Easy E Sunday

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Oct 172010

After a great meal of some stinky goodness…
I loves me a good nip cigar!

 Hey, anybuddy got a light???


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  1. Hi there Ernie. That nip cigar is our very favorite toy. We will send you a light. Hope you have a fun day.

  2. Nope no light shall be given to you. Smoking is dangerous to your health. Do not smoke. Use that cigar as a bat or something.

  3. Nip cigar looks good! We got a nip nana and we love it furrry much!!!

  4. Those nip cigars look pawsome. We bought Cousin Trooper one and he loves it.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  5. Those Nip Cigars are definitely for the discerning cat about town

  6. Sorry, Ernie, our mama won’t let us have matches!!!! Hopefully someone else can light it for you.

  7. Hey Ernie, we can light it for you! Did you know that it was 38 degress here this morning so mom lit a fire in the fireplace!

  8. That is a great after dinner treat!

  9. That followed by a snooze would be purrfect!

  10. That’s a Hjudj seegar, Ernie!

  11. Hmm Ernie, that nip cigar looks yummy! And after it I bet you are ready for a good nap!

  12. Stinky goodness and a nip cigar – you have it made today Ernie! Enjoy your Sunday!

  13. Say Ernie, that ‘nip ceegar looks pretty good. Mind if I come by and enjoy it with you?


  14. Hey Ernie, it’ll last longer if you don’t light it! We used to have 2 of those around here….they haven’t been seen in ages. That’s actually a little disturbing! Mom will have to go on an egg hunt to find them now!

  15. And do you have one of those handy little things to cut the end off?

  16. Just so long as your human does not make you wear a smoking jacket…

  17. Careful you don’t overdose on dat nip cigar.

  18. A purrfect ending to a purrfect meal.

  19. Hi Ernie you are looking good my friend!!
    Nip-gars are the best!!
    Hugs Madi

  20. Take it from me. Those nip cigars are reely hard to keep lit! Enjoy!

  21. Yup, nothing finishes a meal like a good nip cigar.

  22. I LOVE that cigar. Mama wishes she could find one for me..not that a beautiful Queen such as myself would be seen publicly enjoying it..but in my chair..I would.

  23. Ernie, have your Mom put that cigar in the microwave for 10 seconds to warm it up….mmmmm…heavenly!

  24. How mancatly of you Ernie!

  25. Nip Cigar ! I want one : )

  26. Oh yea jus wha we need a niip cigar too! We use to has a nip carrot wif a fevver on it and some kitteh or da woofie lost it on us all!

  27. Enjoy that cigar, Ernie. Unfortunately, we aren’t allowed to play with fire.

  28. We prefer ta bunnykick our Nip Cigar. We wouldnt know how ta lite a match annyway…

  29. I lubz my nip cigar too! I didn’t lub it when my Human used to smoke the gigarettes (which she doesn’t do no more, thank Bast), but the cigar is GREAT!

  30. You got big nip cigar! You don’t need fire for that 🙂 Enjoy!

  31. Wow! A nip cigar looks awesome! Wow!

  32. Hey, we wanna know where to get a nip cigar! How pawesome to chow down and then nip away.

  33. Our Dad’s the same! Except his meal isn’t stinky.

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