33. Charming tocks and fabulous TAILS! 🙂
    purrs, love and happy weekend

  34. Two more ‘Tocks! Hurrah! Ernie, Sylvester needs a modesty splotch too. heh heh.

  35. Great tocks you two.
    Ernie, do you know you have got a yellow spot #13?

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