Oct 182010

A few weeks ago, Four Crazy Cats had a toesie guessing contest and we won!!  We got our prize package from them.  Lookit what we got!!

A couple of Halloween notepads for mom…
and a bunch of nip toys!!



::sniff sniff::
There’s some primo nip in these toys!!!

This purple octopus looks like fun…and tasty!!!

I’m putting the bitey on this nip mousie!!

Watch me whap that octopus around!!!

Thanks, Smokey, Devon and Tanner!
We love these nip toys!!

  45 Responses to “Mancats – Prize Package”

  1. You wanna come and live in my attic for a while? I can see what a mighty hunter you are from that movie and we have some clever mouses up there who won’t go in the traps. Imagine the look on their faces if they saw YOU appear out of the dark.


  2. Woohoo what a great prize!

  3. Wow, cool toys! Ernie, we loved you hopping around like a bunny!

  4. Good job Ernie whapping that octopus around. Looks like you won that battle. Those look like great note pads for your Mom and lots more toys. Congrats on winning those toys. Take care and have a fun week.

  5. Nothing like a new bag of toys. Have a great time…. Love the pics.



  6. Concatulations! Those are some totally pawsome prizes!

  7. That is so cool! Those mousies look like fun!

  8. WOW, does are some pretty neat prizes. Enjoy.

  9. Looks like you two received the very best gifts to keep your toesies busy and happy.

    Hugs Madi

  10. Those toys look so fun! Great whapping movie Ernie. You have some smooth octopus whapping moves.

  11. Sometimes I’m just as glad that I didn’t win something and you did because I think it’s so much fun to watch you boys play with your toys!

  12. Ernie that octopus looked like he was great fun and you were both entertaining to watch. The mousies looked pawsome too.

  13. that octopus didn’t have a chance…

  14. What a fun prize! We love the video.

  15. My mommy said she could watch you playing all day long. beginning to thin k she WILL, too!

  16. Those were great prizes! Ernie, you are a master whapper!

  17. What a great bunch of gifts, whapping is very well done Ernie!!!

  18. Concats on your cool prizes! We like how you play, Ernie, with a scratch moment in the middle!

  19. Congrats on your prize – they look like fun!

  20. How very luck you are! That’s a great gift!

  21. What pawsome prizes! That purple octopus looks lots of fun.

  22. Concats on winning! What a pawsome prize package! 🙂

  23. How fun!! Congrats on your cool prizes! That octopus looks extra-awesome 🙂

  24. Well done with the prizes.

  25. ConCats on you win and your loot! Ernie, with your paddle-paws, that octopus never had a chance!

  26. Cool video! Congratulations on winning those neat toys

  27. That octopus looks like SO much fun, Ernie! That was a great bunch of prizes.

  28. We are so happy you like the toys and notepads! Thanks for playing in our contest!!

  29. You all look like you’re having such fun with all of those wonderful toys!


  30. Wow! How lucky are you guys! There’s nothing like some fresh new nip toys! The old ones kind of lose their potency after a while.

    Wow, Ernie — you sure can move those big paws of yours. You’re just a whapping machine!

  31. Congratulations! You sure won some great stuff. Ernie it was fun to see you whap that octopus all around!

  32. Concatulations on winning such cool prizes! Ernie, we loved watching you play with your octopus!

  33. Congrats on winning such a great prize.

  34. Wonderful~!!!
    I can see you have great good fun!!!!

  35. Wow! Nip prezzies!!!

  36. ConCATulations on winning all those great prizes. Oh, and you sure sjowed that octopus a thing or two! 🙂

  37. what great action, especially the octopus!!!

  38. What great prizes, concats! All of the toys look like lotsa fun!

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  39. I love nip toys, too!

  40. Wow!!!!!
    Such great fun prizes!!!

    Love, Lucky & Co

  41. Cool presents, and there’s something for everyone. We hope the purple octopus survives your play session!

  42. wow lovely gifts, lucky friends!

  43. Is a purple Octopus as much fun as a mousie? It sure looks like it, Ernie! More importantly, do they come in Pink?

  44. Congratulations on winning the contest! They are great prizes. I’m glad you all enjoyed them!

  45. Hi guys! That’s some awesome loot you got there. I really want me one a those octopusses (-pi?) Ha ha! Good think you have a clever mom. If my nice new nip cigar gotted a hole in it, well, I think my Human would be too dumb to fix it.

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